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Fic: The Art Of Making Friends - PG, Bobby Drake, Peter Parker, AU, Angst, Drama, Gen, Fic-For-Kids

At long last, here’s The Nephew’s back-to school fic. It’s my fourth Fic-For-Kids thus far and I am really getting the hang of writing for a younger audience. The Nephew is only suppose to get fics for his birthday and Christmas, but clearly I am a sucker because I got talked into writing this. I decided on Spiderman and Iceman because I used to friend-ship them so hard when I was younger. Spiderman was my favorite superhero for years and years, so I wanted to try him next. As for Iceman, when The Nephew was about three years old, he would tell us all these long stories about adventures he went on with his brother, Iceman. So this seemed fitting. It’s also a story about making friends at a new school because The Nephew himself started at a new school this year. He assures me he has made three friends already.

Spiderman & His Amazing Friends - Altered-Reality, Angst, Drama, Gen, Friendship, Fic-For-Kids with Bobby Drake, Peter Parker and a little Aunt May and Mrs. Drake. Rated PG for bigotry against mutants and mild violence. 4,053 words beta’d by the supremely awesome liptonrm. - Bobby Drake hopes this new school will be different from the last. Or the one before that. Or the one before that.

Dedication: To The Nephew. Because I love Spiderman and you love Iceman and I love you!

Title: The Art Of Making Friends
Author: The Artful Dodger / dodger_sister
Fandom: Spiderman & His Amazing Friends (or X-Men/Spiderman, if you like)
Category: Altered-Reality, Angst, Drama, Gen, Friendship, Fic-For-Kids
Characters/Pairing: Bobby Drake, Peter Parker with Aunt May and Mrs. Drake
Rating: PG
Warnings: Bigotry against mutants and mild violence.
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Bobby Drake hopes this new school will be different from the last. Or the one before that. Or the one before that.
Word Count: 4,053 words.
Date Written: Fall, 2012
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Marvel and Stan Lee and some other people. Not me. I did write this story though, for absolutely no profit. Just for the love of my nephew.
Feedback: Bring it. dodger_sister /
Beta’d: By the supremely awesome liptonrm.
Author's Notes: The deal is The Nephew gets one story for his birthday and one for Christmas. Except, of course, for how I am a sucker, so when he said, "Can you write me just one more story? Please? It can be about whatever you want," - I naturally gave in and said he could have a back-to-school story. I decided to go with Spiderman & His Amazing Friends because I hadn't done a Spiderman story for him yet and because Spidey was my childhood comic book favorite. Also, because I used to friend-ship Iceman/Spiderman back in my youth and lastly, because when he was three, The Nephew used to tell us all stories of wacky adventures he would get up to with his brother, Iceman. I decided to make this a story about Bobby going to a new school and trying to make friends because my brother moved this summer and The Nephew had to start at a new school this year and he was a little nervous about it all.
Dedication: To The Nephew. Because I love Spiderman and you love Iceman and I love you!

The Art Of Making Friends - dodger_sister
Images from 'Spiderman & His Amazing Friends' the animated series.
Art made my me!

Bobby Drake was not happy about having to go to a new school. He was tired of always having to meet new people, trying to find where his classes were, getting caught up on his school work because every new school always seemed to be harder than the last school.

Mostly, Bobby didn’t like trying to make new friends. No one ever wanted to be friends with him and even when they did, as soon as they found out he was a mutant, they stopped talking to him.

Bobby hated trying to make new friends.

This was the fourth school he had been to since he was eleven years old. That was when his mutant powers had started coming. One day, on the playground, one of the other boys had said that Bobby’s mom wore ugly clothes and drove a stupid car. Bobby didn’t like other kids saying bad things about his mom, so he got really upset.

“Take it back!” Bobby had yelled and pushed the other boy.

“No,” the other boy told him with a sneer. “Your mom is gross.”

“No, she isn’t! Take it back!” Bobby hollered at him and raised his hand in a threat, like he was going to hit the kid.

Only when Bobby opened his fist to slap the other boy across the face, something shot out of his hand. It was white and hard and it hit the boy right in the face and cut his cheek. A small drop of blood fell from the boy’s face.

“He hit me!” the boy cried and a teacher came running over.

“I didn’t! I didn’t hit him!” Bobby told her but no one would believe him because the boy was bleeding and clearly that meant Bobby had hit him.

It was another two weeks before Bobby figured out what had happened and that was when everyone else figured it out too.

