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25 November 2015 @ 07:18 pm
OMG, I never post! What happened to my plans to post fic more often too? What do I do with all my time? Idek. Watch TV, probably.

Okay, so...anybody watch Extant? I thought about watching the first season because of Halle Berry. I mean, the plot didn't seem up my alley really - dark complicated alien conspiracy, not my bag. Yeah, I know I watched the XFiles, but I was more a Monster of the Week kind of girl, rather than the whole complex mythology, though the mythology eps did give us a lot of Krycek and Krycek is definitely my bag, hello. But anyways, Halle Berry was the woman, in my youth, that made me realize that I like the ladies too, so I really did consider watching Extant, but then...I didn't,

But this season Jeffrey Dean Morgan popped in my TiVo as being a regular on season 2 of Extant and I was like, okay, I need to watch that, so I Tivoed all of season 2 and have saved the eps. I saw JDM and Halle on a talk show together and the host asked like, What drew you to this show? And Halle gave a really nice answer about the plot and her character and stuff. And Jeff was just like, "They told me I'd get to make out with Halle Berry." And they both laughed and giggled and were super cute together. And so my brain was like, "Omg, okay, the woman I have fantasized about the most in my life and the man I have fantasized about the most in my life, together, making out, on my tv screen. Like I both need that in my life in a way that I can't even put into words, at the same time that I think it might actually be the death of me. Like, Idk if I can physically handle it." But I Tivoed it.

My intention was to get season 1 from Amazon and watch that and then watch the eps I Tivoed, but now I hear it's been canceled, so idk, maybe I don't want to invest myself in it if it'll leave me hanging at the end. Maybe I just want to watch the JDM parts of s2. Idk. So anybody watch Extant? Tell me - not how it ends or anything - but if it ends in a good spot, or a cliffhanger, or is it wrapped up at the end? Did they know they were getting canceled?

I guess the question is - should I invest my time in a full two seasons or just watch the JDM stuff? poisontaster, you watch all things JDM - how much should I invest in Extant? Anybody else?
10 November 2015 @ 11:56 pm
You guys, I am ass-to-the-ground tired, but I haven't posted yet this month, so I am going to commit a cardinal sin and copy/paste some stuff from my Tumblr and from a comment section with a good friend, to explain where I have been and what has been going on.

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I am so tired. I just want some time to write again. I have ideas. But instead, here I am working almost 20 hours a week - on top of, you know, being chronically ill - on my mother's snafu-of-shit that (aside from the health stuff) she basically caused herself by, idk, Not Ever Opening Her Mail.
So, I wrote this last Halloween for The Nephew. He prompted me Power Pack Kids, dommbots and a poison candy theft ring. He was in shock that I knew who the Power Pack was and then didn't believe me that they used to work with Spiderman. (apparently they work with Wolverine now). Phweft, kid, he forgets that I was reading comics before his dad was even out of diapers! Anyways, here you all go, Happy Halloween! 2,883 words.

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30 October 2015 @ 04:25 pm
Just a quick list of all my Halloween stories from years past. There will be a new one up tomorrow as well, a little Fic-For-Kids that I wrote for The Nephew last year, off his own prompt. I started a new one this year as well, a Monster Squad/SPN crossover. I made TN watch The Monster Squad with me this year - I watch it every Halloween now that I own the DVD - and he loved it and I thought it'd be cute to write a little fic for him. I only got 1k written on it and then the week kind of got away from me, but I definitely plan on finishing it and mailing it to him and then it'll probably go up here next year, lol. It seems I am a year behind on posting my Halloween fic. Anyways, here you go!

In reverse order:

Halloween, Interrupted - Peter/Mary Jane, G, Fic-For-Kids, Holiday, Humor

Avengers' Halloween 101: You’re Never Too Old - PG-13, Gen, Humor, Bruce+

The Door To Nowhere - R, Gen, Drama, Horror, Darcy, Pepper, Bruce & Tony

Where The Sidewalk Ends - Comedy Central RPF, PG-13, Angst, Drama, Gen, Jon & Stephen

Huh, apparently I didn't write a Halloween story the first year I was on LJ. Alrighty then, Happy Halloween, you guys!
29 October 2015 @ 09:55 pm
We have a new addition to our family. Her name is Libby. I know she's not pretty, but she's ours and we love her.

