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Things That Are Nice To Watch.

Happy Birthday, sarahk_1963!! I hope you had a good day and here, let me you show you a video that will make it even better. You may have seen this already, but I don't think you can watch it too many times, do you? ;) It's like hand-porn done to music!

In Hawaii Five-O news...

WTF - They are on very shaky ground trying to make us believe that Christine Lahti could be Steve’s mom. Especially if we are to believe she had a whole secret spy life before she started having kids. Also, when will the Wo Fat storyline ever end? I was so happy when he got arrested last season because I thought it was done. I am getting tired of it. And finally, WTF, Malia, WTF?!?! WHY?! NOOOOOOO! Ugh. Also, when I thought they were going to maybe kill Kathryn too, omg just...NO. I was screaming at the TV, "Don't you fucking kill Kathryn! Don't you fucking kill Kathryn!" Pippin was all pressed up against me, sleeping and he got really agitated and upset at the screaming - (he is such a delicate guy, he doesn't like yelling). So then I was all, "No, no, Lady's okay everything’s fine," and started whispering in soft soothing tones, "Don’t you fucking kill Kathryn." Pippin went back to sleep.

In how cute are they - Uh, Steve's mom grilling Danny about his personal life and why he lets Steve call him 'Danno' and omg, I know I ship them but tell me that wasn't a mother sizing him up to see the nature of his relationship with her son and whether or not he was good enough for Steve and omg, my hackles went straight up when she called him 'Danno'! Not allowed, woman! You haven’t earned it! Also, Steve and Kathryn - omg, when she was all, "…like she's my own mother," and he was all, "That sounds right to me," and they gave each other The Look and my insides just went all ’Awwwww’ because I seriously love those two together so hard. They are just so fucking cute together. It was my favorite part of the episode.

When the theme song started up, I literally said out loud, “Ah, the soothing sounds of the Hawaii Five-O theme song.” I know I am about to watch 45 minutes of complete ridiculousness and it makes me feel better. I am not ashamed.

That is all.
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