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10 Years - Double Digits!

*a wee late because the darn thing wouldn’t crosspost from Dreamwidth, but yes May 13, 2020:

It is my Livejournal ten-year anniversary. Ten years! It seems like forever and also never ago. I sure wish this place was what it used to be, but alas everyone has gone and spread out across so many social media sites that it is impossible to have kept everyone together. Still, I am so grateful to have had this place when I needed it the most — when I was getting sober. And then for all the years after. And for all the people who made this place what it used to be, and what it still is, I say “thank you”. Getting a Livejournal brought me back to fandom and I had not realized how much I missed it or how much I needed it. Fandom truly can be family, and with so many of you, I found that to be true. I am forever grateful to The BFF for setting this up for me, this place here what I never knew I needed or was missing in my life. And, of course, to all of you, thank you and happy anniversary — not just to me, but to all of us who have been here through my ten amazing years. Stay safe out there.

Cruise, Day Two.

March 1, 2020...Day 2: Day 2 started out perfect, even though it was super early in the morning, because I woke up sailing through the middle of the Caribbean with T standing next to my bed grinning like a lunatic. The kids ordered me room service, because that’s “fancy” and “what rich people do” - & it’s all inclusive on Disney cruises. Then T was insisting he needed to go to the pool *immediately*, but when he put on his swimsuit it didn’t fit, so we all went down to the store. I got water shoes because L explained to me all the things they are good for and I decided she made a good points. We also bought magnets for our room door, to decorate it. Also I called for a pool lift, but they said it can only go in the adult pool. I swore it was portable and could go to any pool - that was a selling point of Disney cruises for me. Needless to say I was very, very bummed. We went down to the family pool though and I lounged outside and I definitely got some nice sun. Plus there’s a movie screen by the pool, so I watched The Incredibles while I got sun.

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Then we went to a game show, but you had to be able to do stuff in English so the kids could not play it, but we watched and it actually was pretty funny. It was called “So You Think You Know Your Family” and they pulled a parent and a kid from the audience, four sets, and have them compete against each other, kind of like The Newlywed Game. That ended at 11pm, we were party animals! T was still insisting that he wasn’t tired, but I think he was the first one of us to fall sleep, LOL. That was a huge day and that wasn’t even the biggest day we had on the cruise!

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Cruise, Day One.

I have been home one week, and I took notes everyday, so gonna try to stick with posting one of these for every day of the cruise. We will see if I stick with it. Photos to come once my sibs & I get our acts together & do a Dropbox share with each other. Also T is The Canadian Nephew & he’s 8, & L is The Canadian Niece & she’s 10,

February 29, 2020...Day One: I’m gonna be straight up you guys, Day One started at 3 AM when I had to get up to get ready to go to the airport - thanks to Uncle B for taking us at four in the morning. Also props to Delta airline for being so disability friendly, helping us out so well, and not damaging either of my mobility devices. I only had to tighten the screws on my walker when I got it back and my transport chair was just fine. I hear Delta is pretty good about these things, but I was still nervous because 29 wheelchairs a day get lost or broken traveling by air. Anyways I only had four hours of sleep and then I went for 20 hours straight. I had a little in and out dozy nap on the plane and had another one in the early evening, but for most of that time I was upright. So I’ll be honest that my body totally revolted in the middle of the night, for about three hours straight everything inside me just broke down. But that’s okay, because in the morning on day 2, I woke up and we were sailing through the middle of the ocean and T was standing next to my bed with the biggest grin on his face just staring at me. Which is kind of how he looked all day on the first day. He just kept saying “I can’t believe we are finally on the cruise! I can’t believe we’re on vacation with you!” And L kept saying “I’m so happy to see you in real life, we only ever get to see you on the screen, we hardly see you in real life.” The TV monitors on the bus ride to the port didn’t work, and I lamented that we didn’t have any cartoons to watch, and L said, “That’s okay, we don’t need cartoons,we are just talking to each other the whole time.” Which was true, L and I sat next to each other on the bus ride from the airport and we talked to each other for the whole 45 minutes straight and that was kind of amazing too. It’s the little things. I was so happy to be with them.

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I’m going to be straight up though you guys, the dance party, the ocean, Mickey Mouse, warm weather... none of it was anything to that moment in the Orlando airport when we were sitting waiting and then all of a sudden we saw two children running towards us with their arms outstretched. That was my favorite moment of the first day. I’ve never had anyone running towards me with their arm outstretched, so happy to see me they have to run to hug me. I seriously love these kids, oh my God. I love the feeling all my niblings give me, to be honest. I want to marry that feeling.

