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24 October 2016 @ 11:24 pm
I can't believe I haven't posted all month. I blame the change in weather. Coupled with all of the family sadness, it just makes me want to stay in bed under the covers forever. On the upside, before when I wanted a 'rest day', I had to drag my pillow and comforter out to the couch. But now I have a big screen TV and a TiVo in my room, so I can stay in my nice comfy, warm bed!

I have been writing - 4K so far this month, which isn't a lot for me, but this year has been slow and 4K is still twice what I wrote last month. And all 4K has been on one fic - a Monster Squad fic with a John Winchester cameo. It's a kid-fic (or kid-ish, as it has the same sort of language that The Monster Squad did). The Nephew and I watched TMS together last year, as it was a big favorite of his dad's as a kid and a must watch for me every Halloween since I was able to secure it on DVD. TN loved it and I started a fic for him then, but Real Life interfered and it didn't get finished. So I'm finishing it this year. Idk if he'll even realize that the guy in it is meant to be John Winchester but that's okay, it's still funny to me. Plus, since TMS came out in the late eighties, it's actually perfect for John as a hunter to be crossing paths with these kids.

Another thing I've been filling my time with is playing Smurf Village. I've had the app for about a month. My sister plays Sim City on her phone, but I was like, "If I'm building a world, I want it to be a smurfy world!" It's fun! It not only has the world building aspect to it, but also mini-games to play for extra coins/xp, as well as side quests - like Gargamel is casting a spell to reveal smurf village, so go to Papa's lab and make a potion to counteract it, or the smurfs are getting bored, so Papa asks you to place a fun object in the village for them to play with. So far I have an entertainment district, a suburb with a gated community, farmland and a secluded mine area. I also have found the island and am building there and the mountain-top, though all I let my Smurfs do on the mountain is dig for treasure for me. It's kind of creepy how there are so many clone smurfs and they are the ones who have to work the field. I feel like Papa Smurf might be a communist dictator.

Here are some shots of my village decorated for Halloween...Collapse )

I am reading my Flist regularly and one day, I hope to actually reply to comments. But in the meantime, I'll be over here, trying to get enough money to upgrade all my houses in my gated community!
27 September 2016 @ 11:47 pm
As I write this - Tuesday, September 27th - it is one month since my Grandma Ava passed away. It's been a long month of funeral planning and estate selling. Of family drama and family love. Of dealing with the grief of watching my childhood safe space get tucked away and put up for sale, the family farm, the place where my heart was able to find a true home. Of finding time, moments, briefly, to grieve and mourn the loss of my grandmother. She was the last of my grandparents to go and it feels like a chapter of our family just closed shut. She was an amazing, adventurous, witty, funny, flirty, stubborn woman, who made our family everything it is. I will always, always love her and be grateful to her for everything she gave me in life, everything she taught me, everything she was.

I wanted to thank you all for your support this past month. It means so much to me. I hope to be onto happier times and I wanted to start with two wonderful memories - one of grandma herself, and one of her mother, my great-grandmother.

Now you all know my sister and I are Cat Ladies, indeed. And my grandmother, oh she loved all animals. But she loved cats best of all. Among the photos we found when sorting through her albums, we came across this gem, showing, in fact, just how much of a Cat Lady my grandma truly was. As my sister said, we come by it honestly.

On another note, my great-grandma wrote poetry, so there is another thing I come by honestly, though I think my great-grandma's are far better than mine. I never knew her - I think she had passed before I was born - but I wish that I had. I wish we had been able to share our words with one another. Grandma had a folder of her mother's poetry and we sorted through them to find something to read at Grandma's service. This one that was read at the opening of Grandma's service was utterly beautiful and perfect and had us all in tears. How, well, poetic that it was her own mother's words that sent her on her way.

Grandma"s Specs.Collapse )

Thank you, my friends. It makes me smile to think of how delighted Grandma Ava would be to have people read her mother's words like this. (She might be less pleased of people seeing her holding a lap full of cats, especially if she thought even a hair was out of place on her head, but I'm going to get a print of that made and frame it for my shelf, yes I am.)

