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21 July 2016 @ 11:02 pm
There are pictures under the cut of two tiny baby birds, Bert & Ernie. I’ll warn you right now, this story does not have a happy ending. Two nights ago, Sis is out playing with Winston in the backyard and sees two dead baby birds. She puts on her work gloves and scoops them up, to dispose of. That’s when they lifted their heads and started squawking at her. She came inside with them, all distressed, for obvious reasons. If you think you’re about to dump some dead animal in the trash and then it lifts its tiny little head and starts crying at you for food and help, you’d be upset too.

As soon as I see them, I yell, “Put them back! Put them back!” because you are never suppose to move an animal you find outside, even tiny ones who don’t have their eyes open yet. Their mother may have left them there, moving from one nest to another and would be back to carry them the rest of the way. Or they fell from the nest and she was feeding them on the ground. Or their mother has passed and sadly, you must let nature take its course.

But you’re never suppose to move them!

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Poor little Bert & Ernie. They were so young, they didn’t even look like birds. They looked like embryos still. Here is the video I put up on my tumblr, if you want to see them the night we brought them into the house. It’s a sad story, but that is nature sometimes.
19 July 2016 @ 04:34 pm
Who is watching Containment? Man, I love this little show. It's like an apocalypse done by The CW, that's so up my alley. But omg, the Thing that happened! With the person! I didn't see that coming! I didn't see it coming particularly with that person! Ugh, this show, what! As expected, I am all about the chemistry/tension between Leo and Lex - where is Leo, omg! But apparently I am a romantic at heart because the Jake n Katie storyline is my fav thing, I am obsessed with those two idiots. I really could give a shit about Jana and Suzy, but Teresa is a good character, her storyline caught me. And poor fucking Thomas, man. I am so pumped for the finale night! I can't believe it's gonna be over though. And that it didn't get picked up for a second season. I mean, it will end this storyline at the end of s1, bc it was always meant to be insular. But they did want to come back for a second season, with all new peeps, kind of like AHS-lite with an outbreak.

Also OITNB. I was spoiled ahead of time for ep 12, what happens, but not HOW it happens so that was a wreck. I have one ep left to go tonight, jeez oh pete man, this show is killing me. The shit with Healy. And Lolly. And Maritza. And fucking Humps, man, that dude is messed up. And just oh man, Suzanne's flashback. Poor Suzanne. This has been such a good season, despite its issues, I feel like they are shedding light on shit that needs it while keeping up with the characters and emotions we all know and love to watch.

Anybody watching either of these shows? Wanna talk with me?
02 July 2016 @ 11:24 pm
My little 3 year old niece is running around the house in her Hello Kitty nightgown and it is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life, omg.

So last weekend The Nephew came in on Sunday and we went to see Independence Day 2 and then he stayed all week to go to archeology day camp and come here every night. From basically 5:30 - 8:30 every night I was on TN-duty, playing video games, watching movies and getting my butt handed to me at Monopoly. Thursday evening my Canadian Brother arrived with his two kids.

After work Friday, Sis was suppose to take TN and Little Girl Cousin to the city pool, but it was only 70F, and when they got there the pool was closed because they have a temp minimum. So CBro, myself and his two kids met them at the bowling alley instead. It was all handicap accessible, so I bowled for the first time in over a decade! LGC had to leave after, so TN and I started a movie, but he didn't even make it an hour before he fell asleep. This morning my brother dropped off the 3yr old niece and Sis, CBro and all four niblings went to the aquarium - after Sis got her flat tire fixed! Sis said it was cool if LGC came back and stayed the whole weekend, so I gave her a call. Little did I know the troupe wouldn't be home until 8:30, so after I straightened up the house for an hour, I babysat her for three hours. I got into bed as soon as Sis got home, lol.

Tomorrow they're doing studio photos in the morning, as a surprise for my parents and we'll all go to the city fireworks at night. We have a cookout on Monday for family/friends - usually about 20 or so - and then TN2 and LGC go home. The rest of the week, until Sunday, is just hanging with Canadian Brother and my Canadian niece and nephew. And then the following Monday - oh, oh then, I sleep! Right now I'm in my bed, Mom's in hers, CBro's on the upstairs couch, Sis's in her bed downstairs and Little Girl Cousin, The Nephew, Canadian Niece, Canadian Nephew and The Niece (ages 12,10, 6, 5 & 3) are watching a movie in a blanket/pillow/couch fort downstairs where they will all sleep.

