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Three Completely Random Non-Related Things.

It was 77 degrees outside today. And sunny and beautiful. I had the house all opened up and I could smell the leaves. The whole yard is full of them. Even though it was warmer than it usually is this time of year, it still felt like fall. It just smelled so good and it was kind of awesome.

Anyways, after spending the last month or so convincing everyone and their brother to watch American Horror Story, I have to give it up, at least for this season.

I have had health issues my whole life, including all through my childhood. I've had a lot of scary medical things done and as a kid, I had no say in any of them. I'll spare you (and myself) the details, but needless to say there are some things I can't watch. I saw E.T. once when I was about seven. That scene where the military has Eliot and ET all hooked up to the medical equipment to see if they can find out what causes them to be linked? And Eliot is yelling, "You're killing him!" and no one is listening to him? Caused me to have screaming nightmares for weeks and I've never watched ET since. There is a scene in District 9 where they strap someone to a chair and are experimenting on his alien hand and he is yelling, "What are you doing to me?" and they just keep doing stuff to him. My sister reached over and covered my head with her arm and asked if I wanted to leave the theater. But it was only one scene, so I just hid under her arm until it was over because I was really enjoying the movie and I didn't want to leave.

But American Horror Story: Asylum is clearly going to have multiple scenes every week where people are strapped down to tables and experimented on by the crazy doctor. I know my triggers and so I am giving AHS up for the season. I am bummed though because Zachary Quinto is top billed this year, not to mention a whole slew of other people I love, including Clea Duvall (who I have crushed on for years). In the meantime, I may rewatch S1, because it was just so fucking good. AHS was my favorite new show of last year by far.

In fandom news, the het_reccers poll is in its final round. Scully/Mulder vs Natasha/Clint. I'll say it again - I love Natasha/Clint. By how can the OTP of my generation be bested by the new kids on the block?! It looks like they are going to be though because Natasha/Clint are kicking Scully/Mulder's ass right now. It's so messed up. It seems like when I first got into fandom, I kept meeting new people and discovering they started out in The X-Files. I always knew it was a big fandom that got a lot of people their start - (it was a few years too early for me to afford a computer) - but at any rate, I was surprised by the sheer number of X-Files fans in fandom. And yet, somehow, Scully/Mulder are being stomped. THIS WILL NOT STAND! Vote here!.

That is all.
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