Grandma, I'll be along to the farm for a visit with you and Grandpa again, I can promise you that.
26 September 2016 @ 05:08 pm
So much family drama. I was going to post about this over the weekend, when I was all wound up, but I thought it better to take a breath first.

But now…: My youngest uncle on my dad’s side - let’s call him Uncle DBag - has always been kind of a self entitled ass. A late-in-life birth, baby-spoiled, you know. A blowhard of sorts. When he was married, his wife kept him in line. Then they got divorced and he bought a fast car, got an earring and brought two dates to a family wedding. I figured he’d settle once his post-divorce wackiness was out of his system. Nope.

Cut for spaceage.Collapse )

Death in the family brings out the worst, I know. I’ve seen it before when my maternal grandma passed. It shouldn’t be about money or things. For me, it’ll always be about the memories I carry in my heart for my grandparents and the farm. The DBags can keep the stuff.
22 September 2016 @ 05:34 pm
It's two very special birthdays today! Happy Birthday to the Baggins Boys - Frodo and Bilbo!!

I would like to take a minute to thank both Frodo & Bilbo, as well as Professor Tolkien, for opening my life up the way they did. I fell into fandom when I discovered ER fanfic online, so yeah, maybe I would have gotten this into fandom through other avenues, but I can't imagine it would have been such a welcoming open environment as I found in the LOTR fandom. So I guess this is also a 'thank you' to the LOTR fandom, for being my first fandom-family. Today is a celebration of all of you out there who have dipped a toe or burst your way through the fandom door. And a celebration of green rolling hills and muddy dirt roads and glittering caves and snowy mountain tops and rushing waterfalls and every road Tolkien took us down.

"You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.”" - JRR Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

I didn't keep my feet, Professor, and I am glad of it.
10 September 2016 @ 06:24 pm
I'm not sure how much I will get done off of this month's checklist, because so much of my time is being taken up by funeral stuff and trying to help my sister as much as I can, but I will try to do a little at least. The funeral is next Saturday, but that won't be the end of the stuff we need done, especially since Sis is volunteering to do the house clean out at the farm, along with my cousin. One room at a time, sorting and cleaning. She had her first day today and it was mostly doing dishes and laundry and basic cleaning that needed done.

Anyway, here are the things I got done for July and August...

July stuffs!Collapse )

August stuffs!Collapse )

Anyways, I think it's okay if I take a break this month!
31 August 2016 @ 11:27 pm
My grandmother passed away yesterday. It looks like she went in an instant, no suffering. And at home, like she always wanted. We tried, since Grandpa passed, to convince her to move to a senior apartment. She wouldn't hear of it. It always broke her heart that Grandpa didn't get to pass at home, and she wasn't going to stand for it herself. She almost always got her own way, after all. My grandma was one of those people that you always thought was perfect and then you grow up and realize, naw, she's just human. But even then, you couldn't help but look at her in some way like a person of iconic legend. She would have told you that she was a just a silly old woman, but she was so much more.

She lived through horrid poverty and family illness as a child, married my grandpa less than a week after graduating high school and turning 18. Chased his naval boat across the country, with my 3 month old uncle on her hip. Ran the little village general store all on her own. And oh, she pitched a fit when Grandpa said they were buying a farm. She wanted nothing to do with it. But then there she was, fixing breakfast at 3am so Grandpa and their boys could get to the farm chores. Adopting every stray cat she could get her hands on. She loved a good dog, but Grandma was a cat lady, thru and thru. She never wanted that farm, but oh boy, she wasn't leaving it. She and Grandpa were married for 70 years and she lived just as long as that down a dirt road, at the end of a dusty driveway, in an old farmhouse surrounded by corn and barns and the echoing sound of our childhood whiffle ball games still ringing on the wind.

The last of my grandparents to go, survived by three sons, ten grandkids and fourteen great-grandkids and that is her legacy, the one she is really proud of. Most people would have thought Grandpa was the glue that held this family together, but it was Grandma all along.