I am soooo tired, you guys. I mean, I wouldn't trade a minute with my niblings for anything, but I'm just saying...if the devil showed up and offered me 18 solid straight hours of rejuvenating sleep right now in exchange for my soul, I'd probably take it!
23 June 2016 @ 04:56 pm
Some of you asked for reviews on Book Of Mormon, so here it is! It Was Fantastic! Great music, incredible dancing, high energy, very funny and a wonderful message in it all. There was one tap dancing scene that blew my mind. And the leg kicks, omg! And the songs have been stuck in my head all week, after only having heard them the once, so that says something about the music.

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But the deeper meaning here of faith and unison is amazing and the energy was just so high in this play, there was never a moment to breathe, it was just incredible. Most importantly, my sister loved it! She kept thanking me and saying how much fun it was and how glad she was we got to come. (She has wanted to see it for years, I am so glad I was able to take her!). I had a great time as well and honestly, I would love to see it again! 10/10 would recommend!
20 June 2016 @ 12:27 am
I am getting tired of making these. We have lost too many good ones this year. And the year before that. And the year before that. I feel like ever since Cory Monteith, it has just been one loss after another. And like Cory, this one was taken far, far too young. I remember first seeing Anton in an episode of ER. So young and quiet and conveying the oldest soul, like watching a boy with the wisdom of thousands of years under his skin. But then I'd see videos of him behind the scenes or on the red carpet, and he just seemed like a silly, sweet dork. Good-hearted, very intelligent and just plain sweet. Having watched his work since he was 11 years old, it is very hard to think of him as being gone. We can only hope he didn't suffer. I honestly can't believe we lost another one. This has to stop.

“Who would have thought I’d live so long in such a short time?”
- Pavel Chekov, Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II
RIP Anton.
15 June 2016 @ 11:33 pm
There is a little bit of time left in my timezone to call it June 15th. Those of you that were friends with my sister back in her LJ days - before she abandoned the internet for non-green, boring pastures - you probably still get reminders that June 15th is her birthday! Mom's nurse was out today and was all, "Oh, it's the other daughter's birthday, how old?" And I burst out laughing and said, "Too old to be answering that question."

So Saturday we did Chuck E Cheese, which was a birthday for The Nephew, Little Girl Cousin and Sister. Sis went to the kiddie section with The Niece, while BFF and I supervised the other two. LGC wanted to play jackpot wheels and roulette style games and I started cutting her off after three plays because that girl was gonna run though her tokens like woah. I told her she has a gambling problem. TN mostly wanted to play video games. They gave me two tokens each (how nice, lol, out of the $30 I spent on tokens for them!) to play skeeball. It got serious when I stood up from my wheelchair to throw better!

Then today I set the table on the new back deck (yay!) and it was a chore, because of steps down and trying to carry things and I had to ask Mom to help a few times. Plus, it was too hot out, but Sis really wanted to eat on the new deck. I ordered surprise dinner from Pizza Hut - chicken milan pasta and artichoke spinach dip - and set the table and she got to come home to that. Plus, she got one gift tonight - a new expansion to our card game, Smash Up - so she could have something to open. We ate outside and our cousin came after a bit to see the new deck and say 'happy birthday'. Then on Saturday she gets her real present, what she was asking me for for months - tickets to see the traveling Broadway show of Book of Mormon. She could never get tickets on her trips to NY, so now it has come to us, only about 30 minutes away, yay! So we will see the matinee of that on Saturday.

Tomorrow I have to spend basically all day at the cardiologist, for a new patient appointment. I really hope they don't make me wear a heart monitor for weeks, that sucked before, very inconvenient. And Friday evening Sis is throwing a party for a co-worker who is leaving the office. I like the co-worker, he's cool, so I will attend at least for a little bit. But I don't wanna use all my spoons with the play the next day. (also I really know only like a couple of her co-workers, so...). And then Sunday is Father's Day. We're taking Dad a pizza from his favorite pizza place here in town that he hardly gets to since he stopped driving.

My energy bar will be down in the red, for sure, but all my work getting dinner set up tonight was totally worth it. Anything for my sister is worth it!
13 June 2016 @ 12:30 am
My love and support goes out to the people of Orlando, Florida tonight. To the victims, survivors, family, friends and those still missing. To my brothers and sisters in the LGBTQA community.

