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I Read A Book! And Won A Video Game!

1) I read a book! No, really, that's a huge deal. I read like three books a year - anyone who knows me in RL just fell over.

I just finished The Road. Tomorrow the sister and I shall watch the movie.

It is a seriously intense book, but actually, after the way my sister went on about how messed up it was, I totally expected it to end different. And actually, I kind of wanted it too. I was sure, from almost the beginning, that the father would get sick and end up shooting them both in the head. They only had two bullets and then they used a bullet and I thought, "Well, he can kill the kid and then lay down and die himself from the Death Cough." But then at the end, he was all, "Go on without me" - and I was like a) he's a little kid and b) you promised you wouldn't leave him to the Dark alone and the Dark includes the World, dude.

Am I complaining that the ending of The Road was too uplifting? What is wrong with me? I guess with all the naked people eating and burning baby skillets and bands of rapists and slaves, that I expected a horrendous ending. I still sobbed like a baby though, sitting out in the front yard, with the neighbor doing his yard work and happily whistling, I sat and shook and sobbed - because okay, nobody ate anybody, but the father still left his son - and I guess that upset me the most.

I take it all back - the end was horrendous - and anyway, they still all gonna die.

There was also that whole "is it luck or God" theme running underneath - and too much Supernatural and/or Book of Eli for me, because my brain was screaming, "That boy is a prophet!" - which was so not the book's intention. The Luck vs God thing and the whole "is God watching out for them by keeping them alive or punishing them by keeping them alive" theme - yes. The boy is a prophet - only in my twisted brain.

My impressions on the rest of the book were as follows - "Nothing happens, they walk and the land is desolate for ten pages...omg, the fuckedityfuckfuck ohgodno shitshit holyfuckingcrap for four pages...oh god, I hope there is walking and desolate nothing for ten pages, I need a break."

I am absolutely in love with the writing style. Anyone know, is that McCarthy's normal style of writing? It was so different, I was fascinated and can totally hear it in my head now (well, not right now, I just read a bunch of fan-fic, but before, earlier.)

I'm thinking of writing a SPN fic in the style of The Road. Or, you know, a CW RPS Group Truth or Dare fic. Whatever. *g*

2) I won at a video game! Against my sister! People who know me in RL, just fell over again.

I won at Mean Bean Machine!

Hey, anybody know that game, I will reward you with...jelly beans *g* Firstly, we are lame people who play games that were invented when we were in middle school. Secondly, I have only ever beat her one time at this game.

Afterwards, she said, "I don't feel well, do I have a fever?" - and I said, "Oh sure, pretend you are sick so you can blame your immense amount of sucking on that." - and then I felt of her forehead and she was burning up - with a fever of 102, it turns out. Finally, I convinced her to go to the doctor. - "Oh," they said, "you have walking pneumonia,, how are you still standing upright, seriously. You need to be in a hospital."

My reaction to which was naturally, "Oh great, now she's going to use that whole, fever of 102, walking pneumonia,, should be in a hospital thing as an excuse for why I beat her at Mean Bean Machine."

But tonight - there were no fevers! I just ruled the house, baby!

For I am awesome.

3) And because you know how I feel about ending on an even number that isn't a dividend of 10 (Shut up! It's totally bad luck and you know it!) - the following things make me want to write CW RPS College!AU - because apparently, I have a sickness. :)

The Achordants - Carry On My Wayward Son

The Achordants - Don't Stop Me Now

That is all.
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