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Just a little episode coda I wrote awhile back, for S3 Ep07 'Currents'. I just needed a little more comfort, you know. 608 words. Also, this is the first Derek/Stiles story I ever wrote! Enjoy!

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14 October 2014 @ 09:31 pm
My little nieces are having a bad run of things. To put it mildly.

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When The Nephew got home from school and saw her injuries and heard what had happened, he burst into hysterical tears and couldn’t stop crying. He takes his job to protect his little sister very seriously, the little man. My sister already had tomorrow off, as a special day to treat herself, but has since decided to drive out there to visit The Niece and take her a care package of quiet activities to do.

Both my girls could use some good wishes, maybe a Luck Dragon, right about now.
13 October 2014 @ 05:36 pm
So, first I started streaming Parenthood through Neflix and I LOVE it! I adore their whole dysfunctional functional family. Ad who would have ever thought I'd like Dax Shepherd - I mean, the Punk'd guy? But I love his character so much! And the kid who plays Max deserves a freaking Emmy! It's so easy to mainline too. But I figured I should take a break and watch a season of something else before I go back to Parenthood.

I tried Bitten, from D's recommendation. I did not like it. First of all, the idea that there aren't very many female werewolves because they aren't strong enough to survive the 'change'? I call bullshit. Do you know what women have to endure with our stupid bodies? So sexist, man. And also, Clay wishes he was Dyson Thornwood. But he isn't. I watched four eps and quit that. Then I decided to try Scandal, per Guy Therapist's recommendation when we were talking about wanting more female leads and 3-dimensional female characters. I am IN LOVE with this show. It's giving me the fresh new shiny toy feeling of love!

Since Guy Therapist is working at the other clinic these days, I decided to pop him an email and tell him exactly how I felt about this show he recommended. For your reading pleasure, here is my freak-out...Vague spoilers for Scandal S1 under the cut.Collapse )

For all my West Wing peeps out there, I highly recommend Scandal, available now on Netflix!
So, I wrote this back in 2010, during the mass writing spree I went through then, back when Cas was a lot more stilted about human things. It's a silly little cracky piece with some FML!Sam. I thought I'd finally get around to posting it. 1,922 words. Enjoy!

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09 October 2014 @ 10:05 pm
I just put up a post on Tumblr, because I was pissed as hell when I heard this, and it is definitely up Tumblr's alley, but since I typed it all out - and since I'm still pissed - I thought I'd go ahead and share it here as well.

I turned on the TV the other day and The Wendy Williams Show was on and she was talking about the Jennifer Lawrence nude pics, so I figured it would be full of great talk about rape culture. It was not. Instead, Wendy Williams had this to say…

"Jennifer Lawrence, you want to know what? Don’t sweat this, young lady. I mean, you’re the one who took the pictures. And now she’s telling us why she took the pictures. She took the pictures because she had a four year long distance relationship with her boyfriend. Mind you, she’s only 24 years old. She said, ‘Either he could look at my naked pictures or he could look at porn.’ Well how about - well, no, 24, she’s still young - men would look at both. You know what I mean? I mean, not for nothing. If you ask any hot-blooded man, he would say he’ll look at your naked pictures, but he’s also going to look at porn. But, she was young when the relationship started. She said that having him be able to look at her pictures is what sustained that relationship for the four years, because they were long distance. In my opinion, if she would just stop talking about the cloud and the naked pictures, it’d go away! We’d all forget - like we’d forget about it. Really! Besides, Jen, you don’t look bad under your clothes. And this - I think the hackilation has actually made your career even hotter. Because she was red hot before, but now it’s like heat-seeking missile hot. So hold your head up with pride."

And the audience cheered and clapped and agreed with her. Listen, Wendy Williams, we shouldn’t just stop talking about it and forget about it. THIS IS A CONVERSATION THAT NEEDS TO BE HAD.

Jennifer Lawrence has stated - and I agree with her - that what has happened here is a sex crime. She has made it very clear how she feels about all of this…“It’s my body, and it should be my choice, and the fact that it is not my choice is absolutely disgusting. I can’t believe that we even live in that kind of world.”