Proceed with caution! Don"t say I didn"t warn you!Collapse )

No, okay, for real - this is the newest addition to our Halloween decor. She is actually called Limbless Libby and I got her online. I won't say how much, but less than $100 and more than $50. My sister opened the box and yelled, "What have you done?!" I said, "I just want to represent my people." We were trying to convince The Nephew to come in for Halloween this year, since it's on a Saturday, but he saw her and was like, "If she's gonna be there, I'm not coming." She wasn't even assembled yet! I was like, "How can you be scared of something that you saw come in a box marked 'Amazon'?" (in the end, his dad refused to let TN come in, bc he gets scared so easily and we apparently do Halloween too scary or something, phewft.). My sister's friend from work was invited to join us for Halloween too - and this is a grown ass woman - and she was all, "No, I'm scared of your zombie lady, I saw pictures." And I was like, "I can't believe you, discriminating against certain zombies because of their disabilities!" I've already had so much fun making spoonie jokes about her that she was worth the money for that alone.

We've had to keep her inside though, because she is big and bulky all put together and Sis can't be hauling her in and out every time it rains, so instead we set her in front of the big windows in our living room. From outside, you can totally see her and the walker and everything. The step pad is stretched out to the corner, so we can stand in the corner, out of sight from the outside, and activate her whenever we want. It's gonna be awesome come Halloween night!

A couple of our friends may stop by on Saturday to watch us terrorize kids and we are kinda doing our costumes on the fly this year - what with Mom's health we are a little disorganized - but there will be pizza and wings and bread and wine and pop and candy and maybe some Buffy Halloween episodes this year. And, of course, terrorizing the neighborhood kids! Sis said maybe Libby was too scary for the kids and I said, "That's the point. They aren't my kids, so...too scary is the point." Because it's Halloween and scary is the point!
21 October 2015 @ 09:56 pm
If you've followed me for any time, you probably know I am a Detroit Tigers fan. But maybe you didn't know, that besides the Tigers, I will watch the NY Mets. They are my National League team and my New York team. And they play on TBS with enough regularity that I can catch a game or three a season. The Mets have been kind of the NY underdog, since the Yankees became the powerhouse that they are, and I like a good underdog.

So obviously, I was thrilled when the Mets made it to the playoffs this year. (The Tigers did not. Not even close. The Tigers were so far back they couldn't see the playoffs with a pair of binoculars.). So yeah, this year on the National League side, it's the Mets vs The Cubs. On the American League side - the league the Tigers are in - it is the Kansas City Royals vs the Toronto Blue Jays. I'm rooting for the Blue Jays in the ALS - it's been 20+ years since the Jays took a World Series win and anyways, my other choice is the Royals and they are the Tigers' division nemesis, I can't root for the Royals. I was really kind of hoping for a Mets/Blue Jays World Series.

But then I got to thinking - it's been over a hundred years since the Chicago Cubs won a World Series. The last time they took home the title was 1908. 1908. And then it was pointed out to me - by rockstarpeach - that in Back To The Future 2, they go forward to the year 2015 and the winners of the 2015 World Series are The Chicago Cubs. I'm sorry, I love my Mets, I do, but it was predestined by Back To The Future that the Cubs should win this thing this year. So, yeah, I changed my votes. I want a Cubs/Royals series and I want the Cubs to stomp the Royals and win the Series and I want Back To The Future to have been right all along, (And hey, in case you didn't realize, today, October the 21st, is the date they go forward to in BTTF2!)

Anyways, once I decided I wanted the Cubs to take the National League title from the Mets and go on to win this whole thing, of course the Mets then started stomping the Cubs and now I am in the middle of watching a game where if the Mets win it, they go on to the World Series and leave the Cubs in the dust and the Mets are way up on the Cubs right now and I don't see how Chicago can pull this out. Dammit, guys, as soon as I turn my back on my Mets for you, you can't deliver? Come on!

