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20 June 2017 @ 05:31 pm
You may have noticed I didn’t post on Father’s Day. That’s because I was too busy celebrating Father’s Day! Sis and I took a trip out to see Dad. And we brought along a friend, our cat Hiccup! Hiccup loves to ride in the car and will frequently go to the garage door and cry when he sees we are about to leave. He also loves going to see his Pop and will perk up at the mention of the word ‘pop’, even if we meant soda.

But ok, Sis forgot something in the house and ran back inside, leaving me standing in our garage holding Hiccup. Hiccup didn't like this, freaked out, and continued to cry pathetically for most of the 20 minute drive. We had to sing to him to get him to calm down - his favorite lullaby, "Somewhere Out There" from American Tail. I am sure you can picture us driving along, two middle-aged women, singing this song at full volume to our cat in the backseat.

Anyways, we hadn’t taken Hiccup for a visit since Dad got his dog, Baby, as we weren’t sure how Baby would handle a cat. We were waiting for her to grow up and settle down a little - which, grown - yes, settled - not so much.

At first, Hiccup wasn’t having this other animal. He didn’t know there were other dogs besides my mom’s dog, Winston. Baby was just curious and excited, but not aggressive at all. Hiccup, on the other hand, was hissing and punching at Baby. At last he settled though and we were able to hand Hiccup off to his Pop for a snuggle. He did very well, except for the few minutes that his Mommy went out in the backyard with Baby - he didn’t like that, even with me there to reassure him.

It was a good visit and Hiccup was exhausted by the time he headed home. I was exhausted too!

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15 June 2017 @ 09:30 pm
I got my love of reading from a few different sources. One is my mother. Did you know that she started reading The Chronicles of Narnia to me when I was 4? The series is still in my top favorite books of all time.

I also got a love of reading from my sister. I read way above my age level, so she was always loaning and reccing me books. When I was in the 4th grade she told me to get The Outsiders and Lord of the Flies. In the school library, I couldn't find them, so I asked the librarian. She told me that they were in the high school section and I wasn't allowed to read them. So my sister went to the school library the next day and checked them out under her name and gave them to me to read. Those books may have had material I should not have been reading at that age, lol, but they are both still big favorites of mine.

Also, as it turns out, she read to me when I was too little to do so. At least, that is the evidence we found when we came across these pictures recently! (apologies to my big brother for not bothering to crop him out, ssshhh he'll never know).

There are a million and one reasons I love my big sister, but instilling a love of reading in me is definitely one! Happy Birthday, Sis! I Love You!

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12 June 2017 @ 05:01 pm
I had the honor of meeting Adam West and Burt Ward at Motor City Comic Con 2016. Last year was the 50th anniversary of the original Batman TV show and they announced that they would be doing con tours in its honor, but that it would be the last year they would go on tour as they were both retiring from the convention circuit.

I was probably 4 or 5 years old when the show started rerunning on the weekend and my dad and I would watch together. When I told my dad that they were going to be at the convention I was attending, he reached into his wallet, pulled out some cash, handed it to me and said, "I want a picture. You better bring me a picture." Thanks to my dad, I got the chance to meet Adam West before he passed away. I remember when I came into the photo booth with my Batgirl costume on, he loudly declared, "Well now we're talking! Alright!" Which made my day.

I'm so thankful I got the chance to meet these two great actors and I was sorry to hear that Adam West passed away this week. The Batcave is good and all, but I know he is someplace even better now. Rest in peace, Mr. West, rest in peace.
31 May 2017 @ 04:45 pm
Well this is me officially doing my first Dreamwidth/LJ crosspost. I wish it was under better circumstances. (I’m so glad I made that happy post about finishing my book, or I’d only ever be on here when someone was sick or had passed on, I swear.)