But what Wendy Williams is basically saying here is, ‘Don’t worry about it, Jen, cuz it’s totally done wonders for your career and you're a hottie anyways and what did you expect when you took the pictures?’ And that should not fly with anyone.
07 October 2014 @ 08:11 pm
So, I’ve started seeing a counselor for my health anxiety, which causes me anxiety in and of itself, since I don’t like talking about my anxiety. But anyways, I had my second appointment today and I realized I never shared with you all what happened in my first session.

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So, that was how I discovered that my counselor is a Dean/Cas girl. When she gave me ‘homework’ this week, I said, “This better not get in the way of my fanfiction time,” and she said, “There is never enough fanfiction time.” True story.
05 October 2014 @ 05:27 pm
Saw this over on princesslanie's journal and thought you guys might enjoy knowing your meme generated Halloween costume. When princesslanie did it, I apparently went to her Halloween party dressed as a devil. I approve! So, take a peek under the cut and see what you came to my party as!

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Throw your own party at the Hallomeme!
Created by sigma7: More info here.
30 September 2014 @ 08:19 pm
I forgot it was Tuesday and I like to try and post every Tuesday, but I am currently pretty wiped from doing some organizing and cleaning in my room today. Which needed to be done - (the cleaning in particular as I spilled Sprite all over my bedside table last night and it got on my remotes and stuff). But on top of the cleaning, I also managed to get some writing in today - only 450 words, but still, some words. I also updated my monthly word count sheet. I know, I used to post an update every month with my weekly numbers, but since I fell off the writing so hard earlier this year from being sick with the bronchitis and the dizzy spells, I also kind of fell off keeping weekly counts. I do have monthly counts though and sadly I am not even reaching my goal of 4k a month, at least on average. I haven’t even broken 50k yet and I’ll be lucky to do so by the end of the year. After last year’s 100k, this is depressing to me.

I know we all have on-years and off-years in our writing and I have done some other great stuff this year - a few art pieces and a massive room organization that has been waiting on me since we moved into this house - plus the illness and the sick animals and losing my grandfather and all the other stresses of the year have really dried out my muse, but hopefully she’ll rehydrate soon.

Alright, off to finish the movie I am watching - the Matthew Broderick ‘Godzilla’ because The Nephew bought it for a dollar with his own money and then loaned it to me and he has been waiting on me to watch it so we can talk about it and about whether it is better than the one we took him to for his birthday this year. I am assessing that it is, in fact, better than the crappy new release, which was way boring and dragged on too long, imo. This one could be a smidge shorter, but it is action packed and they waste no time in getting it going. I can see why he likes this one better. Nothing will ever be the classic original though!
28 September 2014 @ 09:52 pm

They really made us sweat though today. We started our season like torpedoes out the gate - on fire. And then we kind of slumped, though I maintain it wasn't so much a slump as a slow burning out. I mean, compared to how we'd been playing, yeah, it was a slump. But overall, it was just not great. Our hit count slowed way down for awhile there. And we made some trades that I will never forgive during the season - Austin Jackson, for one. But then as the season went on, our hitting picked back up and some of the new guys really proved themselves. Problem was, Kansas City was picking up speed too and trailing our asses like little fire ants. There is sometimes a season where you know your team is going to make it into the playoffs as much as a week ahead of that 162nd game. But more often than not, you don't know until about three games out or so from the end. This year it was literally down to the last game. Game 162, today. If we won, even if Kansas won also, we'd still be moving onto the playoffs. If we lost and Kansas lost as well, we'd still be moving onto the playoffs. But if we lost and Kansas won, we'd be screwed. We’d have to watch the post-season from the bench. So today not only meant holding my breath over the Tigers’ game, but over the Royals' game as well.

It was nerve-wracking. But oh man, when we got that last guy out and sealed the deal - 3-0 - and 40k+ fans rose to their feet in celebration...I only wish I could have seen that in person, because man what a sight it was.

