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Like My Fantasy, But For Realz.

James Marsters was on this week’s Wedding Band!! It was a kick-ass surprise, for damn sure. Wedding Band doesn’t list its guest stars, so even though James is in my Tivo lineup and I should get alerted to any shows he will be on, he didn’t pop for Wedding Band. So imagine my delight when the band was all gushing over some rock star that they fanboy, only to find out it was James! He was playing this washed up old rock n roll legend - had the British accent, leather vest, 80s scarfy things and the skin tight pants. His hair was a little longer too. I just love how curly his hair gets when he grows it out.

At the end, he sang and played the guitar alongside The Notorious B.A.G. (that’s Brian Austin Green, or so we call him around this house). Anyways, it was AWESOME.

They get some pretty good guest stars on that show. Kurtwood Smith was a nice surprise and Donald Faison was even better - (side note: I just found out Donald is going to be in Kick-Ass 2! I am a little nervous about them making a sequel but it gets bonus points for casting Donald) - but nothing tops a James Marsters guest-star. NOTHING.

In other TV news, since I’m here - who has been watching Once Upon A Time? I just feel they finally hit their stride in the second season. Also, I have never needed femslash quite as hard as I need it for that show - in particular, Red/Snow and Ruby/Emma. But this week I got to thinking about what is happening in Fairy Tale Land right now and I wondered about Mulan/Aurora and then I was like, “Oh hell yes, I could totally see that! And then if Phillip ever comes back, Threesome FTW!” I like Belle/Gold quite a little bit too. I just can’t think of any slash couples involving guys that I want on that show, but apparently I really need something involving Red-Ruby. Also, I really miss Jefferson quite a lot but I am enjoying the hell out of Hook. You know, I wouldn’t mind seeing some Hook/Belle either.

That is all.
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