She always joked that when she finally got to heaven, that Grandpa would ask her, "What took you so long?!" But neither one of them have to wait another day.

Together now, they can rest in the peace they've so greatly earned.

Ava Marie - May 3, 1925 - August 30th, 2016

Photographer unknown, but Grandma loved her hummingbirds, so that's why I chose this one.
Let’s rewind to April. Mom is living at home. She can dress herself and make her own meals. She claims she can do more, but she isn’t doing it. She is turning away half of the charity cleaning services. Dishes are stacked everywhere, half eaten food, laundry all over, dusty shelves, dirty bathroom and medical supplies. But whatever, she’ll do what she wants.

This is the shortened version, I swear! Also memory may be off on some details, it"s been a lot of details, okay.Collapse )

But this week she was told she can go home! They still don’t know what the problem is. They still don’t have a treatment plan. We don’t care. We are letting her. I don’t have hope it will be for long. But for a moment, a brief moment, we will have a reprieve
22 August 2016 @ 06:41 pm
So, dugindeep put up a post commiserating about the new era of fandom. She was saying how hard it feels to bring fandom together across too many spaces. I thought I would clean up my comment and post it here, because fandom has changed and maybe we do need to think about how to change with it, but sometimes I feel like a crotchety old fandom lady.

Old Fandom Nerd under the cut.Collapse )

There are certainly things I like about the other platforms I am on, and I have made some good friends there and am changing the way I 'do' fandom, but still, I am so glad to have this little coffee shop we call LJ.
Gotta get back on fic posting, damn! So I thought I'd start by putting up my last Justified fic I have in my folder. Not sayin' there won't be more, but this is the last one I'm holding onto atm, so here you go. Some Boyd & Raylan (or Boyd/Raylan) angst. For ranua, for the countless hours we spent dissecting this relationship. 552 words. Enjoy!

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It was happening again, just like it had years ago, when they were still young and their scars were pink and new.Collapse )
12 August 2016 @ 06:51 pm
Well, I finally did it. I put them to bed one last time. Two years invested, at the least. My sweet little children. I may upload the games on my new iPad and 'adopt' some new cat children, but until then - yeah, until then I'm probably gonna play Smurf Village.

Watson was older by a few months. He was a scientist for NASA, played the piano, was a pilot, liked to cosplay and legit, literally every time you signed on he would wave and yell in joy at 'seeing' you again. He had these adorable little nerdy hipster glasses he would wear too. He also went from having a tummy as a toddler to being a skinny teen to having a middle aged man belly, for real.

Cordelia was a code breaker for the NSA, a video game nerd, liked puzzles, went through a weird water skiing phase, enjoyed playing with bubbles and had a pet fish. She also had a ton of different gorgeous outfits and would legit, literally clap and jump up and down whenever you dressed her in something new. And she could 'travel' to Paris or the aquarium. She also was obsessed with having her teeth brush, she was always protesting her bad breath, for real.

I will miss my sweet little cat children. Pics under the cut.Collapse )

image.png image.png
In loving memory of Cordelia and Watson.

(No, seriously, you guys, they are fun to play and have great mini games. You should all check it out - My Talking Tom and My Talking Angela).
09 August 2016 @ 10:43 pm
I am sad and happy. Happy because I GOT MY NEW IPAD!! It's rose gold and so pretty, I keep stroking it. And it is way lighter and smaller, but with the same screen size so I can still see. And I got a new art pencil to go with it, which I adore. And a protective screen this time - no seven different cracks in the screen and protection from my droppy hands. Plus 128 gb, when my last one had 13. I finally have room to update and my apps work again and it is glorious. I've named her Lewis, after Dr. Susan Lewis, as she will care for me when I'm sick.