This was originally written for a meme over at vikingprincess’s journal, wherein you pick a book title and make a fic out of it. I chose ‘Small Favors’. This one's for vikingprincess, my enabler in all things! Babe, I haven't forgotten about the back-to-school consolation fic I was writing for you, I just got kind of stalled out. But remember this little fic? 849 words of Firefly.

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22 September 2014 @ 08:54 pm
It's September 22nd!! It's a double hobbit birthday! Our charming little heroes were born on this day. And as they are from my very first online fandom and such a huge part of my life and who I am today, I make sure to always mark the occasion! (I also started my Tumblr on this day last year, but mostly I did that just so I would never forget my Tumblr anniversary. While my LJ anniversary is on The Nephew's birthday, but that just happened on accident, though it certainly helps me remember both dates!)

In honor of this day, I found an adorable birthday celebration video to share with you all!

Because they never attack someone on their birthday! I mean, they're orcs, not assholes.

And a very Happy Birthday to Mr. Bilbo as well!

Hope you enjoyed your Hobbit Day, everyone!
21 September 2014 @ 03:37 pm
I woke up this morning to some bad news - my mother's cat, Whispa, passed away last night. She had been sick for awhile but my mother only realized it this last week and over the weekend the doctor said she was improving quite a bit. But she went last night. Even the vet was surprised by this. She was my cat originally, from the same litter as Buddy and Roo. When I moved out of Mom's house, she asked if she could keep Whispa and she has had her now for almost ten years. It was strange, how when all the sibling-cats lived together, the boys never cared much for each other. Roo and Buddy still don't pay each other much mind. But they all loved Whispa'. She was the princess. She'd spend her days flitting from one boy to the next like a little mother hen. You never knew who you were going to find snuggling with her and sometimes the boys would get jealous of whoever was sleeping with her, because they wanted to have a turn, but they didn't want to share space with their brothers. She was The Sister and they loved her. Since Mom has had her, Whispa slept every night in bed with her. She will be missed.

Whispa - princess
Whispa', our fluffy soft princess.
April, 1999 - September, 2014

It's been a hell of a year for my family and their pets. Please give your fluffy, furry babies a kiss for me.
19 September 2014 @ 07:39 pm
Today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Sadly, I don't actually own a pirate (or POTC) shirt, so I'm just wearing my new Spiderman tee. I should take a picture - it's super cool and all retro and shit. Anyways, I went looking for a graphic to post to celebrate this fantastic holiday and came across a quiz that gives you your pirate name.

My pirate name is: Mad Morgan Kidd!
Every pirate is a little bit crazy. You, though, are more than just a little bit. Even though you're not always the traditional swaggering gallant, your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate.

I like it! Come on, tell me what your pirate name is! Take the quiz here!

16 September 2014 @ 09:20 pm
I have a very sick cat, you guys. Roo and Buddy are both 15 years old, but Roo still acts like a teenager and, aside from a few colds here and there, has never had any health problems. /knocks on virtual wood/ But Buddy has been sick since the day he was born. He was the runt of the litter and had seizures when he was just a kitten, which left him not the brightest cat in the world. But he's super sweet and playful and doesn't mind a snuggle. This last year has seen dementia and arthritis in him. I've got him on something for the dementia that seems to be helping, but now there is a back leg that he can't even put any weight on. Just in the last month, he has gone from what seemed reasonably acceptable for his age to the point were we are talking about quality of life.

More under the cut.Collapse )

I am terribly sad about it, but trying to enjoy the time he has left. I was unsure if I had made the right decision, not doing it right then, but the decision is made now, so I will enjoy what I have. I was concerned about disrupting the rest of the household, since the other cats all seem very aware that something is wrong with Buddy. Like the vet said though, animals don't know quantity of life, they only know quality of life, so I just want to smother him with love during these last few weeks I have him and make that quality a good one.
So, I wrote this fic a year ago, right after seeing The Grave Danger Job for the first time. It's a post-episode fic, wherein Hardison can't sleep and Eliot is there for him. Lots of angst. Hardison needs a hug, dammit! Spoilers for 4x07. PG-13 for subject matter. 889 words.