When the teacher was instructing the class on multiplication, she said that 8 x 3 was 26. Bobby knew she was wrong, so he raised his hand to tell her.

“Yes, Bobby?” the teacher asked him.

“You’re wrong. 8 x 3 is 24, not 26.”

She frowned at him. “I am the teacher,” she said. “Don’t you think I know how to do times tables?” Then she added, “Don’t be stupid.”

Bobby didn’t like it when people called him ‘stupid’. He got angry and slammed his hand down. Except when his hand hit the desk, a whole spray of ice shot right out of his finger.

He saw it and he knew it was ice, he just didn’t know how he had done it. The teacher saw it too and she shouted in fear, “Mutant! Mutant! He’s a mutie!”

All the kids in the classroom started shouting and chanting, “Mutie! Mutie! Mutie!”

Bobby was sent to the principal’s office and the next day his mom told him they had to find a new school for him to go to.

“But I like my school,” Bobby said. “That’s not fair.”

His mother had sighed. “It looks like you are a mutant, Bobby. I’d get used to life not being fair to you.”

His mom had been right about that, of course. But then again, his mom was right about most everything.


Bobby was almost fifteen now and finally starting high school, which he was excited about even though he was nervous about his new school.

The building was very big and there were too many hallways. He got there early and managed to find his locker, #127, but he couldn’t find where his first class, science in room 3C, was supposed to be. In fact, he couldn’t even find the hallway that had all the #3 classrooms in it, let alone the one with a ‘C’ on the door. He was walking down the hallway carrying all of his books, which was a lot of books, and he must not have been looking where he was going because suddenly he crashed into something.

Or rather, someone.

“Hey, watch it!” the older boy cried and shoved at Bobby.

“I’m sorry,” Bobby told him. “My fault. I am new here and I can’t seem to find my class. Can you help me?”

“Get lost, dweeb,” the boy said and kicked all the books and papers Bobby had dropped on the floor.

“I already am lost, genius!” Bobby called after him. After all, if he wasn’t lost, he wouldn’t need help finding the classroom.

Bobby kind of wanted to ‘ice’ that guy for being so rude to him. Bobby had said he was sorry, after all.

When his mutant powers had first started, Bobby couldn’t control them at all. Anytime he got angry, ice just shot straight out of his hand, often knocking things over or hurting someone on accident. So Bobby had practiced a lot in his backyard and now he could control when the ice shot out. He knew right now, if he wanted to, he could shoot a big ball of ice right at that older kid’s butt.

But then everyone would find out he was a mutant and he would have to find a new school and his mom would be so sad and disappointed in him for not controlling himself better. So Bobby didn’t shoot any ice.

Instead, he started picking up all his books and papers from the floor and tried to remember how his mom had told him to be brave.

And that is when he saw a pair of shoes.

Or rather, a pair of shoes that were attached to a pair of legs that were attached to another boy, who was smiling down at him.

“Hi,” the boy said. “Do you need help?”

“Yes, thank you,” Bobby said as the boy leaned down to help him pick up all his things from the floor.

“Here you go,” the boy told him and handed over a bunch of Bobby’s papers. “I’m Peter, by the way. Peter Parker,” and he stuck out his hand for Bobby to shake.

“Oh, it’s nice to meet you,” Bobby said. “I’m Bobby Drake.”

“You new?“ Peter asked and lifted his backpack from one shoulder to the other. “Need any help finding anything?”

“Oh,” Bobby said again, surprised. Where the first boy had been mean to him, this boy was being nice. “I have science but I can’t find…”

“Room 3C?” Peter asked and Bobby nodded. “Cool. I have that class first too. Come on, I’ll show you.”

Peter lead him down one hallway and into another, talking the whole time. He told Bobby how science was his favorite class and how he had signed up to join the Science Team which got together after school to do experiments and how, if Bobby liked science too, he could probably get on the team, if he wanted.

Bobby liked listening to Peter talk.

He liked Peter a lot already.

And he really hoped Peter never found out he was a mutant, because Bobby really kind of wanted to be Peter’s friend.


“How was school?” his mom asked that afternoon, while they ate cookies and Bobby showed her a list of all the classes he was taking.

“It was alright,” Bobby told her.

“Did you have any trouble finding any of your classes?”

“A little at first but then Peter helped me.”

“Peter? Is that a boy in your class?”

“Uh-huh,” Bobby said around a mouthful of cookie. “He likes science a lot and maybe if the teacher says it’s okay, I can join the Science Team. We’re going to look into it.”

His mom gave him a kind of sad smile.