My great-aunt Kate passed away on Monday. She was 99. If you just thought, “What a great long life,” you are not wrong. And an amazing life to boot. Aunt Kate was the youngest of all of my greats on that side of the family. She is the last of that generation of my family to go, on either side. She was my maternal grandpa’s youngest sibling. He passed away in his early 70s of cancer, but my mom was close to Aunt Kate even after, so I was as well. She never married or had kids, but was everyone’s honorary mom or favorite auntie. Her sister married an alcoholic and Aunt Kate was the one to step in and help those kids when they needed, so after their mom died, they officially adopted Kate as their own. She lived here in town my whole life, until eight years ago, when she bought a house down the street from her niece a few towns over. They ran an antique shop and Kate helped out and as she aged, her niece made it possible for her to stay in her home and not go to a nursing facility. After her niece’s husband passed of cancer a few years back, she moved in with Kate and became a regular caretaker for her. At 99, Aunt Kate was able to pass away at home.

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I loved her. I admired her. And I will miss her.

Lay down now, on the green rolling hills, and go home.

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23 May 2017 @ 09:06 pm
It's My Birthday! (It's liptonrm’s birthday too, she's my birthday twin and my bff, but she has abandoned Livejournal for different pastures - I think she’s still on Dreamwidth a bit, and Tumblr, ofc).

We were at Motor City Comic Con all weekend and then I had PT on Monday, so today I just stayed in bed in my pjs all day and played on my iPad. The best present I got was that Kirk came and crawled into bed with me and allowed me to hold his hand and cuddle while I took a nap. He rarely does that! Then my sister brought me home Red Lobster. I would kill a man to get at their stuffed mushrooms, I swear.

Anyways, as has become customary for my birthday, I have a baby pic of myself, being oh-so-cute. Here is a photo of me at about 4, with my Grandma Ava, the one who passed away last year. Look at me cuddle her! I don’t think we look very much alike at all, but that’s okay, we were both still cuties. And have a teenage pic as well, me being still cute but also a little awkward. I was a freshman in high school here, so about 14, and I had dropped out to home-school by this point and my mother lamented that I didn’t have any school photos that year because of the home-schooling, so somehow - I have NO idea how - she convinced my dad to pay for professional photos from a studio. I said I would only do it if my dog, Tate, could be in them with me. I was very self conscious at this age and Tate, I think, helped the shots come out good, in the end. And a grownup pic as well, here I am last year when I dyed my hair purple!

Grandma and Me.JPG

Adie's purple hair 01.jpg

Thank you for all the birthday wishes I have received! You guys are the best!
You guys! OMG! The Book is finished! My book, of a collection of short stories about the various pets we have owned over the years, that my grandmother very much demanded I write just a few months before she passed away. I am finished, finally finished. Well, not finished-finished, but I finished the writing process of it all. The book is 55,603 words. It has taken me a year and a half to write. The last three or four months, I haven't even written any fanfiction really. Omg, I can't believe it's done.

It's in my editor's hands right now. I get a two week free break, before I even have to think about it again. Then there will be editing, promoting/marketing/social media and formatting it and getting it ready for self publish on Amazon. I'm hoping to do it through a place that has options through Amazon where you can get it as an e-book or you can get it as a printed copy paperback, because it would be cool to have a printed copy, but most people will probably want the e-book. I finished it yesterday, but I was so tired last night after getting the last chapter done and putting it all together, that I just went to sleep.

But I wanted to tell you guys because I can't believe it is done! I wrote the first chapter the week before Christmas 2015 - it's been a long road. I am so grateful Grandma got to read that chapter before she passed. I'm hoping to have it out by the middle of June, but it might be more like the end of June. Then I get a week to do nothing, but sleep, and then I have to get back to work on the book that The Nephew and I are writing together. But right now I get to go to Motor City Comic Con this weekend and not think about the book. And I get to have my birthday next week and not think about the book. I don't have to think about it at all until Memorial Day weekend, when I will start marketing.

I'm so happy and I know my grandma would be very proud of me. I wanted to share with you guys, because you've always been so encouraging of my writing that I felt like I had to tell you! The writing process is finished and now I'm going to catch up on some TV, at last. And maybe some things around these parts, like comments and stuff. /insert 573 happy-face emojis here/
13 May 2017 @ 09:16 pm
It's my LJ anniversary! Number 7, to be exact! Can't believe it's been seven years. I was just telling a friend from these parts - who I met on here back in my freshman LJ year, lizibabes, whom I have stayed friends with all these years - (how many of you have been chatting with me for seven or six or even five years now?!) - that, as it happened, the day I made my first LJ post was The Nephew's 4th birthday. He turned 11 today!