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He didn’t want to go to sleep. Didn’t want to close his eyes. Didn’t want to be back there, in the ground and the dirt and black, black nothing.Collapse )
11 September 2014 @ 04:03 pm
Today is my mom's 66th birthday! We are having her over later for Bob's Evans dinner, a game of Racko and to Skype with The Canadians. Anyways, I was recently helping someone brainstorm ideas for a homemade carnival and realized I had lots of suggestions on how to do it because this was a thing my mom always did for us when we were kids.

She'd make a big sign with bold letters, clowns and balloons on it. Then she'd hang streamers around the fence in the backyard and put up balloons everywhere. And she'd invite all the neighborhood kids and their parents over. There would be a beanbag toss, where Mom took cardboard and painted a clown's face on it and cut out holes for the beanbags to get tossed into the eyes and mouth of the clown. We'd have ring toss - my dad always had the glass Pepsi bottles from the vending machine at work and we'd toss our plastic rings from the pool over them. We'd have a baseball throw, where you had to knock over stuff - I am pretty sure we used the plastic bowling pins from our indoor bowling set to knock over. One year we had a sand-find in the sandbox where Mom buried the toy prizes and you had to dig around until you found one.

And, of course, a duck pond. She had a big metal bucket for gardening - more like a tub than a bucket - and she would use our bathtub toys. We had a seahorse, a motorboat and a whale that went with our Fischer Price Little People set, and then a shark that was one of those windup ones that swims in the water, and a rubber duckie. She wrote numbers on the bottom of them and put them in the bucket of water and you picked one and got a prize accordingly. For years and years, those toys had the numbers markered on the bottom of them from the carnival days. In fact, I may still have the boat and the seahorse and I bet the numbers are still on there, fading slowly away.

The neighborhood parents would bring over a bunch of Happy Meal toys to use as prizes and the kids would get little brown paper lunch-bags to hold their prizes. First you had to decorate your lunch-bag with markers and stickers and glitter and then you'd use it to hold your loot in. I am sure I am forgetting some of the games Mom made, but there was also always cookies and punch and balloons and my mom would dress up as a clown and the other parents would help man the booths. My mom also did face-painting, so everyone left with a full belly, a balloon, a bag of prizes and a picture painted on their cheek.

It was actually pretty cool! The benefits of having a mother with upswings, a great creative side and mess of artistic skills - we'd get a mother-fucking carnival in our backyard! So Happy Birthday to my mom - The Ringmaster of the Carnival!
09 September 2014 @ 04:24 pm
It's like I'm dreaming fanfic, I swear.

Last night I dreamed about Spike, Dawn & Angel.

Under the cut!Collapse )

Yep. That was my dream. I was sad when I woke up that it wasn't a real thing that had happened because it was so sweet - everyone was so sweet and in love. And then I thought how it really came off like a fanfic, except who would write a fanfic where Dawn was a heroin addict? IDEK, but it was glorious. My dream gave me a lot of feels, okay!
07 September 2014 @ 05:23 pm
If you have the Netflix app, you will notice how when you sign in, it will say right at the top..."Continue Watching"...and have your most recent watched things available for you to just click on. Like if you stop a movie halfway through and want to finish it later or if you are watching a TV series, it will load up the next episode for you so you don't lose your place. So, unless it's a movie that you watch all the way to the credits, your most recently watched shows will be right there for you to keep going. Which is nifty. It also means that my sister and I can see what the other one has been watching, since we never divided our accounts. A month ago, I went scrolling through the things it back-holds, just curiously, to see what was there.

Here's what we were watching a month ago on Netflix:

Raising Hope, Queer As Folk, Ultimate Spiderman, Scrubs, Orange Is The New Black, What Not To Wear, Law & Order: SVU, The Boondocks, Confessions: Animal Hoarding & Lilyhammer.

I was looking through it again last week, looking for the SVU to let run while I was falling asleep - (this may have something to do with some of the odd dreams I have, huh?) - so here is what we are watching on Netflix now:

Numb3rs, Queer As Folk, Parks and Recreation, Parenthood, Malcolm In The Middle, House MD, Law & Order: SVU & Call The Midwife.