More under the cut.Collapse )

I did a photo shoot with them in some of my favorite outfits and as soon as I'm ready, I'll put them to bed one last time.
31 July 2016 @ 11:00 pm
So, at the beginning of the year, I had this wacky goal in my head that I would reach 100k again this year, like I did once, about three years ago. I was determined! The madness with my mother was dwindling - ahaha, I was so naive - and I would get back to writing! Well...that didn't happen quite so much as I had hoped. But, I am working steadily on my original books and still have some fanfic to show for it - (plus, of course, the multitude of fics I haven't even gotten around to posting yet. I could focus on original stuff for the next five years and still keep putting up a steady stream of fanfic on here and not even run out, I swear). Here we go...the first six months of 2016:

7,750 words in January.
5,650 words in February.
4,850 words in March.
6,250 words in April.
4,700 words in May.
3,000 words in June.

32,200 words written in the first six months of 2016! (Well, better than I thought!)

Full stats, under the cut.Collapse )

11,500 of that total is for the book of short stories about various family pets - (I have a chapter to share with you guys, so you can get a feel for what I've been working on) - as requested by my grandma. So, yeah, that was my writing thus far. July went a very tiny amount better than June, but I've been reorganizing my room this month, so once that's done in a week or so here, I should be back to writing more often. I hope!
27 July 2016 @ 10:42 pm
So, I just posted a thing over on my disabilities blog about the recent stabbings in Japan. It's been going around the spoonie community, various articles, and I've been wanting to say something, but it's so hard to formulate words about something like that. On the one hand, it felt so obscure and far away from myself, given that it happened in Japan, when here I sit comfortably in America. Otoh, it happened in my community, to my brethren, and as someone who was close to death by a caretaker - through indirect action in my case, but still violence of its own kind - it all felt too close to home. So I took my time thinking of what to say and then made the following post, which I thought I would share with all of you, in case you are interested.

My blog post is under here.Collapse )

Thank you for taking the time to read my words, friends.
21 July 2016 @ 11:02 pm
There are pictures under the cut of two tiny baby birds, Bert & Ernie. I’ll warn you right now, this story does not have a happy ending. Two nights ago, Sis is out playing with Winston in the backyard and sees two dead baby birds. She puts on her work gloves and scoops them up, to dispose of. That’s when they lifted their heads and started squawking at her. She came inside with them, all distressed, for obvious reasons. If you think you’re about to dump some dead animal in the trash and then it lifts its tiny little head and starts crying at you for food and help, you’d be upset too.

As soon as I see them, I yell, “Put them back! Put them back!” because you are never suppose to move an animal you find outside, even tiny ones who don’t have their eyes open yet. Their mother may have left them there, moving from one nest to another and would be back to carry them the rest of the way. Or they fell from the nest and she was feeding them on the ground. Or their mother has passed and sadly, you must let nature take its course.

But you’re never suppose to move them!

More under the cut plus Pics.Collapse )

Poor little Bert & Ernie. They were so young, they didn’t even look like birds. They looked like embryos still. Here is the video I put up on my tumblr, if you want to see them the night we brought them into the house. It’s a sad story, but that is nature sometimes.
19 July 2016 @ 04:34 pm
Who is watching Containment? Man, I love this little show. It's like an apocalypse done by The CW, that's so up my alley. But omg, the Thing that happened! With the person! I didn't see that coming! I didn't see it coming particularly with that person! Ugh, this show, what! As expected, I am all about the chemistry/tension between Leo and Lex - where is Leo, omg! But apparently I am a romantic at heart because the Jake n Katie storyline is my fav thing, I am obsessed with those two idiots. I really could give a shit about Jana and Suzy, but Teresa is a good character, her storyline caught me. And poor fucking Thomas, man. I am so pumped for the finale night! I can't believe it's gonna be over though. And that it didn't get picked up for a second season. I mean, it will end this storyline at the end of s1, bc it was always meant to be insular. But they did want to come back for a second season, with all new peeps, kind of like AHS-lite with an outbreak.

Also OITNB. I was spoiled ahead of time for ep 12, what happens, but not HOW it happens so that was a wreck. I have one ep left to go tonight, jeez oh pete man, this show is killing me. The shit with Healy. And Lolly. And Maritza. And fucking Humps, man, that dude is messed up. And just oh man, Suzanne's flashback. Poor Suzanne. This has been such a good season, despite its issues, I feel like they are shedding light on shit that needs it while keeping up with the characters and emotions we all know and love to watch.