Bobby knew she was thinking about Corey. Corey was a boy who had been Bobby’s friend at the third school he went to. When everyone at that school had found out that Bobby was a mutant, Corey had told him that he didn’t care, he still wanted to be Bobby’s friend. But Corey’s dad had said there was no way his son was going to be friends with a mutant. He thought all mutants should be put in jail because they were dangerous.

Corey hadn’t been allowed to be Bobby’s friend after that.

Bobby hoped that didn’t happen with Peter. He thought since Peter liked science, it might be okay because he knew lots of grown-up scientists liked mutants and were trying to find ways to help them. And Peter had seemed really nice anyways, so Bobby was sure he wouldn’t be a mutant-hater.

But maybe Peter’s parents wouldn’t understand. Maybe Peter’s parents would be like Corey’s parents and say they couldn’t be friends. If they ever found out that Bobby was a mutant, that is.

Bobby was just going to have to make sure they never did.


Bobby and Peter spent a lot of time together after that. They had four of the same classes at school and then they ate lunch at the same table. Bobby joined Science Team and was helping Peter find the right chemical that would make water evaporate in a quick second.

Peter even came over after school one day.

“This is my bedroom,” Bobby told him and showed him the room, decorated with hockey posters, hockey bed sheets and hockey sports gear hanging off the walls.

“You like hockey, huh?” Peter asked him.

“I like ice,” Bobby said.

“Hey, cool, you have a TV in your room!” Peter exclaimed.

“Yeah, but I only can watch it after I do my homework,” Bobby grumbled because neither he nor Peter had done their homework yet, so that meant they couldn’t turn it on.

“My Aunt May would never let me have a TV in my room,” Peter told him.

“What about your Mom and Dad?”

Peter looked down at the floor and kicked his shoe along the carpet. “They died when I was a little kid.”

“Oh,” Bobby said. “That’s too bad.”

“I live with my Aunt May now and she is kind of awesome, so that’s nice. She always tells me I can do anything I want.”

They went in the kitchen then to get a snack and Peter asked, “How come you like ice so much?”

“I just do. It feels natural to me to be around ice, you know?”

But, of course, Peter didn’t know because he didn’t know Bobby was secretly ‘Iceman’. Iceman was the mutant name Bobby had given himself for when he fought crime, which wasn’t very often because he wasn’t allowed to be outside after dark when his mom wasn’t home and there wasn’t as much crime during the daytime.

“I like spiders,” Peter said quietly.

“What if there was a spider that could live in ice, like it wouldn’t freeze?” Bobby asked him. “That would be cool.”

“Yeah, that would be totally cool,” Peter said and grinned at him.

Bu then, suddenly, Peter stopped grinning and looked out the window. He wrinkled his nose up and turned his ear to the window.

“Uh-oh,” he said in a rush. “I have to go.”

“What? Why? You were suppose to stay for dinner,” Bobby said.

Peter shook his head. “I can’t. I’m sorry. I can’t explain. I have to go,” and he grabbed his book-bag and ran from the house without saying anything more.

Bobby felt sad. He didn’t know why Peter had just run off like that, like something was wrong. Maybe he had figured out Bobby’s secret but Bobby didn’t know how. He had been really careful not to give any clues that he was a mutant. But Peter was super smart, so maybe he had figured it out anyway,

Bobby was upset, so he went and laid down in his bed and hoped that he and Peter could still be friends. He turned on the TV, even though he knew he wasn’t suppose to until after he had done his homework. On the channel with Bobby’s favorite cartoon show - about a group of kids who accidentally fall into a world with dragons and wizards - there was a news alert.

‘Breaking News!’, the bottom of the screen read. A woman reporter on the TV was saying, “A giant lizard man is attacking a local power plant and trying to shut off the electricity to the whole city! We have heard reports that several city workers are stuck inside and are trapped under a large collapsed beam.”

Bobby sat up in bed. He should go and try to stop the lizard-man. He might be the only one that could, since he had his special mutant powers and as far as Bobby knew, he was the only mutant in town. Plus, the power plant wasn’t very far away from his house at all. But Bobby was scared that someone might recognize him. There were TV crews there and even though Bobby could cover his whole body in ice now, which worked as part of a disguise, he was worried that he might get caught.

He didn’t want anyone to know he was a mutant. He’d have to change schools and he wouldn’t be able to be friends with Peter anymore.

On the other hand, people might get hurt if he didn’t help.

Bobby didn’t know what to do.