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Why yes, I am going on another cruise! This time with Sis, Canadian Brother, Canadian Niece (age 10) & Canadian Nephew (age 8). It’s another Disney Star Wars Cruise - (the kids are both super into Star Wars) - only this time instead of the Virgin Islands, we sail west to Mexico, Grand Cayman, Jamaica & Bahamas. 7 days of sun, I can’t wait! Just 2 more days! Anyways, my hair... From FB, hence my begging if anyone knows where my hairstylist went, lol...

What do you guys think of the new hair?! I’m beach-ready! Vacation time! Tbh I was iffy at first on the hair. I had to work w a new girl, mine left JcPenney. (If any of the places you go have gotten a 30-something tattooed awesome lady named Lindsey on their roster in the past 9 months or so, lmk so I can check & see if that’s my girl, I need her back!)!!!

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Vacation pics when I get back!

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the hobbit

Talkin Bout My Girl.

I let the dog I babysat last week use the cat-video game on my phone, CatSnaps, which takes a selfie everytime they touch the moving mouse. She took 4 good pics outta 50, lol. But that’s true of all selfie taking, yeah? (The final 2 pics are ones I took). Her name is Cheena & she loves to fetch, loves it. Will play until one of us - her or me - passes out from exhaustion, lol. I introduced her to video games on my iPad a few years ago, I have a ton of games for the cats. After that first time, her dad texted me saying, “What did you teach my dog? I can’t get any work done...she thinks all screens are for video games now!”

I always tell Sis that if Cheena’s dad - who is Sis’ boss - dies, I will fight his sister in court for custody of Cheena! She’s my best girl! Diggle does not do bad with his jealousy, but he *will* take all the toys from her because, “These are my toys, Cheena. Even though I have never actually played with this spider toy before today, now that you have it, I want it. Bring your own toys, omg.” Fur!bbs are the best.

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Book Birthday!

From Westword Books FB - it’s my book-birthday!

Today is a very special day - Sunday, February 9, 2020 is the one year anniversary of our first book release, Terrific Tails: Stories From A Pet Guardian. In publishing circles, this is called a “book-birthday”, because to writers, their stories are like their children. Which is why you never ask an author to pick their favorite work, any more than you’d ask a parent to pick their favorite child - (even if we all know they have one!).

We checked in with our author, Adie Weston, to ask her how she feels about it all one year later.

“To be honest, it’s still surreal to think that my words are out there in the form of a book. I don’t know if that feeling will ever go away.”

As for what she’s been working on lately, Adie says, “I admit to taking a break from Book 2 over the holidays to write a few short stories for my niblings. Every writer has to have priorities and for me, my monkeys are always my priority.”

We prodded just a little to see if we could get anything out of her about this so-called Book 2.

She laughs. “The working title is Roller Kids and that’s all you’re getting out of me!”

And then we broke protocol and asked the forbidden question - does she have a favorite child?

“Of my original work, obviously Terrific Tails is my favorite. I adore the subject matter of course, as well the way the project brought my family together. And it certainly has been my biggest labor of love. But in my late teens and early 20s, I went through a phase of writing short plays and there are a few of those I’m still quite proud of.”

We asked her if she had any closing thoughts on Terrific Tails’ first birthday.

“Just how grateful I am to everyone who helped me with this project, especially my older brother and sister. And how grateful I am to every single person who bought and read my freshman book. I’m so happy I was able to do this, not just *for* my Grandma, but *because* of her.” She smiles softly and adds, “Miss you, Grandma.”

You can celebrate the one year release of Terrific Tails: Stories From A Pet Guardian by buying a copy on Amazon today!

Can’t believe it’s been a year! Wish I was further along on Book 2, but also...omg, I have a book-birthday! That fact alone is mind-blowing! Thanks to all of my LJ writer friends for your support - wouldn’t be here w/o the fanfic community, for sure.

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I Chose Life.

It was 10 years ago today that I looked down at the pills laid out in front of me and made a life-altering decision. I had been trying for months to scale back, ween myself, anything I could to get off of the pills. I talked to someone in my family who had gone through something similar for advice. But no matter what I did, I just seemed to keep digging myself into a bigger hole. I couldn’t call my doctor out of fear of being blacklisted for any future medications that I might, and most definitely would, need as my degenerative disease got worse. But I needed to do something. I *had* to do something. I was staring down a very black hole.

