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09 January 2017 @ 11:24 pm
Helping Hand.  
So I need your opinion, guys. My sister donates to a different charity every month through her church, but this year she has decided to donate to two additional charities outside of her church, looking for something a little more liberal, I guess. She has decided to do this to try to help offset a tiny bit of some of the things that people will be possibly losing due to a Trump presidency. I thought this was a good idea and as I am not horribly strapped for cash - I do okay on government services because I live with my sister, though I can only afford a little for each charity - I thought I would follow her lead. I wanted to choose two charities that would be close to my heart, so I decided to go with an LGBTQA+ and a disabled nonprofit.

For the LGBTQA+ charity, I am looking at two places. My state has a well known and excellent political lobby group that does very good work. We can expect to need stuff like that with Pence in the White House, after all. They also do legal and justice-related advocacy work. The other one I'm looking at is in the Highland Park/Detroit area and is a youth center for LGBTQA+ runaway/foster youth. It not only offers housing, but life skills, education, mental and physical health care and aftercare assistance. The question here is...do I help individuals on a smaller scale or the community as a whole on a political scale?

For the disability community, I have also found a Michigan political advocacy nonprofit that lobbies for bills and other things that the disabled community needs. I can definitely see us requiring more of this type of work over the next four years. However, I had been hoping to donate to some sort of place that gives assisted devices, mobility aids and the like to disabled people whose insurance does not cover it and who can't afford it on their own. I can't seem to find anything on the national or state level for this. I could donate to our county organization, but they don't give the stuff out, they only rent it. They have what they call a 'loan closet', but they don't loan it, they rent it, say for $15 a week for a walker. Which is fine if you just broke your leg and only need it for a few weeks, but I want something that helps the chronically ill people of my community. So should I keep looking for something like that or should I donate to the political lobby group?

Poll #2061022 Helping Hand

Who should I donate too?

LGBT advocacy and political lobby group
LGBT youth center
Disability political lobby group
Keep looking for a disability charity
Some other place I will suggest in comments

Thoughts? Decisions? Other places I should look into? They are all such good options, I can't decide, but money is limited, so I can only pick two. Thanks, gang! Working on making 2017 better for all!
yeuxdebleu on January 11th, 2017 01:01 am (UTC)
I tried to fill out your poll, but when I got here, all I saw were results...no way to vote. ???

I would have chosen !) Disability political lobby group and 2) Keep looking for a disability charity.

It's going to be vitally important to have people lobbying on behalf of the disabled. The ignoramus who's headed to the White House sure doesn't care much about them.

And I really like the idea of finding a charity that makes aids available to people who need them, for as long as they need them, even for life.