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As All World Turns - Sims Update!

Yes, it's that time again - actually it was that time like a week ago, but I was very busy, reading a book. A book, people!

But I know you are all wondering what has been happening with my sister's Sims.

There has been a few major happenings in the last couple episodes, on my favorite summer show,

Jason Teague keeps hitting on Angel. Angel is unreceptive as of yet.

Shawn Spencer and Genevieve Teague have been engaged for months and seem to be perfectly happy never actually getting married. I think Genevieve just wanted the ring.

Xander and Anya had twins. They died prematurely. Xander and Anya seem strangely unaffected by this.

Lee Adama adopted two little girls. I can't remember their names and hasn't listed them yet under the episode, so whatever. <-- See what I did there? *g*

Castiel adopted two little boys. Their names are Kurt and Puck. We didn't see them for an episode and then they were teenagers by the time they returned to the show. Now that Puck is a teenager, wait for it...he has a mohawk! Totally the actor's choice because the producer of the show did not make that happen.

Marie Rogue James (whatever her last name was in the X-Men, it's James here) married one of the Mulvaneys (I can't remember which one, it's hard to keep them all straight, there are too many of them - wait, was it Charlie? Or Paul? If it's Charlie, I'm gonna hang my head in shame.) Well, it was her baby-daddy anyway. Logan was there to see his little girl get married. He had to hold the baby.

Scott Summers had to expel two students from Xavier's School. A brother and sister. They were expelled for...incest. Scott was nice enough to set them up in a house together, where he left them to be incestuous and naked with each other in private and shame. Oh Show, I thought you were so progressive with your gay love. But incest? Is that progressive? Are you a show on the CW? And yet, still no threesomes.

The Twilights still have not eaten their last remaining house-guest. They must be draining him slowly. He either likes it (the kinky bastard) or they have been drugging him at night.

Now the big news!

Misha Collins and Richard Speight Jr got married!!! They got married at the art museum. They wore white suits. Their boys, Gabriel and Raphael, were in attendance as well. I love wedding episodes!! The guys looked so yummy and it was so awesome to see them so happy!

Of course, the happy feeling was lost soon after when the big reveal came. Two children drowned in the Walker pool - Karen's Walker child and...

Michael Pellegrino.

That's right, Dodger and Evil Councilman Mark Pellegrino's son, Michael, drowned in the pool.

:( So sad, you guys. Wanted to have a girl named Anna and then run away from Mark and raise them with Chuck.

The investigation into their deaths is on-going. Either Karen and Dodger were drunk off their asses (quite possible) and forgot to watch the children - or Evil Councilman Pellegrino drowned them on purpose (probably because they kept asking for juice - he is evil, after all.)

Stupid Show! Make me all happy with weddings and adoptions and then go and kill my child!

Also, Spike still has not come out of his trailer.

Hey, liptonrm, did I miss anything of importance?
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