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We Run The Mitten From The River Way Up To The Farms!


Holy shit, the Soxs have been sucking it up lately and The Tigers have been hitting the ball and the switch around means we went from 3 games back to taking first place in a week! Fister pitched a shut-out against the Twins - (he is still my favorite pitcher!) - and Miguel is set to take the MVP (xxx-fingers) and everything is awesome!! We just have to hold onto it for a little while longer. Also, awhile back the Tigers were playing one of the CA teams and a guest dropped by the booth to say 'hi' and it was JK Simmons! I was like, "Uh, is that JK Simmons?" and then they put him on mic and yep, it was. Apparently he was born in Detroit and has been a Tigers fan his whole life - (he was wearing a Tigers hat and everything!). He says he goes to the games whenever Detroit is in town. I always did like that guy!

In other baseball news, a few years back this guy, Adam Greenberg, was called up to the Majors. On his very first Major League at bat, he gets hit in the head. The ball goes right up under his helmet and hits him hard. He suffers severe head trauma, forces him into serious rehab, and it ends his Major League career before it even starts. Enter Matt Liston, a documentary filmmaker and sports fan who wants to help Adam get his one Major League at bat. One More At Bat - It's a heart-warming video of the rally behind Adam. And now it's a happy ending as well! The Miami Marlins have offered him a one-day contract and a chance for his one at bat. If you can watch the Marlins/Mets game on October 2nd, you should. Unfortunately it is unavailable in my area but I will be rooting for Adam nonetheless.

So, while I was sitting here typing this, James Kirk - (who loves to watch the baseball games with me) - got up on the ledge in front of the TV. He gets excited when the crowd gets excited. I went over to get him down before he broke the Tiki glasses. He saw me coming and knew he wasn't suppose to be up there, so he jumped down all quick like and guess what? Yep - he broke one of the Tiki glasses. My sister is going to be so pissed. Her trouble child.

Aaaaahhhhh, wait...more baseball...I am sitting here watching yesterday's game that I taped and HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!! Fister just broke a Tigers record - 8 strikeouts in a row!! Never in the 100+ years of Tigers history has a pitcher done that!! Fielder just made him step off the mound for a second so he could enjoy the fucking standing ovation he is getting - the crowd is losing their shit! I am losing my shit! OMG...NOW HE JUST DID IT AGAIN!! 9 IN A ROW - A NEW AMERICAN LEAGUE RECORD!!!!!! OMG, OMG, OMG!!! Okay, now the batter hit an infield out and the inning is over but the crowd is on its feet again for Fister!! He was one strikeout away from breaking the Major League record! OMG, THAT'S MY MAN!!!!!!

I didn't know that was going to happen when I started typing up this post about baseball!!! Oh shit and now KC has tied it in the ninth!! Wait...Holy shit, bottom of the ninth, 4 to 4, bases fucking loaded for Detroit - Avila hits an infield out but the run scores AND OMG THE TIGERS FUCKING TAKE IT!!!! WHAT A WAY TO END THE FINAL HOME GAME OF THE SEASON!!! The crowd is out of their heads right now at the stadium!! I'M EXCITED, OKAY?!

Post-game follow-up - the Soxs must have lost their game last night because Tigers are 2 games ahead!! And also, funnily enough, Fister didn't realize what he had done. He stepped off the mound when Fielder told him to - (for his standing ovation) - but he said Fielder does that sometimes when he wants Fister to take a breath and relax. He didn't understand what was going on and he asked Fielder and Fielder just smiled and said, "I'll tell you later." When Fister went into the dugout after the inning, the rest of the team swarmed him and he was still like, "What? What'd I do? What happened?" My boy is too fucking cute!

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