Anyways, I'll take anyone but the Royals at this point. And, per usual, as long as it isn't the fucking Yankees.

eta: The game is over. The Cubs lost. Sorry, Cubs. Maybe next year? THE METS ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!! LET'S GO METS!!
10 October 2015 @ 02:44 pm
I just realized that it is October 10th and I haven't posted yet this month. It's not because I don't have things to say! Or because I don't have the energy to say them! It's just that my energy is getting sapped by other things, mostly Mom-stress.

I will say, I saw the pain doctor that my little brother sees for his fibromyalgia - and that he swears by - and she was A-mazing. She really listened to me and came up with a game plan and if that game plan didn't work, she came up with a backup game plan. One thing was to try a new medicine. She gave me the 'test' for fibro, after I described my pain in a way that was reminscent of her fibro patients. The 'test' is basically just pushing on various pressure points for your nerves and seeing how you react. I reacted in pain with every single pressure point. Because of my arthritis, they can't really accurately diagnose me with fibromyalgia, but that's okay, because they are going to treat it as if it is and started me on a medicine for fibro - (also that my brother takes and swears by). If you could marry a medicine, I'd marry this one. My arthritis pain is still here, obvs, but that all over 'buzzing electricity' pain is like 85% gone and my energy is way up.

We ran errands last Friday to like the bank, the store, to visit mom, to the pet store with the dog - and it was ridiculous, but I was having such a good time, because I felt good. Just running errands is such a novel idea to me these days, like doing more than one thing in a day, let alone in a row. And we were joking and laughing and being silly while we were doing it, just Sis and I enjoying each other - though we were super sad that BFF couldn't come down cuz she was sick, we lamented it all night, no, really - and idk, it just felt weird to be that energized, even though I was exhausted and hurting afterwards, it was a hundred times better than I have been in a long time.

Mom is not doing well, but we'll touch on that some other day and hopefully there'll be more time next post to talk about The Nephew! But anyways, there's the health update I've been promising you - awesome new doctor and awesome new meds!
29 September 2015 @ 11:28 pm
I was going to post about my awesome weekend, but I didn't get around to it this afternoon - took a nap with the dog instead - and now it's kind of late and I'm tired again. So instead I'm going to do this fun meme I saw on rockstarpeach's journal. (For the record, she did hers to The X-Files and it was brilliant!). Since Firefly didn't have enough episodes to use here - rawr, Fox! - I decided to go with a comedy and picked 'Friends'. Here we go!

Using only episode names from one TV show, cleverly answer these questions. Try not to repeat an episode title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "My life according to ..."

Pick your Show: Friends

Answers under the cut!Collapse )

Whew, that was harder than I thought it would be. I did go with my sister in the best friend question, cuz it was too perfect an answer not to use! And I would just like to point out that if I were a male, I would have answered the gender question with, "The One with the Giant Poking Device". That was loads of fun! I kept switching my answers around though, omg. Play along, friends!
18 September 2015 @ 12:03 am
I saw one of those Tumblr posts like, "Why do TV shows have the one token gay character that is friends with a bunch of straight people, do you think we wouldn't have found other lgbtqa people to be friends with?" and I started thinking about myself.

Like if my life were a sitcom - (and that ain't a far stretch) - and we go with the sitcom standard of a group with six friends...it would be me a single bisexual woman, my bff also a single bisexual woman, a married gay man, my sister a single straight woman, a married straight woman and a married straight man (not married to each other though!). And that could make a fun sitcom. Accurate too that everyone in the social group does not have the same marital status. Unfortunately we are all white, so we could use a bit more diversity.

