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Ficage In December.

December brought the completion of my longest piece of fan-fiction to date - 25,630 words, final count. That’s almost 8,000 words more than my Fellowship Orgy fic, which was my previous longest fanfic. (I know, you are all thinking, ‘oh, how lovely, now tell us more about this orgy fic’ - I know you people!). After that I let myself just sort of tinker around a bit. I am working on a Dean/Cas hurt/comfort fic where Cas has the flu so badly that he has to go to the hospital and Dean is an anxious mess and it is as clichéd as it sounds and I love it. It was suppose to be about 3,000 words, but as per usual, it will be quite a bit longer. Once again, I broke 10k this last month!

Here is my approximate word count for the month.

December, 2012
Week One: 4,800 words of Secret Crossover fic.
Week Two: 3,900 words of Secret Crossover fic. Completed.
Week Three: 500 words of Dean/Cas Hurt/Comfort fic.
300 words of Supernatural Christmas Poem. Completed. (already posted!)
Week Four: 600 words of Dean/Cas Hurt/Comfort fic.

10,100 words written in December!

December, 2011
At The Root of It All
A J2 fic written for truelyesoteric’s birthday. In which Jared hates going to the dentist and Chad hates seeing him in pain and Jensen turns out to be the cutest, sweetest dentist in the history of ever! Yep, that’s my summary and I’m sticking to it. If all dentists were as cute as Jensen, no one would ever fight going to the dentist again and we would all have perfect teeth for it. Sweet adorable flirting, nervous!Jared and my personal favorite, concerned!Chad.

Merry Christmas, Stars Hollow
A little Christmas fic I actually wrote for my mom who, thank goodness, would never know how to go find it on the internet. She was such a huge Luke/Lorelai shipper, even though she doesn't know there is a name for it, and I wanted to write her something that I thought would be sweet and nostalgic for the holiday season. A little AU future for Lorelai with all the things she gets in my own personal fanon, along with a sweet friendship moment between her and Dean.

I think I am going to up my word count goals next year from 500 words a week to 1,000 words a week. I had a monthly total goal of 2,000 words a month and I always surpassed that, like always. But I didn’t always break 500 words a week, as you can see from above. Some weeks it just flows out of me and other weeks I am busy and exhausted or not feeling well and I make myself push out 500 words at the last second before I collapse again. So the 1,000 words a week is risky for those times that I am unwell, but I think I need to go for it, to push myself a little more than I did last year - which honestly, worked out so well and I am glad I set the goal.
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