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Dude. You've Got Some Artz On You.

A few days ago it was mandatorily's birthday! So I set out to make my first Sherlock wallpapers ever! It started out a little rough but once I got back in the swing of things, it got better. I think each piece improved a little bit. mandatorily hasn't been around LJ lately and I know RL things are keeping her away, but hopefully she'll be back soon. I'm going to drop her a line so she knows these are here when she gets back. Anyways, I can think of a couple (dozen) people on my Flist who would also enjoy some Sherlock art...

Also, see my new icon! I saw someone posted a pic of Matt & Ben (the one with Matt in the glasses) and was asking for an icon for it. Since I was just saying to wolfrider89 the other day how I love Ben so much and keep talking about him with everyone who will listen, that maybe I need an icon. So I was spurred into action! I pimped the icons to the original poster and now I will share with you. I have a new uploaded icon titled 'Afflecks & Co.' which is good because it means I can rotate out with Casey if I feel like it. I probably won't, despite loving Casey too, because...BEN! Also, I just love how much Ben and Matt love each other. It's nice.

bennmatt-dodger_sister bennmatt-embrace-dodger_sister bennmatt-originalotp-dodger_sister

All wallpapers and icons are up for grabs, as always. Enjoy the pretty!

In writing news, last night I came up with an awesome Dean/Cas AU and I want to write it so, so bad but it is kind of heart-wrenching and though I take glee in the fact that it would make all of you cry, I also know it would make me cry. I think I need to be in a more serious headspace than I am capable of getting into. I still think I want to try it though. I just like to break the pretty boys, okay?

Now - to catch up on my Flist some more or to write more Secret Crossover Fic (the action has really started to pick up!)? Decisions, decisions.
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