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Ficage In August.

So, it’s the 24th and I haven’t done this yet. It’s seems to be later and later each month. Oh well. Last month I wrote a lot of words but didn’t ‘complete’ very much. In fact, the only reason I even completed the one Leverage fic is because I cut it short. It was meant to be hand-jobs in a stairwell but they got to the kissing and they were all...Feelings & Emotions! I, of course, was all….No, Hand-Jobs, I say! They did not listen and on reread, I realized I had reached the end of the fic. So, no hand-jobs but yay one completed story! I also started my first ever NC-17 Without A Trace fic! I can’t believe, with how obsessive I was about the Danny/Martin pairing, that I never wrote any porn before.

Here is my approximate word count for the month.

August, 2012
Week 1/2: 500 words of Leverage fic.
Week One: 600 words of Secret Crossover fic.
Week Two: 2,350 words of Spiderman and His Amazing Friends fic.
Week Three: 900 words of Eliot/Hardison fic. Completed.
Week Four: 1,500 words of Danny/Martin PWP fic.

5,850 words written in August!

August, 2010
5x Jensen Thought They Were Dorks and 1x He Knew For Sure
I wrote this as a birthday fic for someone who I knew shipped Jared/Misha. I had never written it before and didn’t know how many people out there read this pairing. I was shocked. To this day, it is still one of my most commented on fics ever. It’s pretty much exactly what the title says. Jensen is only slightly oblivious. Jared and Misha are only slightly big giant dorks. I do rather love this one! And you can read it in Russian!

The Name Game
It’s Christian/Jensen! I posted the link for the video along with the story because it is the video of Jensen on stage with Christian and Steve that inspired me to write this fic. Apparently I hadn’t written any porn in awhile when I wrote this because I seem to be really excited about it in the post. It’s all blowjobs all the time! I love this one for the porn (and for Christian using endearments) but also, mostly because I know two of the people who left comments for me for the first time on this fic have now become two of my best friends ever.

August, 2011
5x Dean Winchester Got Shot Down In Outer Space
Dean likes women. He’s just not having any luck getting them to notice him these days. Also, they are in space. It’s a 5x fic wherein Dean and Sam are in five different space-fandoms! Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek Reboot, Star Wars, Firefly & Galaxy Quest with a little Firefly reprise at the end. I wrote this really early on in my SPN-writing days. I am rather fond of each of the 5x for their own reasons, because it was like writing in multiple fandoms at once! With Dean being a dork! And Dean not getting any play, which is funny to me.

You may recall how I made a goal for myself halfway through last month to 'write 9,0000 words/complete four fics' by the end of September. After I set that goal, all I worked on was the Eliot/Hardison fic and the Danny/Martin fic - neither of which were on the list! I can say that I have done much better this month and have completed several of the stories and am going to surpass the '6 weeks/9,000 words' goal. Hell, at this rate I may surpass 9,000 words in the month of September alone. Also, I have an idea for a Teen Wolf/SPN story and I am ashamed of myself, but I can feel the urge to write it overcoming me. Don’t point your finger at me wolfrider89 - I know what I have become!
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