I meant to get my Dreamwidth up today, so that my LJ and my DW anniversary would be the same. As events unfolded this week - besides Lucky's death, Mom has been in the hospital all week, came home today, is doing better - I just didn't have time. I've been baby-sitting all day, with help from The BFF, as Sis has bronchitis and my brother needed the kids watched so he could do funeral stuff.

As I type this, The Niece and I are side by side in my bed on our tablets. She is playing a puzzle game for kids and I am making this post. Once she settles a bit, I'll turn on Moana. She saw it in theaters, but I've never seen it! Anyways, I still wanted to get something put up for my LJ anniversary!

Maybe you all could leave me some comments? Anything you can think of that reminds you of me - something you see somewhere that makes you think 'Dodger', or maybe a fic of mine you remember fondly, or how long you've been following me. Anything at all to make me 'awww' over my wonderful friends and wonderful time here!

I love all you guys! I always say, "internet friends are real friends too!"
10 May 2017 @ 11:30 pm
We had a loss in the family today. My father's roommate, one of my little brother's closest friends, someone we'd all known nearly 20 years, since he was a 15 year old boy, passed away this morning.

There were four boys - two brothers, Lucky, and then my little brother. They all met as teenagers. They all bonded as brothers. They grew up together and stayed close, even as they grew into adults. When my mom threw my little brother out at 16, one of their parents took him in. When my brother was living with my dad at 17 and found out Lucky was living in the park more or less, my father took him in. These four boys - men now - introduce themselves as foster-brothers, and it is pretty much the truth.

Any lucky penny will do fine.Collapse )

My dad inviting him into his home like that gave Lucky ten more years. As my sister said today, that may be the greatest thing my dad has ever done, giving that kid ten years he didn't have otherwise. He wasn't quite my brother, but he was my brother's brother and my father's son, and that makes him family. That bedroom at the end of the hallway will forever be Lucky's room.

Goodbye, Calvin. You'll be missed.
17 April 2017 @ 06:39 pm
Hey, gang! So, about the LJ/DW thing. I am going to switch over to DW. Probably not for a few weeks here though. I don’t have one already - because I am very behind the times - but since my LJ anniversary is on May 13th, I figure it would be easiest to switch to DW then, so that can be my anniversary over there too. (It also happens to be The Nephew’s birthday, which wasn’t on purpose that I made my first post that day, but it does help me to remember the date!)

I am paid up on my LJ account until July, I think, so I am certainly staying here until then. Whether I decide to delete my account after that is still up in the air. Most of you have made the migration, but not all of you, and not all of you that I talk to regularly, so I am undecided about deleting or not. And once over on DW, I am lazy and don’t want to go look for communities to cross-post fic at, so after that I’ll probably just post on AO3 - (same name over there already) - and just link to it from DW.

Anyway, I’ll let you know when I’m up on DW and I’ll search for all your names over there and friend you if I find you - (though if you see this and want to link me your page, that’d be awesome!). I’m also on Tumblr and I’ll be getting a Twitter here soon. Once my DW is up, I’ll make a post with links to all of my pages!

For Easter, we stopped doing things with our family - we used to do breakfast with Mom’s and lunch with Dad’s - a few years back, three or four, maybe. But recently we had a work-friend of my sister’s over to teach her to play euchre, since her boyfriend’s family plays and she wanted to learn. We were telling people about the big holiday euchere tournaments we used to have at The Farm, in between supper and pie; four or five tables, the kids banished to the basement until they were old enough to learn to play - (I learned at nine, so I didn’t have to go to the basement with the little kids anymore!). Neighbors and friends of us kids and whatnot would stop over for pie and to join the euchre games. “You got some pie? Playing euchre? Yeah, yeah, I can stay a bit.”