Just then, on the TV screen, the woman said, “Look, look! It’s Spiderman!”

On top of one of the buildings came a man in a blue and red suit, swinging on a string of spider-web from rooftop to rooftop. He swung in a window of the power plant and there was a large crash. The camera zoomed in on the building and Bobby could hear another crash and the sounds of fighting.




The reporter held up her microphone as high as she could and Bobby could hear Spiderman say, “Looks like you’re all tied up there, buddy!”

A minute after that, the lizard-man came stumbling out of the building, wrapped in a giant spider-web, only his feet able to move him.

“It’s alright, everyone!” the lady reporter was saying. “It looks like Spiderman has saved us again!”

‘Huh,’ Bobby thought. ‘I guess I am not the only superhero in town.’

And he smiled because just maybe Bobby could have a friend in this ‘Spiderman’.

Then he’d have two friends - one for Bobby Drake and one for Iceman.


The next day at school, Peter came in looking very tired and he kept rubbing at his left shoulder like it was hurt. But Bobby didn’t ask him about it because he was still upset that Peter had run out of the house last night.

So he just decided not to talk to Peter, but that didn’t work because Peter came right up to him and said, “I’m sorry I had to go last night. Something came up.”

“It’s okay,” Bobby told him sadly. “You don’t have to be my friend, if you don’t want.”

“No,” Peter said quickly. “I do want to be your friend.”

“Then why did you have to leave last night?” Bobby asked him.

Peter looked down at the floor and kicked his shoe along the carpet. “I can’t tell you.”

Bobby sighed. “I have to go,” he said and walked away. Peter was lying to him and acting weird and Bobby decided to eat lunch by himself that day.

‘Maybe mutants just don’t get to have friends,’ he thought to himself.


After school, Bobby did some of his homework, but not all of it. His mom was working late, so he made himself some macaroni and cheese and went to eat in front of the TV. But when he turned the television on, there was another news alert.

This time there was a large man with lots of long robot arms. The newswoman kept calling him ‘Doctor Octopus’. He was downtown surround by a whole group of police cars and all the police officers had their guns trained on him, but every time they shot him, it just bounced off like he was wearing special bullet-proof armor. Doctor Octopus kept swinging his long arms around and smashing all the police cars while the police jumped and dived for cover.

Bobby looked outside. It wasn’t dark yet and his mom wasn’t home, so he probably wouldn’t get in trouble if he went outside. There were camera crews there again and Bobby was still worried about someone recognizing him, but he had to help those police. He just had too.

Besides, Spiderman might show up and this may be Iceman’s chance to make a friend of his own.

Bobby put his dinner in the fridge and headed downtown to save the day.


Bobby was almost downtown when he decided to change into Iceman. He concentrated real hard and then ice started to form over his body. Slowly it went from his feet up to his legs, then to his stomach, and his arms and then all the way to the top of Bobby’s head, until he was completely covered in ice, his whole body.

Now he was Iceman.

Then he went running down the street, yelling, “Stop, Doctor Octopus!”

“Who is that?” one of the police officers shouted and then everyone was pointing at him.

“I’m here to help,” Iceman told them. “Let me put the freeze on this guy!”

“You got it, friend,” the police chief told him and then waved his arms in the air and shouted, “Let him through! Let him through!”

As Iceman ran into the middle of the circle of police cars - the ones that hadn’t been knocked over by Doctor Octopus yet - he realized he had never fought a bad guy this big before. Usually he just stopped people from stealing ladies’ purses or little kids’ bicycles. Now he wasn’t sure what to do.

“Ahahahaha!” Doc Ock shouted. “You can’t stop me!” and he swung his arms at Iceman. Iceman tried to jump out of the way and shoot his ice at the same time, but he missed. The ice bounced off of Doctor Octopus just like the bullets had earlier. One of Doc Ock’s arms hit Iceman in the legs and sent him flying. He slammed into a police car.

His side hurt and he wasn’t sure he could get up.

“Look!” someone shouted. “It’s Spiderman!”

Iceman looked and sure enough, there was Spiderman swinging down from a rooftop. He landed on the roof of a large city bus.

“Let’s get these people out of arm’s way,” Spiderman shouted to Iceman and Iceman gave him two thumbs up.

They stood on either side of Doctor Octopus and he swung his arms left and right, trying to hit them. But this time, Iceman was ready. He jumped over the swinging arms, just like he was jumping rope and Spiderman did the same.