Peace to you all, my family.
09 June 2016 @ 04:16 pm
Just a few points, because I'm too tired to do more than a few.

- I have a chest cold that came on last night. Yay.

- My mother has moved in with us. Probably forever. I'll give you the whole run-down when I feel better, it is a hell of a rundown.

- I have fallen into a pretty suck ass depression, which hasn't happened in a couple of years, so double yay. Or are we on triple yay?

+ Finally get to celebrate The Nephew's birthday with him. Actual yay. Taking him and his sister and one of his cousin's to Chuckie Cheese this weekend. Chuckie Cheese is the ninth circle of hell, but they do have skeeball.

+ Our back deck is almost finished. Should be finished tomorrow!

+ Finally got to show Dad my pics from Comic Con. He got excited every time he recognized a cosplay character. His fav was the dude dressed as the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man.

Also, here is a group my friend denyce started for people dealing with grief. She sadly lost her mom about two years ago and her brother last year and things have been hard, so she thought maybe if she could use support, there are others out there who could as well. Pimp or join, people.

That is all.
Look! I'm posting fic! Omg. Okay, so long ago that I can’t recall how it started, vikingprincess, you and I were having a conversation about Fitz and Jemma and Fitz’s recovery and we decided what he really needed was Darcy Lewis in his life. You told me to write it. I told you to write it. And neither of us actually wrote it...until now! It took me two years of writing, setting it aside, writing, setting it aside, writing, editing, betaing, editing and now, posting! Whew. It was for your birthday in like 2014, so Happy Belated birthday! vikingprincess, you are my hard-stone rock who is always at my back. You are my very own slice of Darcy Lewis. Happy Birthday(s), babe! I love you! Caregiver!Darcy and recovering!Fitz and the tide they sailed in on. 6,951 words. Enjoy!

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03 June 2016 @ 07:06 pm
Time to look back on what I accomplished during the month of May! (I think typing these little 'sum ups' makes me feel more accomplished, because I don't think I've done enough and then I type it out and I'm like, wooooah, okay.)

Every Wednesday this month, I went to physical therapy and put away my laundry. Every Thursday I did my calendar updates, organized the TiVo for the week, did my Flist replies and called my dad for a chat. Every Friday I called my Mom and organized my weekly pills. I talked to Canadian Brother twice - and his kids twice, but two different times than the times I talked to him, lol - and we've been emailing a bunch lately too.

I only did three writing sessions - I wanted to do eight, but I think Comic Com drained my energy more than I expected. I did write two chapters in my grandma's book and one for The Nephew's, so at least my writing was super productive. I would've written more for The Nephew, but he is being a lazy butt about returning my edits on chapter two, so I can't write chapter three yet. I also didn't post a single piece of fic or writing of any kind to my LJ. I have to stop being such a bum about that. I did post six times to LJ this month, which was twice more than I had on my to-do list. I also did four comment answering sessions, which was right on target. I didn't do anything on AO3, no answering comments or posting fic. It seems I have abandoned my account there, which is horrible, because I have tons of stuff to put up there.

For Comic Con I made graphics to get autographed, one for James Marsters, one for Holland Rhoden and one for Mitch Pileggi. I also got my hair cut and then dyed. And I caught up on all of Teen Wolf, so I didn't get spoiled on plot at the con. Then, of course, I went to Motor City Comic Con, which was wonderful, but exhausting, my goodness. And since I got home I wrote emails to MCCC, the venue it was at and the photo op studio, praising when they got accessibility right and pointing out where they could make some adjustments. I actually got a wonderful call back from the venue and they intend to actually have a meeting about my concerns! And I got a bunch of prints of photos from the con and framed some up for my dad.

I also had to take a trip to the university hospital for a doctor's appointment. I did not, sadly, finish the book I was reading. It is one of the Greek myth books I got for The Nephew, but decided he wasn't old enough for the content yet. Those Greek Gods are kind of rapey and incestuous. I also took two shopping trips to Target, for makeup and clothes and photo stuff.

