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Yeah, Okay, I Watch This Show Now.

Let’s talk Teen Wolf - (I can’t believe I just typed those words). I just finished S1! It took longer than I thought, mostly because there were so many summer shows I watched this year, but also because this show does start out kind of slow. It is very teen soap opera (with werewolves!) at the start and it took awhile for me to get into it. But I have now seen episodes 1.11 & 1.12, so let’s talk a few things.

I still find Scott to be the most boring character of them all, but that’s okay. I often find the lead to be the most disinteresting person on the show - (I liked Buffy, I just liked everyone else more, okay). I still find Allison’s dad to be the hottest guy on the show. I am so attracted to him and only part of it are my daddy issues. I still can’t stop staring at Derek’s eyebrows, except for when I am staring at his abs. Stiles is still my favorite, followed closely by Lydia. Allison finally started to get more interesting when she stopped just being ‘teenage girl for romance’ and started being kickass. Also, I still love her clothes and want her boots so bad. Jackson is still the prettiest pretty who ever prettied. Actually, I would put him in third place for my ranking of favorite people. Because he is an angry young man but yet, somehow, shows other layers of himself. Like his face when he comes back into the dance after selling Scott out and sees Stiles and just the look of guilt on his face, just the realization he has of what he has done - it was a beautiful thing. Also, he has freckles, which has never been a thing for me, but those combined with his eyes…yeah, okay.

Let’s talk about the kink. Uh, alphas, betas, omegas, werewolves, electro-shock torture, chaining people to walls, chaining people to walls and then fondling them - (while we are on it, Allison’s aunt is fucking hot and I know she is a psychopath but maybe that is what I find attractive, okay). Also, I am interested if we will find out more about the veterinarian guy.

Okay, Stiles and Lydia. I LOVE THEM. The moment at the dance when he was all, “Get your cute little butt out of your seat and dance with me,” and then gave her that speech about how he knows her better than anyone and omg, omg, I love them! But then, fucking, he stares down the goddamm alpha for her. He is shaking and terrified and can’t look the dude in the eyes, but he never leaves her side. And at the end, he swallows hard and looks up and meets the alpha’s eyes and just...he fucking stared down the alpha for her - if that’s not love, I don’t know what is. Stiles owns my goddamm heart. Also, I love Stiles’ dad but dude, come on, how do you not ever talk to your son to even know that like he was taking the hottest girl in school to the dance? Better parenting is needed, man.

Lastly, though I am aware of Derek’s attractiveness, he hasn’t ever been someone that I thought overly much on but dudes, okay, that moment after he kills the alpha and then his eyes glow red and holy shit… “I’m the alpha now,” and things happened in my pants right then. OMG. I rewound several times.

I have the urge to read Stiles/Danny and Stiles/Jackson now. Is that weird?

Now, Revolution - I am enjoying each episode more and more. I can see the influences of Abrams, Kripke and Favreau throughout the whole thing.

I really love the flashbacks a lot and I hope we get to see more for other people - (I especially want to see Maggie’s). I am fascinated by the uncle, the rebel computer lady, and the militant bounty hunter dude and I am glad to see that both Charlie and her brother get more kickass with each episode.

I was really interested to know that it wasn’t Monroe who started the whole militia, that it was the uncle, and that Monroe was kind of stand-off about the whole thing. When they flashback to when Uncle - (Miles, look I am learning their names!) - decides to go on the road and the friend - (Bas, Monroe, whatever,) - is all, “And you’re my family and that makes it my problem too. I’m going with you.” - I was like a) Hello, Kripke and the lovely theme of ‘family we make’ and b) Okay, I actually said out loud, “Huh. They’re kind of gay.” And without missing a beat, my sister goes, “Uuuuuh-huh.” Then later we flashback to them walking along the road and my sis goes, “And now we are back to the romantic storyline.” I mean, dude, at one point Lucifer is all, “He was never the same after you left.” I ship them, okay. Yes, I am that easy. Also, the things we could do with Lucifer owing them his life. Oh yeah.

Then we get the whole thing with the brother and when the dude is all, “Neville went to town. It’s just you and me now, boy,” and my brain immediately went, “Uh, I need to stop reading so much kink fic.” Anybody else go there? Anyways, later, the brother got so badass, choking that dude and I was like, “Damn, kid!” It was awesome when he was all, “If you touch me again, I’ll kill you.”

It’s all very good and getting better each time and now I demand all the Miles/Bas post-apocalypse on-the-road epic romance fics…immediately.

Please and thank you.

I was going to talk about other new shows I have tried this season, but I spent too long looking at Teen Wolf icons. How is this my life? (Stop pointing at me, wolfrider89!)
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