We got nostalgic, so we invited some cousins over Saturday night to play some euchre. Just six of us, but it was fun. My one cousin was complaining though, because we don’t have any regular playing cards. We have Firefly cards, Spiderman cards and Scooby-Doo cards, but no regular old plain playing cards. I don’t know why she way surprised by this, lol!

That was our little Easter celebration. I hope all of your weekends were good as well!
shirebound! A little birdie told me - or LJ notifications did - that it was your birthday a few days ago. I was clearing my breakfast dishes that day, thinking how you deserved a nice little hobbit story, when this came to me nearly fully formed! Just a little something about passing the mantles down to the next generation. For shirebound - a very Happy Birthday to a very wonderful lady! Some pre-series Frodo, Sam, Gaffer and Bilbo. 1,099 words. Enjoy!

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Spring had arrived at last and Frodo could see out the window that Sam and the Gaffer were in the garden.Collapse )
28 March 2017 @ 05:23 pm
No, seriously, if you could all vote on this, it would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s what’s up: For awhile now, I have been working on some original books. One was requested by my grandmother - and sadly not finished before she passed - and is a collection of short stories about the pets we have had over the years. Who doesn’t love cute animal stories? The other is a collaboration with The Nephew, based on a brother-sister superhero team he created. For his book, he tells me how the chapter should go, I write it, send it to him, he makes the changes he wants and sends it back and on we go to the next chapter. I’m aiming for a June release for Grandma’s book and September for TN’s. These are all being self-published through Amazon and I’m looking into a printer that collaborates with Amazon, so you can either buy ebooks or printed versions.

At any rate, we are about to start promoting and marketing and first on the list is to set up a Facebook page. For that we need a name for our “publishing company”. We brainstormed a list of ideas, then we picked our two favorites. We also took input from The BFF and Sis. For your reference - and because you’ll know it if it you buy our books anyways! - our last name is “Weston”. This is why we use the word ‘west’ so much in the options. We have a ‘conference call’ scheduled for Saturday so we can make a final decision, but I told him I would put up a survey on my ‘writer’s group’ - he knows I have a disability blog and one for my stories and I wanted him to know it would be other writers voting. We will be taking The BFF, Sis and your choices into account when we make our decision.

And then I’ll pimp the Facebook page once it’s up and running. I have to get over my whole ‘stay anonymous on the internet’ thing if I want to properly promote this, as I won’t just be pimping it here, with you guys who I have known for so long, but over on my disability tumblr, where I have lots of followers to milk! Okay, here we go…

Poll #2065394 Publishing Name

What should we name our publishing company?

WestWord Books
Westbound Books
The Dream Writers

Vote away and thanks for the input!
16 March 2017 @ 06:14 pm
So, last week we had the wildest windstorm I think I’ve ever seen outside of an actual tornado. Trees coming down on cars, chimneys ripping off, power lines down everywhere, hundred-thousands without power, cars being pushed off the road by the force of the wind, trees bashing their way through rooftops, limbs everywhere, garbage cans blowing down the streets, fences down. It was wild.

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I think my #1 fear is fainting/passing out. But my #2 fear is definitely wind. And this isn’t even my worst wind story! Any of you ever have a run-in with nature like this?
08 March 2017 @ 06:15 pm
This past weekend, I had The Nephew in for a play-date. He had asked earlier, when they had a long weekend from school, but his behavior hadn’t been good and his parents said ‘no’. Which meant I got punished too, dammit. But I finally got him this past weekend.

So, okay, whenever I play board-games or tabletops with my sister, she always wins. So I asked TN to play Risk - (we have LotR and Dr. Who, he picked Dr. Who) - and form an alliance to kick Sis’ butt. I helped him make strategic moves and explained to him why they were strategic, to help get his brain thinking that way. When she realized she was done for, my sister went hardcore and just started a slaughter across the board. She adopted a maniacal laugh that was pretty creepy, tbh. After we wiped her out, we went against each other, but I still kept giving him pointers, because 2-player is what he usually plays with his friend and I wanted him to have some good tips to kick that kid’s butt! Cuz I’m a good aunt like that.

