dodger_sister (dodger_sister) wrote,

Valentine's Greetings!

You guys, look what I got in the mail this week from The Nephew!!

Valentine's Day Card -  2013

HE BOUGHT HOBBIT VALENTINE'S DAY CARDS!!! My little geeky fanboy! I could not even fathom how I could possibly be prouder right now. I got Nori, Ori & Dori. I am pretty sure my sister got Thorin. Or maybe it was Dwalin, I can't remember now.

Then my mom came over and showed me the card she bought to send to The Nephew - it had Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor on it. It was very cool. I also did out cards for my sister and signed them from all the cats - (in my best kid-like handwriting). Last night before bed, I went around and taped them up all over the house, in places I knew she would find them in the morning; the toaster, the fridge door, the basement door and her bathroom drawer. Pippin followed me around while I did it, very interested in what was going on.

This weekend ceitfianna is coming down and there will be fangirling and movie-watching (I think we settled on Star Trek!) and maybe dinner somewhere. Between that and the fact that this cold thing is kicking my ass and I have to be in bed by ten o'clock or I fall over, I probably won't be back to LJ-Land until Monday. So you all have a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY (what's left of it) and a GREAT WEEKEND to go with it!
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