So, that was my month. Yep, typing it out totally worked. I feel much more accomplished now!
23 May 2016 @ 04:23 pm
It's a birthday! Two, actually. It's my birthday and The BFF's birthday, liptonrm! We're birthday twins! Except she's a year younger than me and she never let's me forget it, lol. We celebrated on Saturday, with The Nephew, opening his gifts from last weekend and our gifts from this weekend, together. Our real celebration was Comic Con though, obvs. And yesterday my mom brought me a giant piece of triple fudge cake, so I'll have that with dinner tonight!

On Saturday, The BFF asked me how it felt to be 38 and I groaned at her and yelled, "Not for two more days!" But then she pointed out that I shouldn't begrudge every year older I get, I should celebrate it, because I have made it 8 years past what the naysayers said I would. As a kid, everyone always said, "She'll be lucky to make it to 30." My parents told me that a lot - (the horrific parenting there is a topic for another day). Idk where in their ass they pulled out this arbitrary number anyways, but here I am at 38, still going strong! Well, maybe not strong, but stronger than even I expected!

So, indeed, a day to celebrate! And now, my yearly baby picture! I swore I posted this one before, but I went back through my bday posts and it seems not, so here you go...

I apparently labeled this one 'Buckethead'. It must have been my superhero identity as a child - Buckethead!

I have already gotten so many nice birthday messages and love from you all, thank you, my lovelies. It is a beautiful day out here and I hope it is a beautiful day wherever you all are too!
22 May 2016 @ 08:08 pm
My Comic Con post, at last! It was about 1 1/2 hours of a drive, but my dad gave me birthday money so we could get a hotel room. That eliminated an extra three hours a day for us, thankfully. Dad also gave me an extra $100 and when I said, "Oh, good, for buying souvenirs," he said, "No, I want a picture of Batman and Robin!" Which is how I ended up getting a photo op with Adam West and Burt Ward. That was pretty cool though, because that's really how I got into comics was by watching the reruns of the 1960s Batman show with my dad and having a crush on Robin at like age 6. It'll be a nice gift to give him, all framed up.

Friday at MCCC under the cut!Collapse )

This has gotten longer than I thought, so I'll do Saturday later this week. Friday was a really great day though!
13 May 2016 @ 09:44 pm
So today is The Nephew's birthday! Number ten, can you believe it? Do you remember when he was four? I bet some of you do, because I started this journal on his fourth birthday. Yep, that means today is also...MY LIVEJOURNAL ANNIVERSARY! Number six, if you will. Six years ago today, The BFF, liptonrm, unveiled this journal to me as an early birthday gift and ta-da, here I am still! And hopefully for many years to come.

I've been with you guys for six years now and I know I am still pretty anon in some things - my name and my face - and that, in fact, going un-anon has always been a source of anxiety for me because it's giving away a piece of my control, somehow. But here on LJ I don't really feel like that anymore. I used too, but not so much these days. Because I know you all. Like here, now, my LJ has become my own little coffee shop where I know everyone by name and face and how's the kids and is your mom feeling better and how was that convention you went too?. So while some things may always remain anonymous - my name - and certainly some will forever - no, I'll never post photos of The Niece or Nephew, sorry, they're not my kids to do so - I think it is time to take a leap that my counselor and I have been working on and just jump...into posting a picture of myself beyond the age of five, okay!

Because this is my home and my geek-place and my friend-space and if I can't be comfortable with you lot, my people, my family, then where can I? And besides, there are pictures you need to see. Geek pictures. Nerd pictures. Fangirl pictures. From today, in fact. From Motor City Comic Con, in fact. Because, yes folks, I spent today, my sixth LJ anniversary at MOTOR CITY COMIC CON! Which was a coincidence, but it gave me a great idea for how to celebrate the anniversary day - by giving you some glamour shots!

So without further ado, may I present to you...ME!

Three pics under the cut!Collapse )

Thank you all for being on this journey with me, my friends! And here's to the next year to come!
08 May 2016 @ 09:13 pm
So there is this site where you can turn yourself into a PowerPuff girl - here. I saw it on vikingprincess's journal and it looked super fun, so I made some PowerPuff Dodgers, which I need to post here, they came out super cute. But then, every year on Mother's Day, I try to do something nice for my sister. She's not my mom, but she had a big hand in raising me and now she cares for me every day and I take it as an extra day each year to tell her 'thank you' , (besides Valentine's and her birthday and Christmas!). So this year I made PowerPuff Kids of what all of our pets would look like and turned them into little pictures for her, as her Mother's Day gift. I am so lucky they all agreed to have their 'photos taken' for their mommy!

