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Ficage In November.

So my word count for November was excellent. It seems after that whole ‘15,000 words in one month’ thing, that I’m suddenly breaking 10k again. I guess this means I will have to up my word count goals come 2013. I think the craziest thing I worked on in November was not the Hawaii Five-O fic wherein Steve is an angsty recluse and Grace is a faux-goth punk teenager (which actually was kind of fun to work on and I hope to go back to it, I liked writing Grace a lot)…but in fact, the strangest thing that happened writing-wise in November was that I wrote J2. I kind of thought I was mostly over that pairing and yet, I wrote two J2 fics last month. And they were for a fic meme, which I have only ever participated in one before, but this one was so inspiring, I couldn’t resist.

Here is my approximate word count for the month.

November, 2012
Week 1/2: 2,150 words of Dean/Cas Hurt/Comfort fic.
Week One: 750 words of Dean/Cas Hurt/Comfort fic.
Week Two: 1,450 words of Secret Crossover fic.
600 words of Hawaii Five-0 Grace fic.
Week Three: 800 words of J2 Schmoop fic. Completed.
1,500 words of Jensen fic. Completed.
600 words of Dean/Cas PWP.
Week Four: 4,000 words of Secret Crossover Fic.

11,850 words written in November!

November, 2010
Burrowing - A Simple Case Of The Normal, Human Flu
Ron has a case of the normal, human flu. Percy is there to help. The first in the Burrowing series! (I say ‘series’, after having written two of these fics). I love writing wee!kid fics and the Weasley children are no exception. Also, I always felt for Percy, so I wanted to give him a nice big brotherly moment. It’s short and sweet, but beware the vomiting.

Everything Is Just Fine
Castiel is confused about how to be human. Dean is just plain confused. They’ll figure it out. With one of my favorite things to write, Angel-Turned-Human. Also, oblivious!Dean and FML!Sam and poor floundering!Castiel. This story took me way longer to write than it should have, but the end result turned out well - to this day it is my most commented-on fic ever, I think even surpassing comments on fics back in my Yahoo group days. It was such a unique writing style for me to try, with the repetitive phrases and all, and I am so happy with how it came out.

Thanksgiving at Bobby’s
It’s Thanksgiving at Bobby’s house and there are pretend FBI badges, vegetarians, church clothes and turkey drawings. Also, there is family and brothers and, yes, pie. It’s got brotherly love and great Uncle Bobby interactions and some sweet John-as-a-dad moments. Sam is four and Dean is eight in this and that made it all the more fun to write. I am ridiculously proud of how wee!Sammy’s voice came out. I really tried to go for cute, funny, sweet, tender and a little bit angsty all at once. Also, extra bonus in that The Nephew helped me do the fic art for it!

November, 2011
Who Says You Can’t Go Home
Joey misses home but they have one more job to do. Or, Joey & Phoebe from Friends as Supernatural-Hunters! I went through a phase of writing people from various TV shows as SPN-esque hunters. I think this was my favorite though. This is probably the most believable, because sometimes I’m watching Friends and I kind of think Phoebe might actually be a hunter. And it’s easy to imagine that she recruited Joey to come along with her. The idea of them driving around the country in her grandmother’s taxi is endearing. Mostly, this story is a sweet piece on their friendship, which I adore.

The best thing that has happened in December, writing-wise, is that I finished The BFF’s fic! My plan is to post it during like the second week of January. Since I finished that story, I have just been writing a bit here and there on some Dean/Cas things I have sitting around, but not really pushing myself to hard. I figured after a 25,000+ fic, I could take it easy for a while.
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