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Ficage In October.

Here, let's get this in before the next month starts. You guys, Idek...I started writing a Teen Wolf AU wherein Stiles is eleven and goes into foster care and it is so clichéd that it hurts a little in my chest and yet, it is beautiful. I have fallen into the Teen Wolf pit - who's surprised? Also, NEW WORD COUNT RECORD! Since I started keeping track at the beginning of this year, the highest I had gone was 8,800 words in a month. Last month I almost doubled that! It was that Halloween story - it just came pouring out of me like crazy awesome. That fic ended up being the second longest piece of fanfic I have ever written and I pulled it off in three weeks. I am still kind of startled by that, when I think about it. Of course, now that I know I can write that much in a month, I am going to have to up my word goals for next year.

Here is my approximate word count for the month.

October, 2012
Week One: 600 words of Teen Wolf AU fic.
Week Two: 1,200 words of Secret Crossover fic.
Week Three: 150 words of Lindsey & Cas fic.
3,100 words of Avengers Halloween fic.
Week Four: 6,100 words of Avengers Halloween fic.
Week Four and a Half: 4,200 words of Avengers Halloween fic. Completed. (already posted!)

15,350 words written in October!!!

October, 2010
Dude, That’s My Car!
Complete and utter crack drabble wherein I was basically just mocking the car that Sam was driving around at the beginning of SPN's season 6. Someone on my friend's list made a comment about it being the kind of douchey car you would expect from say, Chad Michael Murray, and the next thing I knew Chad was suddenly a Campbell-cousin. Idk, it was therapeutic. It still makes me smile to think about it.

Feel The Wind
I just really liked Dean and Ben hanging out together, so I wrote a little fic about how that family unit could keep working. It's Ben POV and it's just kind of sweet kid!fic and I just like that Ben is so proud to call Dean his dad. It turns out I did write a post-season 5 fic...just this once.

Try New Things - Freebies
The entire premise of this was just, "Do you think if Chad was bored enough, he'd give Jensen a blowjob?" I kind of loved writing this fic. I hadn't porned it up in awhile and just the idea that Jensen and Chad can't stand each other and then they get bored and they are both kind of surprised by the results. I guess I have a thing for non-romantic blowjobs or something. I am actually a little sad to realize it's been two years and I never went back and wrote anymore for these boys. It was called 'Try New Things' - they were supposed to keep trying new things!

October, 2011
Where The Sidewalk Ends
2011's Halloween fic! Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert holed up in a bunker together during the zombie apocalypse just made me ridiculously happy to think about. Sometimes I think this story could be, like, a whole thing, because the possibilities are endless. It actually turned out rather more angsty that I had planned, which I also liked a lot. And this is when I discovered that Comedy Central RPS is like a fandom unto itself. Zombies, bunkers, angst, Jon, Stephen and Co - good times.

This month my bizarre writing choice was to start an AU based off a Hawaii Five-0 episode wherein I decided to kill Danny, make Steve have serious angst issues over this and turn Gracie into an angry-goth-teenager. Idek. Mostly I am just trying to finish The BFF's fic in time for Christmas. I have written a ton more on it, broke through the latest plot hurdle, did a bunch of rewrites and even added a new character. It's just that I had forgotten how long it takes to write action scenes and I feel rather unaccomplished just because I haven't reached the next section yet. I have three weeks. I can do this. Right?
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