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Sex And The Apocalypse.

It sounds like some demented self-help book, doesn’t it? “Sex And The Apocalypse: A Guide To Pleasure And Safety For The End Times”. Let’s do sex first! Because it’s afra_schatz’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABE! And I have this great Whedon’verse vid I have been meaning to rec. And because, come on, any of the sexy beasts in this video would make an excellent birthday present! Right?

I’m going to go ahead and say NSFW, based on all the sexy. And Mal’s naked butt.


In apocalypse news, my sister and I were just talking yesterday about the Pope resigning, the first to do so in 600 years. Last night I saw this video about lightening hitting the Vatican just hours after the Pope resigned. I told my sister and she was like, “What? Are you kidding? Do you want me to douse us both with holy water before we go to sleep for the night?” I honestly almost said ‘yes’. It’s my weird superstitious nature.

And then I saw this video about the greatest prank ever played, EVER. Look, I know that hacking is wrong. I know the Emergency Broadcast System is a life-saving tool. But come on, THEY BROADCAST THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! Apparently a small part of Montana got a tinker-tape on their TV screens about a civil authority emergency and then a voice broke in with urgent warnings about the dead returning to life. It was just…genius. Of course, if that had happened here, you know we would have just gone about getting our supplies and gathering our mom and her pets. I wonder if anyone in Montana plans on suing these pranksters (assuming they get caught) for like the thousands of dollars they went out and spent on oil lanterns and rations.

That is all for now. Valentine’s Day fic to come later!
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