Idk why I'm thinking about this. I took a pain pill. For legit reasons, but I think it has me a little stoned. Well, to be fair, my brain is full of thoughts like this all the time, I just don't usually post about them. lol

What about you guys...who would your Friends-esque group of sitcom six be?
10 September 2015 @ 06:32 pm
We're getting a dog! No, not Violet the French Bulldog pup my sister still dreams of, even though it's maybe morally objectionable, but awfully cute. My mom's dog, Winston, to be exact. Winston was staying with my aunt after my mom broke her shoulder, when it looked like it would be a few weeks, but now that she has had the heart attacks and will be in rehab, surgery, recovery, etc for several months, some changes had to be made.

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Our aunt is worried that taking Winston will be taking on too much when we already have so much on our plate with Mom as it is, but somehow having him here puts us at ease more than it adds to our plate. IDK, I am bit worried about how it will change the structure and dynamics of the household, but also excited because he is a good boy and I can really help by being here with him all day and yeah, it's not the dog we would have picked for ourselves, but he's a lovable happy affectionate dog and Mom is so happy he will be here and I can send her pictures and videos all the time and they can Facetime together through our Ipads and IDK, it'll just be nice to have him. He's a good boy.
02 September 2015 @ 08:33 pm
How come every time I post lately, it’s about a crisis? With my family.

So, my mom had an arrhythmia before her shoulder surgery - which went well, by the way, her new shoulder joint is in! - but the cardiologist cleared her for the surgery, said it was all from pain. Sounded reasonable, figured he did some tests to confirm that. She was very altered after the surgery, kept saying the room looked like a spaceship and everything was sparkly. Could have been from the drugs or because she just had major surgery.

Going on and on and on...Collapse )

She is a lot less altered now, seems aware of what is happening, says she understands she may not make it through this and that if she does, there is a good chance she may not get to go home again. I guess there is nothing more to do. I am not sure waiting is the best option, but I am also not sure there is a best option. So…we wait.
30 August 2015 @ 09:20 pm
My cousin's wife, Tracy, passed away yesterday afternoon. She'd had cancer for well over a year and treatment just wasn't taking. Most recently they found it in her liver. She was finally ready for it to end and was sent home Tuesday with hospice. They said she probably had about two weeks. She made it four days. Her daughters came home and spent that time with her and her husband was there with her at the end. She has been a member of our family for 15 years and always will be.

I just feel like she had such a rough life, growing up and then pregnant at 15, basically a single mom for 11 years. And then she met my cousin and it wasn't perfect, but she never had to worry for anything, he cared for her and those kids and just...she was finally in a place where she should have been safe and secure, watching her daughters grow into amazing young ladies who are off to college now. This was the time to enjoy the rest of her life, just her and her husband and their small army of dogs. And the fact that that was stripped from her by such a terrible illness is so horrible.

I didn't see Tracy as much as I would have liked, but when I did, we both talked at each other non-stop, like cackling geese. She always told me that I cracked her up and that my view on things was amazing and always made her feel better. I am so sorry I didn't get a chance to say goodbye and I will miss her so much.

Photo by Steffen Schrägle

Safe travels through the mist, my friend.
25 August 2015 @ 06:57 pm
Hoyboy, this is going to be a long one.

You remember my brother was sick, right? Well they finally figured out what the problem was. He had a vasectomoy two years ago and something in there got pinched and - TMI Warning - the semen was backing up and suddenly he had two 10 centimeter cysts and then they hardened up and so draining wasn't even an option. He had the surgery to remove them on Thursday, but it will be a long painful recovery, at least three months before he can care for The Niece by himself.

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Omg, this was so long, but my family, wtf!
16 August 2015 @ 03:36 pm
So I had like a good, but ridiculous evening last night. My sister had to run Dad's groceries out to him, so I asked her to bring me coney dogs from the place down the street from his house - this is our childhood home and we had a Frosty King right down the street, so you can imagine we frequented that a lot - and they have the best coneys I have ever had, omg. So she was gonna bring me two coneys with mustard. When she came back, she said she had a surprise for me. I pulled an extra container out of the bag and thought, 'Oh cool, she got me chili cheese fries too.' Nope. She got me Funnel Fries. No, okay, l I have never heard of these before, but they are like funnel cakes in the shape of french fries. Like french fry shaped pieces of crispy funnel cake bread covered in sugar. OMG, FUNNEL FRIES. It's like going to the fair and getting funnel cake, but without the hassle of going to the fair!!! The best coney dogs ever and funnel fries, omg, if only I could get this place to be open year round, my life would be complete.

