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I Was Totally Productive This Weekend - Or Not

Well, first - I was totally productive this weekend. We had our annual community garage sale this weekend. We made almost $400, split three ways. None of that was mine - I only had my old TV and it didn't sell - but I was happy to help out, especially since most of the money went to help my cousin pay for a tutor for his boy. I wouldn't object if the family wanted to thank me by filling my bathtub with Aloe Lotion though, cuz I got burned - big time. And one of those horrid burns where if you press on the red area, you can actually write on your own skin. And, because I was sitting there in almost the same position, it is like one of those things were it's really red in one weird place and the rest of my body is still Irish White. But then again - $400 - so yay.

And now onto the really productive part of my weekend:

I started my One Tree Hill Season One DVDs -

So, prior to this, Soapnet showed me the second half of Season Three and the first half of Season Four before my stupid cable company took away my Soapnet. Boo, Comcast, you tease! So my sis got me First Season OTH on DVD. Yay, sis!

Here are the things of note:

Nine episodes in and we have already had two car accidents, three fist fights between The Brothers Scott JR and one between The Brothers Scott SR, towed Peyton's car twice already, one music star appearance(Gavin DeGraw), at least three shirtless scenes, two shower scenes, an underwear scene and a full nude scene (Wow, did Chad know this when he signed up for it? Cuz damn, it's not bad to look at, let me tell you what.)

Nathan has already given Haley the bracelet that she loses in the car accident after their second wedding. Lucas has already confessed his love to Peyton and been rejected and then totally started dating Brooke. Brooke has already met and laid claim to Mouth. Nathan has already been the bad boy, broken up with Peyton, started dating Haley and then been the good boy. Lucas had already been the good boy, gone out with Brooke, gotten drunk, got a tattoo and become the bad boy. Karen has already kissed Keith. Jake already has his baby daughter. Deb has already been non-existent, come home, been a good wife, made friends with Karen, gone to work at the cafe and left Dan. We've already had one collapse on the court (Nathan). We've already had the very special drug episode, date rape/roofie episode, my mother is dead episode, the basketball should be fun episode, the getting caught buying condoms episode...oh, One Tree Hill, how I love your stupid ridiculousness.

I have found that I am liking all the people in First Season that I hated in Third/Fourth Season - Brooke (and I'm sorry, but Sophia Bush has a sexy voice), Lucas (who was always kind of lame even though Chad is yum - you know what I like that we see little of later on, how smart Lucas actually is and how quiet and happy he is compared to later on), Nathan (because his character is way more complex and interesting), Haley (because she is way, way more interesting and I feel bad for all the yelling about how I wished she would get cancer and die, which makes me sound crazy but man she and Nathan bored the hell out of me in Fourth Season), Jake (because before I was just like "who is this guy and why does Peyton want to marry him?") and Tim (because I'm kind of in love with his stupid douchebag self).

And hating all the people I liked in Third/Fourth Season - namely, Peyton, because she's just an idiot and the Peyton I love would have kicked Nathan's ass - I guess people grow and she hasn't yet, but dude, kick him in the nuts already. Just sayin'.

I still <3 Mouth to squishy pieces.

And TMI, can't decide if I want to sleep with Uncle Keith or have him be my Uncle Keith (okay, that's not at all different than my Third Season viewing feelings really. *g* ) But man, this all just makes his death way more painful to see how much a part of Lucas and Karen's life he really is. Plus, the grungy spikey homeless grease-monkey look is really good on Keith.

Was Moira Kelley pregnant? Is that why Karen went away to cooking school? Anyone know?

I am totally shipping the following couples:

Nathan/Haley, anyone who watched Third Season with me has just fallen over dead from this confession - I totally wasn't, right up until their first kiss, but then - awwwww.

Karen/Keith, I <3 them, as always.
Karen/Deb - they should try that out, then they can raise their boys together!

Mouth/Brooke - what's new?
Brooke/Tim - they should run off to Vegas together and get jobs as strippers. IDK, but it sounds good to me.

And pretty much everyone and Lucas:
Lucas/Jake - omg, they are so boyfriends, it's ridiculous. They should raise Jake's ass-baby together, it would be adorable! When they were leaning over the baby's crib together - squishy-squee. Plus, Jake = Hotness.
Lucas/Brooke - what can I say, they are hot when they make-out.
Lucas/Nathan - oh yeah, they aren't the Winchesters or the incestuous vampire brothers, but yeah, that's some good brother love right there.
And lastly, but maybe my favorite - Lucas/Haley - I don't want to be one of those people that is all like thinking a guy and a girl can't just be friends, lord knows all of my friends were guys at that age, but they are so cute together. I can't believe how hard I ship these two. Like so much, I can't stop yelling at my TV for them to kiss. I totally ship them so hard, that when Lucas confronted Haley about lying about Nathan and then gave her hat back that she left in Peyton's car, omg, I totally started crying. OTH made me cry!

/hang my head in shame because omg, I just went off like a crazy person about OTH, oh god, no/

Anyone ever notice how Lucas always looks like he has tears in his eyes? I'm wondering if Chad doesn't have like light sensitivity. It would explain all the squinty-eyed thing. When Lucas is having an emotion, his eyes get all wide and then they like, glisten. Or maybe he's acting. Whatever.

Also, does anyone think Lucas leers at his mother? I thought that in Third/Fourth Season too, but now that I'm watching First Season - I'm thinking Chad just can't help but leer at all women, including the woman who is supposed to be playing his mother. Which is both sick and hot.

Why do I love douchebags? Why, Chad, why?

Also, there was a mild guest star from Sean Faris aka Dino from "Life As We Know It" - and if anyone knows that show -please, oh please, be my new best friend? I loved that show.

Hey, oselle - let's make baylorsr marathon First Season OTH when you come visit! Come on, you know you want to! We can make a drinking game out of it - count the car accidents, the shirtlessness, the collapses on the basketball court and the fist fights. Go!

Well, I was going to wax on about Days of Our Lives, Buffy, Angel, Axe, Harsh Realm, CW RPS and oddly enough, Days Of Our Lives RPS, (because I had a productive weekend!) - but I'll save those for another day because I have to go now and find out what happens next on One Tree Hill. Karen is in Italy and Lucas is totally out of control and Chad might be naked again!

But I'm not going to write OTH fan-fiction! I'm not!
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