Anybody watching either of these shows? Wanna talk with me?
02 July 2016 @ 11:24 pm
My little 3 year old niece is running around the house in her Hello Kitty nightgown and it is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life, omg.

So last weekend The Nephew came in on Sunday and we went to see Independence Day 2 and then he stayed all week to go to archeology day camp and come here every night. From basically 5:30 - 8:30 every night I was on TN-duty, playing video games, watching movies and getting my butt handed to me at Monopoly. Thursday evening my Canadian Brother arrived with his two kids.

After work Friday, Sis was suppose to take TN and Little Girl Cousin to the city pool, but it was only 70F, and when they got there the pool was closed because they have a temp minimum. So CBro, myself and his two kids met them at the bowling alley instead. It was all handicap accessible, so I bowled for the first time in over a decade! LGC had to leave after, so TN and I started a movie, but he didn't even make it an hour before he fell asleep. This morning my brother dropped off the 3yr old niece and Sis, CBro and all four niblings went to the aquarium - after Sis got her flat tire fixed! Sis said it was cool if LGC came back and stayed the whole weekend, so I gave her a call. Little did I know the troupe wouldn't be home until 8:30, so after I straightened up the house for an hour, I babysat her for three hours. I got into bed as soon as Sis got home, lol.

Tomorrow they're doing studio photos in the morning, as a surprise for my parents and we'll all go to the city fireworks at night. We have a cookout on Monday for family/friends - usually about 20 or so - and then TN2 and LGC go home. The rest of the week, until Sunday, is just hanging with Canadian Brother and my Canadian niece and nephew. And then the following Monday - oh, oh then, I sleep! Right now I'm in my bed, Mom's in hers, CBro's on the upstairs couch, Sis's in her bed downstairs and Little Girl Cousin, The Nephew, Canadian Niece, Canadian Nephew and The Niece (ages 12,10, 6, 5 & 3) are watching a movie in a blanket/pillow/couch fort downstairs where they will all sleep.

I am soooo tired, you guys. I mean, I wouldn't trade a minute with my niblings for anything, but I'm just saying...if the devil showed up and offered me 18 solid straight hours of rejuvenating sleep right now in exchange for my soul, I'd probably take it!
23 June 2016 @ 04:56 pm
Some of you asked for reviews on Book Of Mormon, so here it is! It Was Fantastic! Great music, incredible dancing, high energy, very funny and a wonderful message in it all. There was one tap dancing scene that blew my mind. And the leg kicks, omg! And the songs have been stuck in my head all week, after only having heard them the once, so that says something about the music.

Spoilers and talk of the overall themes herein.Collapse )

But the deeper meaning here of faith and unison is amazing and the energy was just so high in this play, there was never a moment to breathe, it was just incredible. Most importantly, my sister loved it! She kept thanking me and saying how much fun it was and how glad she was we got to come. (She has wanted to see it for years, I am so glad I was able to take her!). I had a great time as well and honestly, I would love to see it again! 10/10 would recommend!
20 June 2016 @ 12:27 am
I am getting tired of making these. We have lost too many good ones this year. And the year before that. And the year before that. I feel like ever since Cory Monteith, it has just been one loss after another. And like Cory, this one was taken far, far too young. I remember first seeing Anton in an episode of ER. So young and quiet and conveying the oldest soul, like watching a boy with the wisdom of thousands of years under his skin. But then I'd see videos of him behind the scenes or on the red carpet, and he just seemed like a silly, sweet dork. Good-hearted, very intelligent and just plain sweet. Having watched his work since he was 11 years old, it is very hard to think of him as being gone. We can only hope he didn't suffer. I honestly can't believe we lost another one. This has to stop.