Then my sister wanted to play Monopoly. I got her a Walking Dead version for her birthday and we've been playing quite a bit lately. I've only beat her once so far, but considering I never beat her at anything, I'll take it. So we were playing Monopoly when she gets a text from her 'work-wife' who is at a Disney themed wedding. Apparently she took pictures of all the Disney themed center pieces and sent it to all her coworkers and was making them vote on the best one. She continued to text about the Disney themed wedding all night and it was like a mass conversation going on between them, like dudes, you'll all see each other on Monday, calm down. I may have muttered something about, 'those losers' under my breath and the next thing I know I am involved in this madness and texting back at them, idek. My sister sold me out. Finally one of her coworkers, the geek dude, texts everyone asking, "Is it lame that I am 32 and home alone on a Saturday night, popping popcorn and about to watch Beauty and The Beast? Whatever, I don't care, I'm doing it anyways." These are the people my sister works with. Anyways, despite that I started out with way more properties and a shit ton more money than her, my sister somehow still beat me at Monopoly. I just sat at the table, screaming, "What did I do wrong?!" while my sister laughed so hard I thought she was going to pee her pants.

So, that's what I did last night.
10 August 2015 @ 12:13 am
It has come to an end. My sister and I just finished watching Jon Stewart's final episode of The Daily Show. I am just going to lay here and be sad for awhile. When all the correspondents came out on stage to hug him, I lost my shit. OMG, so many old faces too, like Wyatt Cenac, Ed Helms, Mo Rocca, Steve Carell and the Corddry brothers. And when Colbert went off-script and Jon was crying and begging him not to go there, but of course, Stephen had to say his piece, for all of us. Also, we got to see Chuck, at long last. And The Daily Show dogs. And Jon's kids - ugh, when he thanked his wife and kids and was like, "I'm not gonna look over at them though, or I'll lose it." OMG. Also, who saw the Arby's' tribute to Jon on the second to last episode? Salute, Arby's, salute.

I am so happy for him that he is moving on to something else. I won't say this is the wrong choice for him or the show, because I don't think it is - (though I can't believe he's leaving before the next presidential election!). I think it is wonderful that he is going to help his wife run an animal preserve and I know it is her passion and it is wonderful that they can do this together, as a family, but I feel like there will be a hole missing in America, a social conscious that we all need. I was 20 years old when Jon started on The Daily Show. I had watched it during the Kilborn years, here and there, when I had cable and I liked Kilborn, but when Jon came along, it became something different, something eye-opening. From age 20 to 37, Jon Stewart has been in my life. He helped shape my generation. He helped shape me. There is a part of who I am, who I grew into, as an adult, an aware, active, conscious part of me that was shaped by Jon Stewart and he'll never know - or accept - what an impact he and the show had on me as a person.

Jon Stewart is going to live on a farm in New Jersey. And I know - unlike when someone says this about your missing pet - it doesn't mean he is dying. I know he will probably be around from time to time, in our eyeline. And I know the show will live on too. But for right now, I will lay here and be sad for awhile that my defining years are behind me - if not grateful that Jon was there to guide me through them.
08 August 2015 @ 09:55 pm
Can you believe I have been on LJ all this time and I have never sent them a complaint before? I once sent them a help-ask, but never a complaint. Can someone point me in the right direction to do that? I need to inform them how, every time they make a new 'update', it gets harder and harder for me to see. The background color and text font/color keep getting changed - (to look worse and more boring, imo) - and I have to blow my screen up bigger and bigger and even then, my eyes are straining. I changed my own journal and my Flist page back to look like my layout again, but can't get my inbox page to go back to the old version. I always view my LJ on my IPad these days and so it was converting it to this new 'improved' mobile layout. Yeah doucheholes, if I wanted a cheap, hard-to-see mobile viewing option, I'd look at LJ on my LJ-app! I don't though, because IT'S TOO HARD FOR ME TO SEE!! I always view on Safari, but even that was being affected by this new update. Now I have it mostly changed back, except for my inbox page, which I have to strain to read, thanks to the update, and I can't seem to find a way to change that page back to the old viewing system. Or when I view your individual pages either.