Actually, oddly, this morning my sister walked into her room and saw this going on and got the first set of pics of all four of our babies together! It was a Mother's Day miracle!

In order, from left to right, Ripley, Pippin, Hiccup & Kirk.

So, by comparison, here is their Family Photo I 'took'. Whaddya think? How cute are they?

In order, from left to right, Hiccup, Kirk, Pippin & Ripley.

More PowerPuff Pets under the cut!Collapse )

So, that was her Mother's Day gift from me! I also made little e-cards/wallpapers out of these and had the 'kids sign them'. Those were a bit of a challenge because there was an actual background and I had to hand color over where Hiccup's leg used to be, lol. Anyways, I could hear Sis cackling like mad from her room when she opened her email, so that went over well. Hope your weekends were good, lovelies! Kisses to all the Moms on my Flist!
04 May 2016 @ 11:28 pm
As kids, we had our sandbox pushed up against the fence line in our backyard. We spent many days there playing with our Star Wars action figures, building Tatooine in the sand and burying our dead when they fell. Yes, we buried our dead. Sometimes so deep, we couldn't find them again. Poor Yoda, being as small as he was, had to be replaced at least three times because he'd get lost, never to be found again. And that happened at least once with R2D2, based on the fact that my little brother, now 33 years old, has been ripping up the old fence and laying in a new one for my dad and came across this gem, buried along the fence line.

But as The Force Awakens taught us, R2, you will awaken again when the time is right. Until then, know you served us well, in the summers of our youth.
03 May 2016 @ 05:51 pm
Today is my grandma's 91st birthday! The women in my family are a hearty brood! Anyway, I thought I'd tell some stories about when she worked at Kmart.

For starters, she called it The Kmark. She worked there for thirty years and she still thought there was a 'k' at the end and she always put a 'the' in front of it. She partly worked there to supplement the farm, especially during the off-season for crops. But also, she just really enjoyed getting out of the house, to have somewhere to go every day.

I remember a few things about her time working at The Kmark. For one, I remember sometimes she'd be working inventory and we'd have to go all the way to the back of the store, to the storage area, through two huge grey swinging doors, into a room of trolley carts, boxes and an open delivery bay. "Grandma, Grandma," we'd holler, until she popped out from behind one of the stacks of boxes. It felt like going into a secret, private club, walking through those swinging doors.

Other times we'd have to have her paged over the intercom and inevitably one of her co-workers would come on and say, "Aaaaaaavvvvvaaa, your grandkids are heeeeeere," and, of course, everyone in the store would erupt with laughter.

Grandma likes to tell the story of once my little brother and my mom stopped off there and Mom suggested they all sit for lunch at the little serve-yourself cafe in the middle of the store - (back in a time when Kmart was doing well enough they found the need to offer their patrons a salad bar). But Grandma said she'd taken her break already and my little brother, all of six years old, looked up at her and said, "Now, Grandma, surely you have time for lunch." He had to have been repeating something he'd heard an adult say, but I can just picture it coming out of his precarious mouth.

You could always count on Grandma to have quarters in her pocket for the little candy machines or the automated horsey rides at the front of the store. And if you were so lucky to be the only grandkid visiting her that day, there was usually a dollar or two in her pockets for one of the cheap little checkout lane toys that sit there waiting to entice restless children.

She retired around 70, at much poking and prodding from her husband and sons, worried about the nighttime drives and winter roads, but she lamented her working days as sorely missed for years afterwards. I, for one, missed surprising her at work and hearing her paged over the intercom and waiting eagerly for quarters to appear from her, surely, magical pockets.

Happy birthday, Grandma! Here's to the next year of your life being as exciting and amazing as all the rest!
30 April 2016 @ 05:47 pm
So, end of the month, I'm looking over my To Do List to see how well I did. About 40%, which is pretty good, considering how much I actually put on my list every month - way more than I can actually do.

Like, every week this month I organized my pills, organized the Tivo, went to physical therapy, commented on my Flist (usually keep the tabs open and do it all on Thursday now, but I read it every day), call my dad once a week, call my mom once a week. And I did five out of eight writing sessions, one of which was to finally, finally start the book The Nephew and I are writing together. After making him answer a bazillion questions, I finally wrote the first chapter, sent it to him to alpha read, got his notes, edited accordingly, discussed chapter two with him and am now ready to write more! I didn't, however, write any more on my grandma's book, so a chapter of that is next on my writing list, maybe as soon as I am done posting this.