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Also, he was selected to represent his school in the county’s academic Quizbowl tournament this weekend! I love my little man so much and I’m so proud of him!
03 March 2017 @ 06:16 pm
The weather here has been so wonky. Middle of February, we had 65F weather, sunny, beautiful. I was sitting out on the sun-porch everyday. Tuesday night, we had tornadoes. Not right where I am, a little south, right where my little brother lives. He lives close to the state line, so they get every bit of weather that blows through, no matter where it’s headed. The alarm went off on the TV and I thought the noise of it would wake my sister, thought she’d come running into the room half-asleep and alarmed. But no. So I went into her room - not quietly mind you, I do nothing quietly. Banging open her door, dragging my walker with me. Nothing at all, until I yell, “Hey, tornado!” You would expect a groggy response, a murmur perhaps. Instead she sat straight up in bed and yelled, “What the hell are you talking about?!” She paced around the house for a bit, called everyone in our family, then went back to bed. The alarm went off a second time a few hours later. This time there was a confirmed funnel. I muted the TV and let her sleep. The rain was slamming against the window so hard, it kept me up all night. That was Tuesday. Thursday we had snow on the ground. It’s ridiculous. A month ago New Orleans was hit with tornadoes. Texas, some other places too. Tornado season doesn’t start until April! Don’t tell me global warming isn’t real!

Speaking of tornadoes has reminded me of the sad news that Bill Paxton died. He seemed like a genuine and fun guy. I can’t believe he is gone. I also can’t believe he was already 61. That means he way 58 during his action-packed stint on Agents of Shield. He did not look it. How could he be felled by his heart?

I remember seeing Twister in the theater.Collapse )

Twister gave us a great bonding moment with our father. And Bill Paxton gave us so many other great roles and I am sorry we lost him. RIP, Bill.
10 February 2017 @ 05:25 pm
I thought we had a deal with 2016? It takes what it wants and then 2017 doesn’t have to take anyone. And yet, this year we have already lost Mary Tyler Moore, Miguel Ferrer and now, Richard Hatch. I’ll tell you, I was pretty young when the original Battlestar Galactic was on. So, of course, the little boy and his robot dog were where my interests lay. But I saw it again as a teen and as an adult and I’ll admit, Starbuck was my guy. Who is surprised by this? No one? In both incarnations of BSG, Starbuck was my crush.

But not the actor. (Not even when he was on the A-Team, though I admit a small phase of crushing on Faceman, even though Murdock was always, always my number one). No, as far as actors went, I only started to know things about them as an adult and it was Richard Hatch I found to be the nicest, sweetest guy, especially when interacting with his fans.

I used to watch this show that was part Auction House/part Hoarders, where people were hoarding collectibles and an appraiser would try to get them to part with some of it and then help them display/care for the rest of it, as you should a collection. In one episode, a man had a huge BSG collection - original and new. And he just couldn’t part with any of it. So they actually got Richard Hatch to come. He was blown away by the collection, but was also like, “Dude, that’s me, shoved in a corner. Don’t shove Apollo in corner, take care of him!” When he left, he hadn’t convinced the guy and he was so disappointed. But that - his disappointment - made the guy shape up and agree to let go of some it. In fact, they found a big empty room in the back of the comic book shop that he frequented. The comic book guys were basically like, “This dude keeps us in business, what if he stops buying stuff now.” So they made this deal with the guy to turn their backroom into a BSG museum, using all of his stuff. It would still belong to him, but it would help them generate business and everything would be on display and cared for. They did a Grand Opening of the museum and all the store regulars showed up to look at the BSG display.

And so did Richard Hatch. He came to the grand opening and congratulated the guy, marveled at the collection. signed autographs, took pictures and he was so, so sweet. And that, that I think really shows the man for who he is. Who he was. That is an example of the man we lost this week.

Rest In Peace, Richard.
So Say We All.
30 January 2017 @ 06:30 pm
So there are a couple of memes I've seen floating around and I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring too!

