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This Post May Have A Theme, But I Can't Figure What It Is.

Last night’s Hawaii Five-O was like a fanfic come to life. Normally, with most shows, I would be like, “Are you seriously trolling fandom looking for ideas for your show?” but let’s face it, logic and realism are not things I look for on H5O. In fact, the more fanfic tropes they fit into an episode, the more I like it. Also, the more Kono kicks people in their faces, the more I like it. So last night’s episode was quite awesome, thank you very much.

In movie news - I recently watched Nanny McPhee and it was cute and fun. I have always liked Colin Firth and that adorable stuttering thing he does so well. Angela Lansbury was a riot as the great-aunt and I will watch anything Thomas Sangster does - that kid is a pro. I also have a soft spot for hordes of cute kids with British accents. The movie itself was fun and funny and had this great look to it where you could tell it was based on a children’s storybook. The coloring from the sets to the clothes all gave it this ‘book come to life’ feel. I watched some of the behind-the-scenes, and besides Colin Firth dressed up in the Nanny McPhee outfit (it was hysterical), I was also quite interested in the story of how the books came to be. The author, who was a crime novelist back in the 60s, her great-grandfather had a passel of children and to keep them in line, he made up stories about Nurse Matilda, who used magic to temper unruly children. The stories stuck with the children and they ended up telling it to their own kids and so forth. Until the author of the books and her children’s book illustrator cousin decided to immortalize them into a series of children's books - books which Emma Thompson was a fan of and thus turned into the screenplay, Nanny McPhee. It was quite interesting.

The movie though gave me several fanfic ideas.

*Castiel is a rich widower with several children. Dean is the groundskeeper. Sam is the tutor. Castiel and Dean fall madly in love.
*John is a widower. Dean is 18, Sam is 14 and Castiel is Sam’s 22 year old tutor. Dean and Castiel fall madly in love.
*Jensen is a rich widower with a bunch of children. Misha is the manny who tames them using magic. Jensen and Misha fall madly in love.

I’m sensing a theme here. Someone get on writing those for me immediately,. Thank you.

In final news, I just found out Misha & Vicki had a daughter a few weeks ago!! How come I didn’t know this? The internets has failed me! Well, it would help if I was paying attention to anything on the internets besides baseball standings but whatever. I am very happy for them!! They have an adorable family.

That is all.
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