I only posted like three times to LJ, which sucks and I only posted one fic to LJ, which sucks even more. I don't know why I have so much trouble getting off my ass and posting fic, damn. I only did one comment answer session on LJ, but it was a good one, 25 comments in all. I didn't do anything over on AO3 and I really need to pick that back up again. I did almost complete my photo transfer project of getting everything from my IPad to my desktop computer though, so that was good. I finished reading my first book of the year too (gotta make a post about that soon).

I trimmed up the dog real good to get him through until the warmer weather when he starts going to the groomer. His eyebrows and beard were ridiculous looking! I finished both the first half of Gotham’s current season and S2 of The Strain, which was outside of the shows I watch regularly every week. (I can’t wait for S3 of The Strain, damn when it is coming back?!) I only put my laundry away twice, but that wasn't my fault, Sis only folded the laundry twice! I also managed to call The Canadian Brother twice and email him a bunch. (I talk to Little Brother at least two times a week, but that's not on my list, he just calls that much. Stay-at-home parents are lonely, lol). I also picked my video game back up. I didn't beat the next level, but I got reacquainted with it, so I think I will beat the next level soon. My counselor told me to make sure I put some fun things on my list that are just for me.

Anyways, that's what I got done in April. Not too shabby, all things considered!
17 April 2016 @ 04:56 pm
I can't believe this weather. Just over a week ago it was 30 degrees out with snow and winter weather advisories. Now it's 75 degrees out and beautiful as everything. My sister spent the weekend putting down mulch on the areas of our backyard that don't ever grow any grass anyways. And then my brother came by to assess to start building our new back deck. We can go from our dining room onto our sun porch, then onto our open back deck. But our back deck is not a deck so much as a landing and it gets moss slick and water damaged and the steps are rickety, so it's no good. Plus, I can't actually get out onto it by myself because the step down is too big. I can get onto the sun porch, but how nice would it be to actually go sit outside and write? We can't really afford it, but we've been here 8 years and dammit, we want it! If we wait until we can afford it, we'll never do it!

Pics of our backyard under the cut.Collapse )

Anyways, we had Little Girl Cousin - she'll be twelve in June - over for a Girl's Night since she always bugs us when are we going to do that again. One time when she was about 5, we had her, me, Sis, BFF and Vet Tech Cousin over (and Zippo, the only girl cat we've had in this house, who LGC said was our special guest) for a sleepover and she declared it a Girl Party and now we have to do it at least twice a year for the last seven years apparently, lol! We played Clue, we did art (she's an unbelievable artist, seriously, she did a green & pink basket with two cats jumping into it, that were suppose to be my sister and me as cats with a rainbow behind it. I did a colored pencil drawing of a dragon, since I'm practicing my dragons so I can do a real serious painting of one for my collection). Then we played on the computer for a bit, ate hotdogs for dinner and watched The Journey of Natty Gann. I was about her age the first time I saw it and was already in love with John Cusack and I wanted to be a roughneck tomboy on the road all tough like, so Natty was my hero. There was this underlying thing about her I could never put my finger on until I rewatched it as an adult and was like, "Oh. Oh. I had a crush on Natty!" And I had a crush on Harry, so it was all very confusing, I am sure! LGC got very upset when the dad started taking the dangerous logging jobs, "Is the dad gonna die? Just tell me, okay? Is he?" lol

So that was my weekend. I am wiped out, but it was nice. How were all of your weekends?
I started writing this for my chronically ill overseas-bff, lizibabes, when she had to have yucky medical testing done, but in truth, it was probably more cathartic for me to write this hospital-patient-based fic than it even will be for her to read it. If you want to know my opinion on hospitals and their staff, this fic kind of sums up all the good and bad experiences I have had in an emergency room. But man, it took forever to write. It was suppose to be 5k max! I am the worst at word count estimating. I also had to start and stop several times during the whole process, so the fact that I am finally posting this is quite satisfying to me! This has been 3+ years and several thousand words in the making, but lizibabes, for every medical test, sickness, hospital stay and birthday for the last three years, this one’s for you! 15,482 words. Enjoy!