Borrowed from matchboximpala, who borrowed it from someone else:

"Let's start 2017 off in a positive way with a Pay It Forward meme. The first 10 people to comment will receive a surprise from me at some point in 2017 — anything from a book, something home-grown or made, a postcard, absolutely any surprise! It will happen when the mood comes over me and I find something that I believe would suit you and make you happy.

If you can, post this in your own journal and pay it forward. Let's do more kind and loving things for each other in 2017, without any reason other than to make each other smile and show that we think of each other. If you're up for anything, please comment below and then PM me your contact info. Comments are NOT screened. If you'd rather receive something "virtual", then let me know in a comment."

(My additions: It'll probably be digital art or fic, as I don't sew or knit, but if I think of something or I see something that really screams your name at me, it may be a gift in the mail, who knows. If you are comfortable PMing me your info, fine. If not, also fine, as I said it'll most likely be over the internet anyways. Just tell me in the comments, "I want to be part of the Pay It Forward meme." Also, do the meme yourself by reblogging and changing the number of people you'll respond to - this said 6, I changed mine to 10. Make 2017 a better year for all!)


The second meme is a Year In Review type thing I saw on Tumblr. Taken from weneedalittlehearthope: 36 questions that can help you sum up your year, 2016. Pick one or two and drop them in my comments and I'll respond in a post!

Questions under the cut for spaceage!Collapse )

And hey, if you want me to ask you a question, just say so in the comment and I'll drop you one to respond to, a chance to think about 2016 one last time before we move forward onto February 2017 already.
20 January 2017 @ 03:39 pm
The Canadian Niece - newly 7 years old, with the wisdom of her years - is outraged by our election of Tronald P Dump. (This is what I’ll be calling him from now on, to avoid a) showing respect and b) algorithms from certain countries or his own people that may be looking for his name.)

So first, TCN’s favorite Big Boy restaurant here in my hometown - where her mother was always obsessed with their chocolate ice cream fudge cake and where the kids would beg to go for ice cream - has closed down. Then the Toy House - a local toy place that was family owned and operated for 65 years and where TCN is aware that I get all her best dollhouse stuff - has closed down. She was lamenting the loss to her father and said, “The new guy did this.” - “What new guy?” her father asked. - “The new guy who is in charge now.” Yes, Dump. She thinks her favorite Michigan restaurant and toy house have closed down because of Dump.

Conversation under the cut!Collapse )

But it left me thinking, how a seven year old would be a better choice. And not in a, “Oh, a seven year old would better than this douche,” kind of way, but in a genuine, “A seven year old has compassion and would be open hearted and open minded to all the peoples of America,” kind of way. Someone would have to handle the budget issues for her, but otherwise, I think she’d make a fine candidate. She was born in Canada though, so I think she’s out of the running.

Still, The Canadian Niece for President 20/20!
10 January 2017 @ 05:39 pm
Today I have lived seven years longer than I should have, than I could have. Today I have been sober for seven years.

It is so strange to go back and read my old posts about each year and how I felt then. I always feel elated, but there is more reflection as the years go on, I think. You can read my old sobriety entries here - 6 months, 1 year, 18 months, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, 5 years, 6 years.

I don’t know if I have ever shared with anyone the whole story of the day I had my moment of clarity. I will tell you that I used up my Oxy fast, always. And towards the end, to make it stretch, I would make cocktails of skittles - muscle relaxes, benadryl, xanax, cold pills, sleeping pills, anything I could get my hands on. And I was taking way too much Oxy, even with the cocktails. I once took 100mg in a four hour period. I once took 60mg and 2 shots of fire whiskey in a 3 hour period. I was a mess, to say the least.

Story of my day of clarity under the cut.Collapse )

Today I am seven years out from that moment. I have lived seven years longer than I should have. And did you know as a kid all the doctors, parents and naysayers told me I probably wouldn’t live to 30? I am eight and a half years out from that. Some days I get frustrated with myself for not doing enough, for not doing anything, for not beating down the fatigue and getting up. But then I remember that every day is just icing on a very big cake. That as long as I keep breathing, I am defying the odds.

