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Celebrations & Chimpanzees!

I am caught up on LJ comments, you people! 100% for the first time in Idek how long. It’s a miracle!! (I always feel compelled to say ‘mirable’ because of way too much time spent watching The Rugrats). Last week I hunkered down and cleaned out my personal email inbox too; saved all the links I wanted, downloaded all the pictures people had sent me - (had some in there from Christmas 2010!) - and replied to things I needed to reply to - (seem to have gotten an onslaught of personal friends and family emails in the last month). Then I caught up on all my LJ comments as well. I FEEL SO ACCOMPLISHED!!

I also have written about 4,000 words so far this month, which is awesome, since the month is only half over with. I wrote some stuff on The BFF’s fic yesterday that was very exciting. Ever have that feeling that a story is kind of dragging and you don’t know why and then you suddenly realize exactly what it needs to get going again? Yeah, I had a scene like that the other day. It wasn’t in my initial plan but it has really upped the tension. It’s all very exciting!

I would now like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all my Flisties who are having birthdays this week - four of you, damn! Happy birthday to saddle_tramp, fragrantwoods, phamalama and angelcords!!! Hope they are/were great ones, darlings!

For your birthdays, (and for everyone else), I will now make you all well up with tears. My sis and I watched this movie this weekend, Chimpanzee. It is shot like a documentary, but narrated by Tim Allen and very family-friendly in its presentation. There are some tension-filled moments, as well as sad moments but I promise you, if you watch it, there will be a happy ending. It was amazing and I don’t exaggerate.

Oscar is too fucking cute.

Even the trailer gave me goosebumps. It doesn't help that they used Switchfoot's Narnia song either - always gets me.

The story of the behind-the-scenes on the movie, which I learned about on The Daily Show awhile back, were very interesting. The film crew came on scene when Oscar was still quite young and decided to follow him as he grew up a bit. Halfway through, his mother is killed. And the crew had to watch while Oscar slowly starved. They were sure he was going to die, which was obviously terrible to witness, especially since they had all grown attached. But all the other mothers had babies and could not care for Oscar. The crew was so upset to be watching this baby so desperate for someone to care for it, not to mention that they were going to have to scrap all their footage and start over with a new baby chimp, adding years to their filming.

And then, the most unlikely of things happened. Oscar was adopted by a male. And not just any male, but the alpha leader of the tribe. This is the first time such a thing has ever been captured on film. It is a truly beautiful moment when he picks Oscar up and carries him on his back for the first time, just the way Oscar’s mother used to.

Go watch this movie and be filled with hope and love and tears!
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