Basically, what I'm saying here, is I love streaming TV on Netflix. Netflix is amazing.
02 September 2014 @ 08:57 pm
This meme was going around on Tumblr and I thought I would give it a try. There are so many books that have stuck with me over the years, it is hard to pick just ten. And then some of them I can’t remember the names of! There was this children’s book that I checked out from the library every single time I went for like a year straight at the age of 6. I still vividly remember the part about the chocolate river, but I was 6, so I have no idea of the name of this book. (Actually, I’ve been trying to remember for years now, if it sounds familiar to anyone!) So, here we go:

Rules: In a text post, list ten books that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard — they don’t have to be the “right” or “great” works, just the ones that have touched you. Then tag 10 friends.

The Stand by Stephen King.
The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King.
The Lord of the Flies by William Golding.
The Outsiders and also That Was Then, This is Now by SE Hinton.
Whale Talk by Chris Crutcher.
The Hobbit and also The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien.
The Chronicles of Narnia (in particular The...Wardrobe and Dawn Treader) by C.S. Lewis.
Number The Stars by Lois Lowry.
The Pokey Little Puppy by Janette Sebring Lowrey.
C D B by William Steig.

I spent just a few minutes thinking on these and I still came up with like 20, so yeah, I scrunched a few together, which is probably cheating, but whatever. Also, I just cut the ones that were last to pop into my head, not for any 'ranking' reasons. But here are the cut ones anyways: The Elenium series by David Eddings, World War Z by Max Brooks, The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley, Bloodroots by Richie Tankersley Cusick, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, The Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling and The Princess & The Goblin series by George MacDonald.

Alright, for tagging, I say if you follow me and your user-name starts with the letter A - M, consider yourself tagged! (Or if you name starts with something else but you just want to do this meme anyways!)
28 August 2014 @ 06:57 pm
It's Billy Boyd's birthday! Which I post about every year. The first year I had this journal, I just happened to be on the computer and realized it was his birthday and so made a post about it. And now it's become a thing. That I do every year. For no apparent reason. Other than that Billy is the best.


Anyone disagree with that statement? Didn't think so.

Here, have some pictures of the birthday boy.

Happy Birthday to my favorite little hobbit man.

ION, spending the weekend marathoning Arrow so my sister can catch up and hanging with Sis and The BFF, cooking out, and generally chilling in probably the first relaxing weekend we've had all summer. The summer has been great and full of lots of fun and socializing, but it'll be nice to just hang and put our feet up this weekend. What about you all - how do your weekends look to be shaping up?
26 August 2014 @ 05:44 pm
Let's talk about a crazy dream I had a few nights ago. It's been awhile since I wrote one of these up - I suspect it will seem even stranger on 'paper'.

It started with my family returning from vacation and my mom wanting me to go to dinner with everyone and I was like, "I just spent 3 weeks in the car with you people, I don't need to go to dinner with you too." I went in my room and there were suddenly these bats - (but they also looked kind of like owls, idek) - outside my window, pecking against the glass. I was freaked, cuz bats freak me, but I thought, "They can't get in, it's okay." But then they chewed through the screen, bursting through the glass. I screamed and ran out. When my dad went to check, the room was completely full of bats. They weren't scared of people, so they would perch right on you and you had to hold really still, because if they got startled, they'd bite and you'd get rabies and die.

This dream also involves scientists, Harry Potter, my friend K, Teen Wolf and graphic TV sex.Collapse )

I rewound one more time. And then I woke up.

Yep. IDEK. The next night I had a dream that entailed myself, some kids I went to junior high with, the Leverage crew, the Friends, a smattering of X-Men, an evil military and some candy bars.
21 August 2014 @ 08:30 pm
I mentioned last week that I celebrated my Medicaid hearing outcome by going shopping. I bought this adorable little makeup case, some new makeup, and streamlined my makeup collection from an entire lunchbox down to this cute little thing.

Also, when The Canadians all went to the Detroit Zoo with my sister, TCNiece wanted to buy me a present because I couldn't go with them. So she picked out some stones for me - (yes, she bought me a bag of rocks). But they are beautiful and my sister said that TCNiece picked each one out very carefully, trying to find the prettiest ones for me. I can just see her picking through them and discarding the ones she didn't think passed muster.