I also am not a fan of how the little inbox-icon is no longer at the top of my blog page, that I have to click a little dropdown menu just to see how many messages are waiting for me, but that's more a inconvenience and non-helpful change than the background/text thing, which I find really inaccessible for people with vision issues. I finally got used to Tumblr's inaccessible updates where all the menu buttons are so close together that my warped fingers keep accidentally 'reblogging' when I don't mean too and that I can't blow the page up as big to make tags anymore, so I strain my eyes and shit, but damn, LJ, why you gotta screw me over too? Don't do it because you want to be cool like Tumblr. Tumblr's not that cool.

Can anybody point me to where I can bitch and moan about how hard the new update is too see? Thanks!
07 August 2015 @ 10:24 pm
I didn't want you guys to think I had fallen off the face of the Earth! Or, more likely, that I was sick or something. No, instead I have just been really busy. Sis is off work this week, her stay-cation week, her week of rest, her week to stay home and live the dream of doing nothing. Saturday she actually stayed in her pjs all day and basically did nothing. We watched a ton of TV and she played her video games and lazed around. Sunday, unfortunately, she always has to run all the errands. She does all our errands, all of Mom's errands and all of Dad's errands, including all the grocery shopping. Not so much rest that day. On Monday we had some time set aside to work on my cosplay - Brother's having a costume party! - and take me to PT, but otherwise, a chill day. Except, apparently, Sis was done resting! Cuz I wake up on Monday and she is like, "Uh, I invited hiyacynth and Munchy P to come visit. They'll be here this evening." Which, AWESOME - I'd been bugging them about coming! Otoh, 'resting' - Sis keeps using that word, I do not think it means what she thinks it means. And we had already arranged to have The Niece for a few days, as Brother and Sis-In-Law wanted some alone time for SIL's birthday and The Nephew is at camp this week.

So, basically, it boiled down to this: Saturday, rest. Sunday, errands. Hiyacynth and Munchy (age 4) here from Monday evening until Thursday morning. The Niece (age 2 1/2) here from Wednesday afternoon until Saturday afternoon. BFF here Wednesday afternoon and evening. Little Girl Cousin (age 11) here from Thursday morning until Friday afternoon. Monday, PT. Wednesday, PT. Friday, pain clinic appt. Saturday, Brother's costume party. Sunday, catch up on last week's TV with Sis. Monday, eye doctor appt all day. Tuesday, catch up on my last week of TV watching. Wednesday, PT. Thursday - The Rest Of My Life, sleep.

But, no, it's been TONS of fun!! The first time Niece has stayed here without her brother, so bedtime is a screaming fit for about 10 minutes for Brother, Mommy, Daddy. She actually does this every time, it's just her brother is usually here and being the good kid that he is, he stops what he is doing and helps tuck her in and stuff. Otherwise, she's been all smiles, she is so fricking cute! I have a lot stories to share too, but for now just wanted you to know where I was and all. Hope your weeks are all going good too!
28 July 2015 @ 05:58 pm
I haven't really been posting my word counts this year, mostly because they have been so dismal and also because I keep track of that stuff on my desktop and I swear, I barely turn that thing on anymore, especially now that I have my fancy new IPad keyboard. But I have been keeping track, so I figured now is a good time to post the first 6 months of word counts.

