dodger_sister (dodger_sister) wrote,

Another Trip Around The Sun!

I missed so many birthdays this month...what is up with December birthdays?

truelyesoteric, rhymephile, rockstarpeach, poisontaster, book_nerd57, hiyacynth, alasse and half_vulcan - I wanted to say that I hope they were awesome and filled with wonderful things, or at the very least, that you had peaceful, restful days.

Have a birthday video from the youtube!

This made me fucking laugh hysterically. This song is awesome.

Just cut the stupid cake!

I sincerely hope they were HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!
Tags: birthdays, buffy - i love the scoobies, friends 4evah, i apologize to my flist, music blahblahblahing, vid reccing, youtube is an alien-virus

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