Have some pictures of my new makeup case and bag of stones under the cut!Collapse )

My makeup consists of about four different little eyeshadow sets, powder foundation, blush, coverup, highlighter, mascara, eyeliner pen and about a dozen different lipsticks, mostly in various shades of pink. What about you guys - how much makeup do you have?
20 August 2014 @ 05:30 pm
Let's see...some updates.

Mom is still doing good post-tooth removal surgery. Infection-free thus far! /knock on virtual wood/ Big Buddy has to go into the vet on Saturday because his arthritis is getting worse in his hind legs. He's 15, which in cat years is like 90-something, so yeah, I'd expect his arthritis to be worse, but it's hard to watch him limping around. My mother keeps wanting to borrow money from me, here and there, bits and pieces, and while I have the money, I am like, "Maybe if she hadn't just spent $75 on furniture that she didn't need, she could afford to put gas in her car." I really wish she'd just let the car go. It would save her money and she's too blind to be driving anyway. I understand her reluctance, because I hated giving up my car when the time came, but if it's not safe, it's not safe, you know. Also, we still haven't gotten anywhere on the case against the owner of the dog that mauled Winston. The prosecutor is dragging his feet for some reason.

It's my dad's birthday on Friday, so we are being good daughters and picking up a pizza and going out to his house for dinner. Not my favorite place to be - the house I grew up in - but we are already going to be fairly close to his place at therapy on Friday, so rather than doing it a different day, we are just going straight there after my session. Hopefully my grandma will join us and also my sister is making pie, so there will be pie. But on Sunday we get to do fun stuff. My two younger cousins - (the gamer and his brother) - are coming over with their significant others to cook-out and play games. I am really looking forward to that.

Who saw Teen Wolf this week? The Parrish thing freaked me out! Anybody else?

That is all.
19 August 2014 @ 05:27 pm
Man, it is storming here! My sister texted me about it happening where she worked and now it has hit here and it is nasty out. Mostly just wind and rain, but it is loud. I texted my sister when the storm finally hit, "The dragon is here!". It's making my vertigo go all whooshy from the air pressure.

So, anyways, here's a little therapy story for you. Apparently Guy Therapist is being transferred to a different clinic (again! And we can talk about my utter heartbreak over that at a later date). Anyways, I didn't know and I was in the office area making new appointments and K came in and said 'hi' and then asked whose schedule I was on. I told him and he raised his hand in the air all triumphant and I was like...

Me: What? What is that? Do you need something?
K: Nope. Just that I'm taking over Guy Therapist's patients when he transfers.
Me: What? Why? What do you mean he's transferring?
K: But you're going to be all mine now.
Me: What? What do you mean he's transferring? Why do I have to get stuck with your sorry ass?
All the Office Ladies: Ooooh. Oh no. Oh goodness. /gasp/ /shock/.
K just busted out laughing.
Me: No, it's fine, he knows I love him.
K: I do.
Me: That's just how I show affection.
K: You ladies couldn't hear the affection under all that? I totally could. Now, excuse me while I go workout to keep my sorry ass in shape.
Later, one of the office ladies came in the back to get something and said to Guy Therapist, "Is she back here cussing at you too?" And I yelled, "It's a valid form of expression!"

So, that was my day yesterday.
14 August 2014 @ 09:03 pm
I was so sad to hear about Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall passing away this week. Lauren Bacall was a classy lady and I was so sorry to see her go. Robin Williams' death was just a shock and a tragedy. My dad was a huge fan of his when I was growing up. He was so delighted when we got cable and he discovered Nick At Nite had reruns of Mork and Mindy. My dad suffers from a lot of mental health issues as well and I always wondered if he saw some of himself in Robin. It was a sad week of losses, for sure.

So, let's talk about the rest of my week.

Under the cut.Collapse )

Today I spent relaxing and catching up on TV (So You Think You Can Dance) and reading my book (the Orange is the New Black memoirs.) Tomorrow more therapy and The BFF.

How were all of your weeks?