Here we go! January - June, under the cut.Collapse )

It's only about a quarter of my yearly goal - which is 100k - so not that great, but maybe I can make up for it in the second half of the year, now that I am getting used to juggling my new spoon-level better. That whole 'write everyday, even if it's just 100 words' thing I tried in May didn't really work. Maybe I should try again.
26 July 2015 @ 05:02 pm
Saw one of those memes going around - “Post the first line/paragraph of your last 20 fics.” I never post in the order that I write - my organization is mayhem - but I have this folder of finished fics that are just waiting for a final read-thru and some header info and I happen to have 20 fics in there, so that’s where I’m pulling these lines from. Eventually, I might get around to posting the stories themselves!

Jared was a pretty good roommate, Jensen had to admit that. He hung up his bathroom towels and rinsed off his dirty dishes and most importantly, he took Jensen to parties that had liquor - the good kind, not the piss-water beer Jensen’s friends always served.

19 more under the cut!Collapse )

I may have had to re-read some of these as I was doing this meme. Like idk what it says about me, but I really like my own stories a lot. Have a go, if you like!
21 July 2015 @ 11:11 pm
My longtime LJ friend, denyce, has suffered a family tragedy and lost her brother recently. She lost her mother a few years ago and her father is not in any sort of place to help her out much with the arrangements for her brother's cremation and memorial. She would also like to fly back home to the rest of her family and spend some time with them, grieving and celebrating her brother with those who loved him best. Unfortunately she never has much left over for herself after bills are paid and certainly not enough for this out-of-the-blue expense. So, to raise money, she has set up a GoFundMe page, as well as selling some of her brother's things. At present, she just has his DVD collection listed for sale, but intends on putting up more things, including some Star Trek merchandise that I know would interest some of you.

denyce is a total doll and always pops in with a kind word when I am having difficulties. I know some families can be full of nothing but emotional support and love, but unfortunately I know what it is like not to have that when you need it. I also know what it is like to get that support instead from friends and the fandom community. Which is why I am posting this here and asking you all to look over the items for sale or at the GoFundMe page or just drop a note of support in the post linked below. It would mean a lot to her, I know!

The items for sale are here and as she lists other things to sell, I will drop a link for those up on my LJ as well. Thanks for taking the time guys! You rock!
15 July 2015 @ 10:32 pm
I didn't post yesterday because I had a long ass day at the doctor's. My primary recced me to a urologist, a dietician and another pain management clinic - (per my request they are sending me to the pain clinic my little brother used to go to, as he said they helped him a lot). Just trying to get a handle on my pain, fatigue and UTIs. I saw the urologist yesterday and I see the pain management clinic in August and the dietician in September.

Anyways, the urology clinic is the same one I went to for years and years for kidney stone issues. But I apparently haven't been there since 2003, so they had to register me as a new patient. When I got there, they told me I would be with Dr. F and I was like, "Oh, he's who I used to see back in the day." So when I got into the room, the resident comes in first and he says, "Here's funny thing for you, I just told the doctor that I was coming in to to see *Sister* and he says '*Dodger-Sister?*' and I said 'Yeah do you know her? It says she's a new patient?' and he says, 'No, she's a very old patient, ha!" I was so surprised. I expected he would remember me when he saw me, but that he pulled my first name out of the air like that was a surprise.

He came in and we talked for about 10 minutes about what is going on with me - (gave me a list of things to do to avoid UTIs and take cran pills and a plan for the future if this doesn't work and assured me that my kidney test came back good) - and then we talked for like 15 minutes about the Detroit Tigers. My poor sister was just sitting in the back of the room playing on her phone while me and the two docs talked baseball, lol. Dr. F looked good too! He's one of those guys that ages really well. If I had to cast a Hollywood actor to play him in a movie, I'd go with John Slattery (Roger Sterling from Mad Men). Slattery would be like the Hollywood!version of him, the slightly better looking version but still, Dr. F looks good!

Also, it looks like we will be taking The Nephew to the Hot Air Balloon festival this weekend. His parents are taking him in the morning and then we are meeting up with them later and hanging out, then taking him to the Kids Kingdom carnival gaming area and to get fair food and then he is staying the night. If I feel up to it, he and I can play some Monopoly in the evening. He really enjoyed it the last time. He's getting really good at strategy games.
A belated birthday gift for ceitfianna! (I had it finished before your birthday, I swear, it just took me this long to edit and post!) I know you like friendship fic and pre-series stuff and the family we make and Stiles, so I thought you'd like this, babe! Enjoy! 740 words.

