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Lovers. In Space.

I swear, I very rarely ever vote in these types of polls and I especially hate the ones where you can vote as many times as you want because it just stacks things unfairly in favor of the, er, uh, let's say 'really dedicated' fandoms. But vikingprincess pimped it out, so I headed over to het_reccers to check out their shipping poll, just to take a look. And now...I can't stop checking the stats! I have voted in every round since! But you guys, there is something bizarre happening in the universe, because Leia/Han are losing. I can't even with that.

Amy Pond/Rory Williams vs Scully/Mulder. I am happy to see that Scully/Mulder are winning by quite a few votes. In the last round they were up against Buffy/Angel and I got a little worried for them. Scully/Mulder, I do believe, are headed to the end of this thing. /knocks on virtual wood/

Elizabeth Bennet/Fitzwilliam Darcy vs Beckett/Castle. In the last round Beckett/Castle were up against Inara/Mal, which was kind of funny having two Nathan Fillion characters against each other. Currently, Bennet/Darcy are winning.

Now we get into this…Natasha/Clint are beating out Leia/Han. WTF IS THAT?! Look, I LOVE Natasha/Clint. I left the theater that day wanting to read all the fic about them as partners, as friends, as naked friends, as lovers, Having All The Sex. I totally voted for them in the last round, but now...look who they are up against. LEIA/HAN HAVE BEEN OTP SINCE 1977!! Come on, it's Leia's fault that women my age all think they can turn scoundrels into heroes. We are talking about Han & Leia here people!! "I LOVE YOU" - "I KNOW." "I'D RATHER KISS A WOOKIE!" "YOU LIKE ME BECAUSE I'M A SCOUNDREL." Just...just....come on! You know even Clint Barton is side-eyeing the poll results right now because...Dudes, HAN & LEIA!

And finally, Pepper/Tony vs Zoe/Wash. Once again, an Avengers pairing that I adore. So much, you guys, so much. It actually caused me pain to vote against them. It did. (For the record, I also love Peggy/Steve because Peggy is so awesome and I have recently discovered that I ship Darcy/Bruce). But you guys, WASH & ZOE. Okay. They are the best married couple that has ever been on our TV ever. (I just spent like ten minutes trying to think of a better married couple to grace our TV and I couldn't). Look, Wash got hit on by Christina Hendricks - have you seen her? Do you remember the 'Earth blowing out the stars' speech YoSaffBridg gave Wash? And he didn't even think about it! Cuz he loves his woman, dammit! And she loves her man! He won her over even with that stupid moustache! IT'S WASH & ZOE AND THEY ARE FUCKING LOSING! DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS, YOU GUYS!!

Dammit, vikingprincess, look what you have done to me! I JUST CAN'T EVEN THAT LEIA/HAN & ZOE/WASH ARE LOSING! Thank goodness for dedicated X-Files fans or I would be having a triple meltdown right now. Vote here!

In TV news - American Horror Story starts back up tonight! The thing is, my Tivo wasn’t picking it up despite people insisting it was coming back this week. Turns out, they are calling it “American Horror Story: Asylum”, so if you have it programmed into your DVR from last year, it may not be recognizing this new season. Check your DVRs and shit, people! Also, Ian McShane will be in this season and I heard he will be an adversary to Jessica Lange and that…that just sounds like the best thing ever.
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