“Who would have thought I’d live so long in such a short time?”
- Pavel Chekov, Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II
RIP Anton.
15 June 2016 @ 11:33 pm
There is a little bit of time left in my timezone to call it June 15th. Those of you that were friends with my sister back in her LJ days - before she abandoned the internet for non-green, boring pastures - you probably still get reminders that June 15th is her birthday! Mom's nurse was out today and was all, "Oh, it's the other daughter's birthday, how old?" And I burst out laughing and said, "Too old to be answering that question."

So Saturday we did Chuck E Cheese, which was a birthday for The Nephew, Little Girl Cousin and Sister. Sis went to the kiddie section with The Niece, while BFF and I supervised the other two. LGC wanted to play jackpot wheels and roulette style games and I started cutting her off after three plays because that girl was gonna run though her tokens like woah. I told her she has a gambling problem. TN mostly wanted to play video games. They gave me two tokens each (how nice, lol, out of the $30 I spent on tokens for them!) to play skeeball. It got serious when I stood up from my wheelchair to throw better!

Then today I set the table on the new back deck (yay!) and it was a chore, because of steps down and trying to carry things and I had to ask Mom to help a few times. Plus, it was too hot out, but Sis really wanted to eat on the new deck. I ordered surprise dinner from Pizza Hut - chicken milan pasta and artichoke spinach dip - and set the table and she got to come home to that. Plus, she got one gift tonight - a new expansion to our card game, Smash Up - so she could have something to open. We ate outside and our cousin came after a bit to see the new deck and say 'happy birthday'. Then on Saturday she gets her real present, what she was asking me for for months - tickets to see the traveling Broadway show of Book of Mormon. She could never get tickets on her trips to NY, so now it has come to us, only about 30 minutes away, yay! So we will see the matinee of that on Saturday.

Tomorrow I have to spend basically all day at the cardiologist, for a new patient appointment. I really hope they don't make me wear a heart monitor for weeks, that sucked before, very inconvenient. And Friday evening Sis is throwing a party for a co-worker who is leaving the office. I like the co-worker, he's cool, so I will attend at least for a little bit. But I don't wanna use all my spoons with the play the next day. (also I really know only like a couple of her co-workers, so...). And then Sunday is Father's Day. We're taking Dad a pizza from his favorite pizza place here in town that he hardly gets to since he stopped driving.

My energy bar will be down in the red, for sure, but all my work getting dinner set up tonight was totally worth it. Anything for my sister is worth it!
13 June 2016 @ 12:30 am
My love and support goes out to the people of Orlando, Florida tonight. To the victims, survivors, family, friends and those still missing. To my brothers and sisters in the LGBTQA community.

Peace to you all, my family.
09 June 2016 @ 04:16 pm
Just a few points, because I'm too tired to do more than a few.

- I have a chest cold that came on last night. Yay.

- My mother has moved in with us. Probably forever. I'll give you the whole run-down when I feel better, it is a hell of a rundown.

- I have fallen into a pretty suck ass depression, which hasn't happened in a couple of years, so double yay. Or are we on triple yay?

+ Finally get to celebrate The Nephew's birthday with him. Actual yay. Taking him and his sister and one of his cousin's to Chuckie Cheese this weekend. Chuckie Cheese is the ninth circle of hell, but they do have skeeball.

+ Our back deck is almost finished. Should be finished tomorrow!

+ Finally got to show Dad my pics from Comic Con. He got excited every time he recognized a cosplay character. His fav was the dude dressed as the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man.

Also, here is a group my friend denyce started for people dealing with grief. She sadly lost her mom about two years ago and her brother last year and things have been hard, so she thought maybe if she could use support, there are others out there who could as well. Pimp or join, people.

That is all.
Look! I'm posting fic! Omg. Okay, so long ago that I can’t recall how it started, vikingprincess, you and I were having a conversation about Fitz and Jemma and Fitz’s recovery and we decided what he really needed was Darcy Lewis in his life. You told me to write it. I told you to write it. And neither of us actually wrote it...until now! It took me two years of writing, setting it aside, writing, setting it aside, writing, editing, betaing, editing and now, posting! Whew. It was for your birthday in like 2014, so Happy Belated birthday! vikingprincess, you are my hard-stone rock who is always at my back. You are my very own slice of Darcy Lewis. Happy Birthday(s), babe! I love you! Caregiver!Darcy and recovering!Fitz and the tide they sailed in on. 6,951 words. Enjoy!