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When he was six, Scott gave up his swing on the playground for Stiles. Stiles wiped the tears from his eyes and stuttered out a ‘thank you’.Collapse )
08 July 2015 @ 10:14 pm
I totally spaced on making a post yesterday. Oops. Cuz yes I am still trying to post every Tuesday, so I post at least once a week and Tuesday is good, cuz I don't have therapy that day. But I got distracted on Tumblr. I know what you're thinking, "Oh no, she's fallen into the abyss, we are losing her!" But fear not, I am not lost.

I actually just had a bunch of asks from the holiday weekend that I had been too tired to get to and I didn't want to leave them waiting any longer, especially as a few of them were from some upset people. Well wait, let me clarify, this is my Disableism blog, my spoonie blog, my blog for disabled and chronically ill people. Not like people upset with my fannish posts of Leverage and shit, lol. And yeah, like people are sending me asks for advice and to vent when they have a high pain day or whatever and that is pretty awesome.

Actually the spoonie blogging is going very well. I have nearing 600 followers on that blog - (almost 6 times as many as I do on my fannish blog) - and I get about 3 or 4 asks a week now, which isn't hardly any by Tumblr standards, but is the perfect amount for me to answer all in one night. Like, people send me things to pimp that they think might be useful to other spoonies, because they know I have a bit of followers. Or asking advice on how to deal with doctors or lifestyle changes. Or asking me to post a question to my followers, like "Who has taken this medicine and did it help you?" kind of things. I usually do one new post a night and the rest reblogs and I have had two posts get over 1k notes so far, which is mind-blowing.

And I made a few friends and have had a few nights of just messaging back and forth with some cool geek spoonies, which is rad! And I made like a friend last week of someone I had been following since I started the blog and she mentioned the Michigan weather kicking her ass - (so much fucking rain,you guys!) - and I was like, "Yo, Michigan fistbump!" and then we chatted and I realized like she likes The X-Files and The Hobbit and Star Trek and The Flash and tattoos and fostering kittens and oh yeah, lives less than an hour from me! And her husband is a total comic nerd. So, yay, new friends!

So, yeah, all of that. How are my LJ friends doing? How were your weekends?
03 July 2015 @ 01:01 am
So, this happened last week and ranua - (theyareallsoopretty on tumblr) - put up a post about it over on Tumblr. I just reblogged it with some added commentary and thought I'd share here as well. Basically, some people are lovely, thoughtful friends and some people are asshole thieves. My added commentary here:

So this was me. theyareallsoopretty is one of my best friends in the world and has gotten into a habit of picking me up a little something whenever she can make it to a convention. She knows I love geeky things and I love conventions, but because of the decline of my health, haven’t been able to go to one in a few years. And she always thinks of me. She lives several states away and has to mail these trinkets - (which have included cool things like a bracelet from a Steve Carlson concert and hobbit cartoon cards and a zombie Barbie head that I have tied to my bedroom light string). She stuck this one - a little impala - into an envelope with a sweet little note and sent it on its way to me. The thief in question tore open a tiny hole in the middle of the envelope, wriggled their fingers around inside and somehow pulled the impala out of its plastic sleeve. They left holes in the envelope which they taped up, left holes in the note she wrote me, left the cardboard tab ripped and the little plastic sleeve empty. This is how it arrived at my house.

I was beaming just getting a letter from her and when I realized what had happened, I was joyed that she thought of me when she saw the impala and saddened that in a world where one friend could reach out to another friend like that, that someone else would take it upon themselves to steal and wriggle their way into the middle of such love and kindness. I do thank you, friend, for thinking of me. You always do and it makes me smile every time! But I hope the thief pokes themselves hard enough to draw blood with my little impala!

So, yeah, that happened. I'm less upset now than I was when it first happened but still, a dick move, man.