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31 December 2012 @ 01:28 am
You Think They'll Have That On The Tour? Or...Andi, This Whole Ship Is A Treasure.  
I just wanted to say a quick thank-you to lizibabes, princesslanie, afra_schatz and denig37 for the yummy gingerbread men! In fact, I love gingerbread men. Someone in my family used to make them for holiday parties when I was younger and I loved them. Now The BFF provides me with my fix every Christmas.

So, thank you for my virtual yummies!!!

Since I never shared with you all what I got for Christmas last year from The BFF, let me do so now and also what I got this year!

Yes, it's a fanart painting of Dr. Ian Malcolm! She saw it and knew I needed to have it!

The Jurassic Park Art Show - artist unknown

I have always wanted to be the next future ex-Mrs. Malcolm!

She framed it and it now has a place of honor on my dresser right next to my muscle car and under my row of boyfriend-magnets.

And now...
A One-Eyed Willy Bar & Grill T-Shirt!

One Eyed Willy Shirt Upclose

One Eyed Willy Shirt model

Notice how it says 'Astoria, Oregon' at the bottom even!

I love it like a stupid amount. I need to get to the store and get a new white bra, so I can wear it immediately!

My sister got me pjs (so needed those), Sucker Punch (this movie speaks so strongly to me of the power of stories and story-telling and its ability to save us, quite literally, and for that I love it, plus amazing visuals), first season of Lost Girl (I hugged it, I did, because Kenzi & Hale and Trick, omg! I love them). She also put some weird stuff in my stocking (she likes to do that, but nothing tops last year’s Bieber notepad ) including magnets of those creepy ass Paul Frank monkeys which she knows I am freaked out by! And new barrettes, which I also needed.

What all did you guys get? Share with the group!