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It's The End Of The World! Everybody Pile On!

Which basically just means I played Lord of the Rings Risk with the sister this weekend and got stomped - as per usual. Why do I keep playing that stupid game with her? I know she's gonna win. She always wins. She's a genius. And I get distracted making my little elven guys talk to each other. She got World Domination just after The Fellowship got out of Gondor. I didn't even have enough guys left on the board to make a proper end-of-the-world orgy party in one of my few remaining territories, right before the end came.

But I totally have a strategy for next time! (I always say that).

The amount of money I would pay to watch Misha Collins try to beat my sister at Risk. She would have him crying. Oh, then they could be arch nemesis, nemesi...enemies.

Would pay so much money for that. And Jared and I could make our guys have orgies on the corner of the board. *g*

In other end of the world acockalypse news - When In The Fuck Will Red Dawn Ever Be Released???? It has so many things I want:

1) Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

2) A remake of a spectacularly, bad 80's movie that I love despite or because of it's awfulness.

3) It was filmed in Detroit - represent, baby!

4) They called for Michigan military people, in particular, paratroopers, to come out and join them. Even though liptonrm's little brother was lame and did not, I still look forward to knowing that the majority of the hot guys dropping out of the sky in that movie are representing Michigan proud, with the hotness.

5) Adrianne Palicki - which excites me because Jeffrey is playing the shot down pilot who joins the kids in their viva la resistance! In the original, there were two teenage girls that joined them, the oldest of which knew they were going to die freeing their fellow Americans and didn't want to die without a man's touch. So the downed pilot slept with her the night before the big attack. This has led me to squeal and flail because um, does that mean JDM and Adrianne are going to get it on in this film? Why so incestuous, Vortex? I love you, Vortex.

6) Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

7) Come on, the original had 2 of The Outsiders in it. Which has nothing to do with this movie but still, it was all very slashy and I have high hopes this version will be too. And hot. Also, the hot. Even if it made no sense.

Come On, Peoples - Release The Red Dawn Upon Us!!

Isn't The Losers coming out this month on DVD?

That is all.
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