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2012 - Writing.

Fandoms Written In For 2012 - 17; Supernatural, Firefly, Hawaii Five-O, Without A Trace, Justified, CW RPS, Hunger Games, Leverage, Avengers, Real Person (various), The X-Files, X-Men, Harry Potter, Falling Skies, Spiderman, Angel and Teen Wolf.

New Fandoms Written In For 2012 - 5; Hunger Games, Leverage, Avengers, Falling Skies & Teen Wolf.

The Fandoms I Wrote The Most In For 2012 -
This was actually tricky because I wasn’t sure how to categorize ‘Apocalypse! Alien Asteroids’. <--That’s srz bznz, man! I mean, sure, it counts as all 25,600 words towards the fandom of Real Person (various), meaning Neil deGrasse Tyson comes up in the top three (as he should), but then what to do about The X-Files & The Avengers? It seems cheat to add the whole word count for those, since they are only in like half the story, but it also seems unfair not to count them at all. So I just went halfies at 12,800 words...making The Avengers my most written fandom of the year!

Supernatural - 18,700 words.
Real Person (various) - 25,600 words.
The Avengers - 31,300 words.

Lowest Monthly Word Count - 5,200 words for March.
Highest Monthly Word Count - 15,350 words for October.

Total Yearly Word Count - 99,250!!

I'm a little surprised by so many words for The Avengers. Go Team Avengers! If you were wondering, even without the word count of Apocalypse! Alien Asteroids, my Avengers count was still 18,500. Also, I’m VERY HAPPY with the total word count for the year but, oh man, if I had known I was so close to the 100k mark, I would have gone for those extra 750 words.

On to 2013, where I’m betting Teen Wolf wins everything. That’s right, I said Teen Wolf!
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