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To Dungeons Deep And Caverns Old.

I'm finally getting a chance to stop in and tell you how fucking awesome The Hobbit was and how just the opening bits of the Shire score brought tears to my eyes with a long ago love that warms my heart. Also the Ring score. And also the shot of the Shire, all green and lush and calling me home. /sigh/

For those of you that have not seen it yet - as I know a few who are waiting to see it with family over the holidays - if you want to know where the first movie ends off, (as I kind of wanted to know going in), let me tell you...…the point where the eagles rescue them from the wargs and the goblins and the forest fire, after the escape from the mountain and Bilbo’s interactions with Gollum.

And now, my completely spoilery thoughts for those of you who have seen it already.

First of all, they could not have cast anyone better than Martin Freeman. Not in a hundred years. Beautiful and perfect and Bilbo down to the bone. There is this thing that happens in the book - which is easy to explain in words but I thought would be rather hard to convey in visuals - where as Bilbo is listening to the Dwarves talk about their plans in his kitchen that first night, something of his Took side awakens and he starts dreaming about adventure. There is no other explanation for why Bilbo suddenly leaves his warm home and goes running off, but how do you show that on screen? Martin Freeman nailed it - you could see the little gears in his head turning almost. It was just lovely.

Just going back to Middle-Earth had my heart swelling, but then they hit so many lines and moments from the book that made me so happy. Like, they had Gandalf say his ‘good morning’ speech! Even though they added many things, they kept those little moments that made it the story I love.

And while many things made me tear-up, the thing that made me cry actual tears was when Bilbo gives them the speech about Home and how he will help them get theirs back, if he can. Damn, here I sit almost crying just thinking about it. So damn good.

My only real complaint is that Peter Jackson thinks he has to make everything epic and so he added all the Necromancer stuff and it doesn’t need it. It’s a straight-forward adventure, you know. I understand they can’t have it be strictly Bilbo’s POV, despite it being called The Hobbit, because Bilbo keeps getting knocked unconscious or separated from the group. But they could have done Bilbo-POV and Thorin-POV and not had all the wizard stuff - (as much as I love me some wizards). It could have been two movies easily. But I kind of expected as much going in. Sometimes I feel like Peter Jackson is just doing a parody of Peter Jackson, you know.

My only other complaints are trivial - I started laughing during the giant rock fight thing, because they looked like Rock’em Sock’em Robots and once that image popped in my head, it would NOT go away. Now I've ruined it for all of you, haven't I? Also, how come Balin got all old and Thorin did not? They’ve been together since the days of The Mountain and yet Balin seems to have aged quite a lot more than Thorin and also, his role seemed a little downplayed. Those are personal complaints though because Balin is my favorite and I want more of him. That said, I was happy they upped Fili and Kili’s roles because what we get of them in the book I rather liked and I was happy they got a little more play in the movie - (also for superficial reasons, because heeeeeellllllo, yummy).

Re-reading the book has reminded me of how much I friend-ship the hell out of Balin and Bilbo and if any fic comes out of The Hobbit from me, I dare say it’ll be Balin and Bilbo friend-shipping fic. Though, post-movie, I am not opposed to some Fili/Kili/Bilbo fic. Yes, I said that! Mostly, just seeing Elrond again made me desperately need some good ol’ fashioned Elrond/Glorfindel - (I know, Glorfindel wasn’t even in the movie!). Or maybe some good Erestor fic - (I know, he has like what, one line in the Lord of the Rings books and yet somehow fandom made him awesome and I love him forever!).

/clears throat/ Anyhoo, yeah, so you all get on that Fili/Kili slash for me now, thanks.
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