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“I hate this,” Castiel says, half into his pillow, head turned to look at Dean.Collapse )

Part Two here.
05 April 2016 @ 07:45 pm
So I actually had a really nice weekend. Sis took The Nephew to Chicago for his spring break trip. They met some friends at the Field Museum so they could go to the Greek exhibit. He was disappointed there weren't more mythology things, as it was more Greek history than anything. But they still had a good time. It was Sis and her college roommate and her roommate's twin 8 year old girls. Sis and TN stayed the first night at a hotel halfway to Chicago that had a pool and the second night in Chicago with the roommate and twins. Sunday Sis met hiyacynth downtown for some shopping while the college roommate took The Nephew out Geocaching, which he went nuts for. And at the Field Musuem The Nephew bought this little worry stone that had a fossilized imprint of an owl on it. He thought it looked cool, but then when Sis explained to him what a worry stone was he decided to buy it for me, as I have been talking very openly with him about my anxiety lately, in the hopes he won't feel so alone about his own anxiety issues.

Anyways, sounds like they had a good time. But this left me with the house for the weekend, so I asked The BFF if she would stay all weekend so we could have some special friend time without Sis. (We love Sis but time for just the two of us is awesome). She came after work on Friday and we got wings from Pizza Hut and cheesy bread and cinnamon sticks (not as good as I thought they'd be) and a whole thing of brownies and pigged out and started S3 of Orange Is the New Black. (Thus far not as good as previous seasons, but I am happy they are giving flashback eps for some of the more sidelined characters).

Then on Saturday we went out shopping. The BFF had gotten some of those new no-lace sneakers and I tried them and they seemed perfect for me, as I can't bend down enough to reach to tie my shoes. So we went and got me some of those for $30 at Payless Shoes and then we weren't hungry yet, so we went to browse at Target and I managed to finally find a new pair of jeans that I liked, as I couldn't find any last time but tapered or skinny jeans or ones with pre-made holes in them. Then we went to our favorite diner and got coney dogs and chili cheese fries and root beer and then came home and binged more OITNB. We even managed a few eps on Sunday before BFF had to head home to do laundry (ugh, grown-up things).

I am still exhausted, but it was so worth it! What a fun weekend! Now I'm going to curl up and watch the Detroit Tigers play their first game of the season!
The last of the Galentine's stories! For shirebound’s prompt of ‘Does Goldberry have female friends? She is the River Daughter... what other beings like her roam Middle-earth?’. I was so stumped by this prompt, and I said to my sister, “Like what the heck, I mean, Goldberry’s friends are the fricking trees!” and threw my hands up and my sister paused for a moment and then said, “That’s it though. That’s what you should write about.” shirebound, I am so, so glad we have gotten this chance to know each other, after all the years of hearing about you from my sister. You are amazingly wonderful and I am so glad to call you ‘friend’. (also, as it turns out, happy birthday too!) 347 words. Enjoy!

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27 March 2016 @ 02:58 pm
Hope you all are having wonderful Easters/Sundays/Whatevers! We don’t have any family things this year, so Sis decided to take plates of food to various homebound family members. She got all precooked stuff, but still good - ham, potatoes (in garlic sauce), mixed veggies, deviled eggs, rolls and pie. She made up a stack of plates with the food on them and we will be taking one each to Dad, his roommate, Grandma and the uncle that lives down the street from Grandma. We also gave one to our cousin who stopped by today to help put together the new guest bed and left one in the fridge for my brother to have on a lunch break this week, as he’s been working down the street at Mom’s house doing some construction for her. I get all the leftovers! Well, I have to share a little bit with my sister, but mostly I get all the leftovers.

When I told my dad we were coming for a visit this weekend, he said, “Oh good, I need someone to take my recyclables.” I said, “That’s it, that’s the only reason you’re excited?” And he goes, dead serious, “Well, no, you’re bringing the dog too, right?” I’m like, “Yeah, okay, Dad, I know the dog outranks your own kids, damn.” Dads, I swear.

Anyways, we are going to have delicious Easter dinner and hopefully some nice visits too.

Have this card I made.

More Galentine's fic! This is actually the first one I wrote in the whole series, for matchboximpala's prompt for Darcy & Jane. This is a little glimpse into how their friendship works. For matchboximpala, you are such a cool chick and I am so happy we have such a nerdy friendship, you and I! Happy Galentine’s Day, babe! 1,235 words. Enjoy!

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