Header Info.Collapse )

Darcy wasn"t sure what she was supposed to be doing here.Collapse )
03 June 2016 @ 07:06 pm
Time to look back on what I accomplished during the month of May! (I think typing these little 'sum ups' makes me feel more accomplished, because I don't think I've done enough and then I type it out and I'm like, wooooah, okay.)

Every Wednesday this month, I went to physical therapy and put away my laundry. Every Thursday I did my calendar updates, organized the TiVo for the week, did my Flist replies and called my dad for a chat. Every Friday I called my Mom and organized my weekly pills. I talked to Canadian Brother twice - and his kids twice, but two different times than the times I talked to him, lol - and we've been emailing a bunch lately too.

I only did three writing sessions - I wanted to do eight, but I think Comic Com drained my energy more than I expected. I did write two chapters in my grandma's book and one for The Nephew's, so at least my writing was super productive. I would've written more for The Nephew, but he is being a lazy butt about returning my edits on chapter two, so I can't write chapter three yet. I also didn't post a single piece of fic or writing of any kind to my LJ. I have to stop being such a bum about that. I did post six times to LJ this month, which was twice more than I had on my to-do list. I also did four comment answering sessions, which was right on target. I didn't do anything on AO3, no answering comments or posting fic. It seems I have abandoned my account there, which is horrible, because I have tons of stuff to put up there.

For Comic Con I made graphics to get autographed, one for James Marsters, one for Holland Rhoden and one for Mitch Pileggi. I also got my hair cut and then dyed. And I caught up on all of Teen Wolf, so I didn't get spoiled on plot at the con. Then, of course, I went to Motor City Comic Con, which was wonderful, but exhausting, my goodness. And since I got home I wrote emails to MCCC, the venue it was at and the photo op studio, praising when they got accessibility right and pointing out where they could make some adjustments. I actually got a wonderful call back from the venue and they intend to actually have a meeting about my concerns! And I got a bunch of prints of photos from the con and framed some up for my dad.

I also had to take a trip to the university hospital for a doctor's appointment. I did not, sadly, finish the book I was reading. It is one of the Greek myth books I got for The Nephew, but decided he wasn't old enough for the content yet. Those Greek Gods are kind of rapey and incestuous. I also took two shopping trips to Target, for makeup and clothes and photo stuff.

So, that was my month. Yep, typing it out totally worked. I feel much more accomplished now!
23 May 2016 @ 04:23 pm
It's a birthday! Two, actually. It's my birthday and The BFF's birthday, liptonrm! We're birthday twins! Except she's a year younger than me and she never let's me forget it, lol. We celebrated on Saturday, with The Nephew, opening his gifts from last weekend and our gifts from this weekend, together. Our real celebration was Comic Con though, obvs. And yesterday my mom brought me a giant piece of triple fudge cake, so I'll have that with dinner tonight!

On Saturday, The BFF asked me how it felt to be 38 and I groaned at her and yelled, "Not for two more days!" But then she pointed out that I shouldn't begrudge every year older I get, I should celebrate it, because I have made it 8 years past what the naysayers said I would. As a kid, everyone always said, "She'll be lucky to make it to 30." My parents told me that a lot - (the horrific parenting there is a topic for another day). Idk where in their ass they pulled out this arbitrary number anyways, but here I am at 38, still going strong! Well, maybe not strong, but stronger than even I expected!

So, indeed, a day to celebrate! And now, my yearly baby picture! I swore I posted this one before, but I went back through my bday posts and it seems not, so here you go...

I apparently labeled this one 'Buckethead'. It must have been my superhero identity as a child - Buckethead!

I have already gotten so many nice birthday messages and love from you all, thank you, my lovelies. It is a beautiful day out here and I hope it is a beautiful day wherever you all are too!