“Looks like you got yourself into a sticky mess there, Doc,” Spiderman said and when Doc Ock turned to see what Spiderman was talking about, he got sprayed with a sticky spider-web. It covered him from head to foot.

“ARGH!” Doctor Octopus shouted and thrashed around inside the web.

Iceman could see it wasn’t going to hold the bad guy. Spiderman came running over and winked at him.

“Glad to get some help out here,” he said to Iceman.

“Happy to help,” Iceman told him. “But I don’t think that’s going to hold him.”

“Can you freeze him up with your ice?”

“I tried,” Iceman said, “But it just bounced off him like he was wearing armor.” Then suddenly, Iceman had an idea. “Wait, what if I freeze the spider-web instead?”

“Good idea,” Spiderman said and offered him a fist bump, which Iceman quickly returned.

“Hey, Doc,” Iceman shouted, as the bad guy continued to rip at the spider-web from the inside. “I think you need to chill out!” and then he shot the ice straight out of his hand and all over the spider-web that was holding Doctor Octopus. It froze solid, making it so hard and heavy that Doctor Octopus couldn’t break it. In fact, he could barely move at all inside the web of ice.

“Yes!” all the police officers shouted. “Good job!” they all cried at Iceman and Spiderman.

“Always happy to swing by,” Spiderman said and then added, “If he busts out, just shoot him with your taser guns. His robot arms will be electrocuted. I learned that on Science Team.”

Then Spiderman ran off down the street and Iceman ran after him.

“Science Team?” Iceman asked him, once they had rounded the corner and there were no more people nearby. “I have a friend who is on a Science Team.”

“Oh, yeah. I like science,” Spiderman said quietly, and looked down at the ground and kicked his shoe along the pavement.

“Me too,” Iceman told him.

They had stopped running and now they were just standing in an alley. Spiderman was probably going to swing away on his web soon and Iceman would have to go home. Spiderman reached up to rub at his shoulder, like it was hurt. It was his left shoulder, the exact same one Peter had been rubbing that morning at school.

“Did you hurt your arm?” Iceman asked him, suspiciously.

Spiderman nodded. “Last night, fighting that lizard-man. Thank goodness my spider sense told me people were in danger and I was able to run and help fast enough.”

Now Iceman was really suspicious because Spiderman was on a Science Team and he had a hurt left shoulder and last night he had to run quick right at the same time that Peter had run out of Bobby’s house.

Iceman decided to see if he was right.

“Peter?” he asked and Spiderman jerked his head up in surprise.

“What did you call me?” Spiderman said and he sounded a little scared.

Iceman just smiled, then he took a deep breath and when he let it out, the ice from his body slowly melted away until it was all gone and the only thing left standing there was just plain old Bobby Drake.

“Bobby!” Spiderman shouted and pulled off his mask.

It was Peter! His friend Peter was also his friend Spiderman!

“That’s why you ran out of my house last night,” Bobby said with a laugh.

“Wow!” Peter replied. “I can’t believe my new best friend is a superhero too!”

Best friend?” Bobby asked him. “Really?”

Totally,” Peter said. “Totally my best friend.”

Bobby smiled. He had been right after all - there was a friend for Bobby and a friend for Iceman. It was just that the friend was the same person for both.

“Do you want to come over to my house and spend the night?” Peter asked him.

“Sure,” Bobby said and slung an arm around his new best friend. “That’d be awesome.”


Bobby called his mom to make sure it was okay if he spent the night at Peter’s house and she said, “Yes”.

Peter had the coolest video games and they decided to play one with race cars that could fly, which Bobby liked a lot. They ordered pizza and ate cookies and played the video game for so long that it got dark outside. Bobby wondered if they would just get to play video games all night or if they would have to fight some more crime.

Just then, the door to the house opened and an older woman walked in.

“Aunt May,” Peter said excitedly. “This is my friend, Bobby.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” Aunt May said and then gave Peter a serious look. “Have you only eaten junk food tonight?” she asked.

“Yes,” Peter admitted, a little embarrassed.

“And have you been playing that video game all night?”

“Yes,” Peter admitted.

“And did you even do your homework?” she asked.

“No,” Peter admitted and this time Bobby shook his head ‘no’ too, because he hadn’t finished all of his homework either.

“Well, then I think you boys will have fun tonight doing your homework together,” she said and kissed the top of Peter’s head before turning off their video game.

After she left the room, Peter just shrugged and said, “I guess even superheroes have to do their homework.”

Bobby didn’t mind doing his homework so much, now that he had a friend to do it with.

The End
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