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And You Should Too.

So a friend of mine, denig37, is doing a SPN/J2 ‘Gives Me Hope’ Comment Fic Meme Thingy. I’ve never actually done a comment fic meme before (ikr?) and I haven’t written J2 in like forever, but I figured why not go check it out. So I went to the site it was based off of - little snippet stories of hope at GivesMeHope - and then I sobbed hysterically for ten minutes straight. (seriously, don’t go there if you are on your Awesome Time Of Month right now, okay). And then I went back later and cried some more and then finally, I looked at which prompts people had selected for the comment meme.

And then I did a fill. And then I did another fill.

Want to bet on how many more I will have done by the end of the week? This is not ‘working on The BFF’s fic’ like I’m suppose to be doing! Damn these awesome stories of hope and love!


There are plenty of prompts waiting to be filled still, so go check it out! Bring tissues because the happy tears will be a’flowing!
Tags: biology can bite my ass, cw rps is a sickness plague, fandom fun, fic rec, friends 4evah, i was totally productive, j2's big epic gay love, need story ideas like i need oxy, pimping is a good life choice, spn love, writing blahblahblahing

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