So today I celebrate and eat cake. I don’t actually have cake, but I still have Christmas candy, so I’ll probably eat that. Thank you, all of you, for being on this journey with me. Here’s to tomorrow and the day after that!
09 January 2017 @ 11:24 pm
So I need your opinion, guys. My sister donates to a different charity every month through her church, but this year she has decided to donate to two additional charities outside of her church, looking for something a little more liberal, I guess. She has decided to do this to try to help offset a tiny bit of some of the things that people will be possibly losing due to a Trump presidency. I thought this was a good idea and as I am not horribly strapped for cash - I do okay on government services because I live with my sister, though I can only afford a little for each charity - I thought I would follow her lead. I wanted to choose two charities that would be close to my heart, so I decided to go with an LGBTQA+ and a disabled nonprofit.

For the LGBTQA+ charity, I am looking at two places. My state has a well known and excellent political lobby group that does very good work. We can expect to need stuff like that with Pence in the White House, after all. They also do legal and justice-related advocacy work. The other one I'm looking at is in the Highland Park/Detroit area and is a youth center for LGBTQA+ runaway/foster youth. It not only offers housing, but life skills, education, mental and physical health care and aftercare assistance. The question here is...do I help individuals on a smaller scale or the community as a whole on a political scale?

For the disability community, I have also found a Michigan political advocacy nonprofit that lobbies for bills and other things that the disabled community needs. I can definitely see us requiring more of this type of work over the next four years. However, I had been hoping to donate to some sort of place that gives assisted devices, mobility aids and the like to disabled people whose insurance does not cover it and who can't afford it on their own. I can't seem to find anything on the national or state level for this. I could donate to our county organization, but they don't give the stuff out, they only rent it. They have what they call a 'loan closet', but they don't loan it, they rent it, say for $15 a week for a walker. Which is fine if you just broke your leg and only need it for a few weeks, but I want something that helps the chronically ill people of my community. So should I keep looking for something like that or should I donate to the political lobby group?

Poll #2061022 Helping Hand

Who should I donate too?

LGBT advocacy and political lobby group
LGBT youth center
Disability political lobby group
Keep looking for a disability charity
Some other place I will suggest in comments

Thoughts? Decisions? Other places I should look into? They are all such good options, I can't decide, but money is limited, so I can only pick two. Thanks, gang! Working on making 2017 better for all!
31 December 2016 @ 08:34 pm
Doodling here while I watch cartoons with The Niece. Death to 2016. Hope for 2017. I showed it to The Nephew & Sis and said, "See, 2016 is dead. 2017 is gonna be better," and Sis said, "Uuuhhh, are you sure about that?" and I said, "No, but I'm gonna pretend I have hope." Anyways, I'm starting out the new year with a terrible sore throat and cough, but The Nephew and I will be staying up to watch the ball drop in Times Square because he's never seen it before. I hope however you are celebrating, or not celebrating, that you have a good night and that 2017 brings you good things.

Art by me. 12/31/2016

29 December 2016 @ 11:22 pm
Because I have not had the time or energy to sit at my desktop computer and make a proper tribute graphic to Carrie Fisher, I went ahead and did a quick sketch on my IPad the other night while in bed. I am still learning with the new drawing pad app, as well as the Apple Pencil, but I have gotten a few of the kinks worked out. This is not my preferred style, but I conveyed what I was going for here, certainly.

There was something, many things, small wonders and light inside Carrie Fisher, much like The Force was inside of Princess Leia. And in this piece, The Force is in her, around her, and she is floating in it...for always now.

May The Force be with you, Princess. And may you be one with The Force, Carrie Fisher.

And may you rest in peace.

Art by me. 12/28/2016

Carrie Fisher, October 21, 1956 - December 27, 2016
29 December 2016 @ 11:00 pm
I was so busy over Christmas that I never got a chance to make one of my tribute graphics for George Michael. I can't believe we lost him. Yes, when I was a kid I listened to his music, but that wasn't what made him such an interesting and iconic person to me. It was the way he shaped gay culture and the way he was a pioneer in gay acceptance, because he fought back against the image that they forced upon him for so long. By being in the spotlight he felt like he had to conform or give up his dreams as a musician, and eventually he let all of that go and spoke out on the AIDS crisis and the stigma of AIDS and the gay man...and just in general, he was an amazing and very brave person and talented man.

