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How Was Yours?

My Thanksgiving weekend was really good actually. ceitfianna came down on Wednesday afternoon and we spent a good three hours just talking; about fandom, writing, TV, her new job. Then when my sister came home, we decided to go out to eat. After, my sis had some cooking to do for the next day, so we put on That 70s Show and just hung out while she cooked.

On Thursday, we went to my mom’s for dinner. She was excited both to be hosting her first holiday dinner in her new house and also that I brought a friend along. While we were there, I actually got to see her cat, Whispa. She is a kitten of Zippo and Papa Bear, so that means she is Roo and Buddy’s (my current cats) sister. I haven’t seen her in so long because she always hides under the bed whenever someone comes in the house. But my sister dragged her out and as soon as Whispa saw me she reached out one little paw for me. It’s been around 8 years since I lived in the same house as her, but she always was a total sweetie.

Whispa - princess
The fluffiest kitty in the world.

Thursday night we watched our traditional Buffy Thanksgiving episode and then my sister wanted to watch the Demon-Giles episode, since Giles is her favorite, and ceitfianna wanted to watch the episode where the Initative tries to kill Buffy and Buffy is super badass.

On Friday we went and saw Red Dawn - (oh, I have things to say! I have things to say about another movie we watched this weekend as well, so I’ll save that for tomorrow’s post). At any rate, if you want ridiculous fun with hotties and guns, this is the movie for you. The BFF came with us and afterwards we played some movie trivia game and we all got a little silly. Then we watched another movie, which I will talk about later because it was very interesting.

On Saturday my sister and I went to my dad’s, where The Nephew demanded my attention every second and also loaned me some comic that he would like me to read, so we can 'call each other and talk about it'. Fanboys FTW, right? It was a Spiderman comic, so the boy has good tastes. That night we watched X-Men: First Class and I still see the Darwin/Alex every damn time.

ceitfianna went home on Sunday and I have just been chilling ever since. I got really tired Wednesday night, got some nasty vertigo, which usually only happens when I am exhausted or sick or something. After that I tried to pace myself better and I don’t feel nearly as wiped now as I thought I would.

Honestly, one of the better Thanksgiving weekends I have had in a long while. Oh, and we put the Christmas tree up and got in the spirit by watching ‘Elf’. And last night I watched the Leverage Christmas episode, so there you go. How were all your weekends?
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