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Wolverines! Wolverines!

I think I manage to keep it pretty spoiler-free here, but I’ll go under a cut just in case you don’t want even the tiniest bit about the movie upfront.

Okay, if you saw the original Red Dawn, the remake is a lot like it, except without the extra cheesy 80s quality that the original had. It had guns and hotties and little teenage twinks and yeah, a thin premise, but who cares because Jeffrey Dean Morgan was in full-on military gear and he was all FML-these-kids-grrr and Josh Hutcherson was so wee and Chris Hemsworth is so shiny and I gotta say, Edwin Hodge is awesome. They had some of those really rousing climatic speeches that make you want to cheer in the movie theater even though you know you should be embarrassed by your overwhelming urge to just start chanting their battle cry, “Wolverines! Wolverines!” and pumping your fist in the air - (I resisted but it was unbelievably hard to do so and not everyone in the theater was strong enough to hold back). The movie was ridiculous, ridiculous fun and I know it was kind of cheesy but I love that shit, okay. To give the plot props, they at least attempted to give it more reality than the original - in this technology based day and age, they had a few more options for believability. Another good thing was it wasn’t 100% like the original, so there were some twists and turns I did not see coming. My only real complaints were that the camera work was shaky, which is a style choice, but it made some of the action scenes a little motion-sickness inducing, especially the car chase scene. Also, it needed more JDM, but I think that about everything - Life needs more JDM.

So I was watching and wanting really bad to fic-it-up, though it wasn’t getting very porny in my head for some reason, despite the obvious easy set-up. I got some disbelief from a friend over this because Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in the movie and I am always thinking up porn for him. But most of the kids were just too young and I kind of just want to self-insert myself into any scenerio with Jeffrey anyways, so...yeah. But, there was this one friendship going on between the two young boys of the group, Hutcherson and Cruise, and they were all kinds of wee and cute together and I’d been shipping them from the start - (only in a rather PG way, because they seemed so young. Omg, I can’t believe I just said that. Who am I?). Then they have this one emotional scene and I was thinking in my head, “Oh, this needs a filler where they kiss at the end,” and as I was thinking that, my sister leans over and whispers in my ear, “I can see you writing their epic love story in your head right now.” I was all, “I am! Omg. Shut up, you bitch.” Then I proceeded to muffle my hysterical laughter during a very touching scene. My sister ruins everything! Except, of course, for how I totally ship those two. My sis said it was like a cartoon bubble popped up over my head and she could see what I was thinking.

We also watched a movie that ceitfianna brought with her called ‘Stardust’. It was based off a Neil Gaiman book and it was really quite good. It was a twisty-turny fairy tale type thing and it had some amazing actors in it. I rather liked the surprise of Ricky Gervais, but my favorite was De Niro as the pirate captain. I actually kind of want some fic about him now, just fun adventurey pirate stuff. All the brother-princes were great, Michelle Pfeiffer was amazing as the head witch, and Claire Danes was both sweet and gorgeous as the fallen star. The whole concept of a falling star hitting earth and being shocked into human form was very cool. The humor was very fun as well and it had a look to it that almost felt like book illustrations. Just a good fairy tale adventure story and I highly recommend it.

Now, who was it on my friends list that wrote Stardust into a J2? Because I didn’t know this movie when you wrote it, but about 15 minutes into the show I thought to myself, “Oh! This is the movie that J2 was based off of!”

I saw both those movies in the same day and it combined that night with me dreaming about the kids from Red Dawn fighting off an invasion…of witches. Though I seem to recall that at least some of the witches were from Shrek as well because I’d been watching that a bit the day before. That’s just how my subconscious rolls.
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