Jump forward a few days after that, where I was still feeling bad about George Michael, and then we lose Carrie Fisher. Which I can't even wrap my head around. I am heartbroken. I am devastated. I have cried for this loss. I knew she was quite ll, but she had been doing so much better, I thought she was stable and out of the woods. And then she was just gone. The first woman I ever truly looked up to. Before Audrey Hepburn even, there was Princess Leia. Before She-Ra and Teela and April O'Neil and Ororo Monroe...there was Princess Leia. And then after that, there was Carrie Fisher. The more I learned about her and her struggles in life, and the way she fought back against them and against society's stigma of her mental illness and the societal culture of sexism, and just in general told the world to 'fuck it' when she didn't like what she heard, all the while dealing with her own demons and anxiety (something of which I know a thing or two about) - the more I found her to be the hero that she played in Princess Leia. I am sorry we have lost her. I'm sorry we won't get to see her reaction to the fascist presidency we are about to get. I am sorry we won't get to see her storyline finished in Star Wars. I am sorry we will miss out on so many more words of wisdom from our favorite space-mom.

As if all that wasn't bad enough, but the shock of losing her daughter sent Debbie Reynolds on her way as well. I feel so badly for that poor family and everything they have lost. And, because I am me, I have been worrying about Carrie's dog, Gary. It was his job and life to take the worry and stress away from her. But who will now take the worry and stress away from him? Hopefully her daughter will bring him comfort.

Rest In Peace, George Michael. Rest In Peace, Carrie Fisher. Rest In Peace, Debbie Reynolds.
25 December 2016 @ 11:30 pm
Just making it under the wire for Christmas here! But I wanted to pop in and wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Amazing Kwanzaa, Wonderful Solstice, Fantastic Festivus and anything else you might celebrate!

We were meant to go see "Sing!", but my sister has a terrible sore throat, so we stayed home all day in our pajamas, took naps with the cats, played our new game of Doctor Who Risk, and caught up on some TV. It was actually a very quiet and amazingly nice Christmas Day! I also made out like a bandit on candy, because my sister took the niblings to Party City to buy my stocking stuffers and the little one realized she could get 15 pieces of candy for a dollar, and since she knows how to count to 15...this is pretty much what she spent her 10 bucks on. LOL. We will attempt to go see "Sing!" tomorrow after my sister has some antibiotics in her system.

I really hope you guys all had great days, and even if you don't celebrate, I hope you got some quiet time to yourself to enjoy the day! Have some pictures of Hiccup and Ripley under our Christmas tree! They were both less than a year old last Christmas, so I don't think they have any idea what the heck is going on, but they got lots of toys and decorations and boxes, and they think it's pretty wonderful!!

IMG_0578.JPG no title

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21 December 2016 @ 08:57 pm
It’s been a busy week, damn. Wednesday I went to three back-to-back appointments, Thursday - PT, Friday - Sis’ office party, Saturday - church concert and Sunday - Rogue One. I also spent all weekend waiting for news about test results and boy, doctors need to work on their bedside manners - more on that at a later date.

Let’s talk about the Christmas concert! Last year my sister really wanted to go to her church’s Christmas concert, which was to raise money for the local food pantry, and since she knows the one thing I do miss about going to church is the music, she asked me to go, as you may remember. It was right smack-dab during those first awful months of Mom having shoulder surgery/multiple heart-attacks/heart surgery and we just needed a breather in the middle of all that to enjoy the season and have it actually feel like Christmas. Now this year we are far less stressed than last, but even the typical Christmas madness can feel like too much, so it was nice to have a minute to let it just be “Christmas”, you know?

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It was fun and funny and people clapped along and some parts of it were just so moving. They made some remarks that have us wondering if this is the last year they will be doing it, but I hope not, because I have enjoyed going these last few years. Sis says if they don’t do it next year, we’ll find something else, because we really do need that time-out to find the holiday spirit. And find it we did!