On this day 10 years ago a little voice inside of me spoke up and told me that the next choice I made was going to be between my future and my end. My life and my death. And so I chose.

I chose Life.

Today is my 10 years sober.

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‘Twas The Night Before Christmas...

The stockings were hung with great care...in this chair.

Because the magnetic hooks over the fireplace won’t hold their weight. Let’s see how many toys are left in the fur bbs stockings when we get up - they have a habit of getting into their stockings without permission. Oh, children. Niblings presents are handed out, Dad’s & Bestie. It’s just Sistas & Fur bbs left under the tree. And now Santa & her elf, Pippin - who insisted on over-seeing the arranging & photos - are about to settle down for a long winter’s nap. Probably not sugarplums dancing in my head though...more like my regular dreams about tornados & that place I worked in high school. Idek.



Merry Christmas to all and to all a good...Zzzzzzz.

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Perfect Christmas Gift!

Just a reminder from Ripley - the best early Christmas gift I ever got - that if you’re looking for that last minute perfect gift for someone, Terrific Tails: Stories From A Pet Guardian is still available on Amazon. A pet lover? A book lover? A supporter of charity? (yep, proceeds still go the local Humane Society). Terrific Tails makes a great gift *and* has a chapter about how Ripley came to us just before Christmas, like the perfect little gift *he* is. Come on, buy one last gift for someone who deserves it - do it for cats like Ripley!


Terrific Tails

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I’m On It!

I’m so on it this year! Christmas shopping is done. Most of it has arrived & is already wrapped. Just waiting for the tree to go up the day after Thanksgiving so I can put them where they belong. I’m still waiting on 3 gifts (have the wrapping paper cut & ready for them!), as well as 3 stocking stuffers for the fur bbs & 2 stocking stuffers for Sis, to arrive. Usually I do all my shopping on the 1st of December, but last year because I knew I would be laid up in December from my November hip surgery, and unable to open packages & wrap things, I did it all in October & I really liked just having it done with so early. So I guess this is how I roll now. Go me!

Things of note: Sis had to throw out a bunch of her geek tees because a certain someone /coughhiccupcough/ put holes in them all because he clings to her like a red panda. And she just went out & bought a stack of cheap, boring, plain tees to replace them. But the next week one of the places I buy geek tees from had a sale, so I went wild & bought her a stack of awesome tees & they’ve been waiting for Christmas in my closet since September. Then oddly she sent me a tee she saw online & was like, “Get me this for Christmas!” so I got her that tee too. I also threw in a how-to make-your-own fairy-house book because she keeps saying she wants a fairy garden next year.

The Nephew is 13, and while still a big geek, is also starting to develop his own personality & ‘cool’-vibe. His dad said he wanted band tees for Christmas, so I found a sneaky way to get a list from TN of his fav bands. The Beastie Boys was on the list. You guys, BBoys totally shaped me as a tiny human person when I was TN’s age. I had multiple BBoys shirts in junior high & high school. Obviously that’s what I ended up getting him, a No Sleep Til Brooklyn tee. I’m so overwhelmed with pride about how he’s gonna be walking around sporting a Beastie Boys tee as the coolest kid in his school, even if those other kids don’t know it (they never recognized how cool I was at 13 in my junior high either, pffft). Anyways, super proud auntie.

I got my little brother, our resident handyman that he is, a magnetic wrist cuff to stick his nails & screws too so he doesn’t drop them all the time while on a job. And Sis & I went in together to get Dad an iron works art piece, a Welcome sign for the house with a black lab dog (Dad’s current & former dogs being black labs), that was made by the little girl (now 37 year old woman) who lived next door when we were growing up & who spent nearly as much time with us as she did her own family. Dad is gonna be ecstatic to have a piece of her work.

But my best find was the dog toy for Diggle, a talking Mr Bill plushie. I’m keeping it a secret from Sis because she loves Mr Bill. And yes, when you squeeze him, he says Oh Noooo. I texted a photo to Sis’ college roommate who assured me it’d be the best present Sis, er Diggle, gets for Christmas.

Can’t wait for Christmas now - my fav part has always been buying gifts for others. If you wanna make someone’s Christmas special, think of picking some stuff off of one of Little Miss Flint’s Christmas drive wishlist to help out the kids of Flint, MI. They were already one of the poorest cities in the country, even before their water turned poison. Help them have a magical Christmas!


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