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It's A Great Week For America!

Well, for me anyways, as I actually had a pretty good week. ceitfianna came for a visit and man, I love my new Ipad. We were able to be total geeks and just sit in the living room together on our devices and do our own thing, while occasionally informing the other of random goings-on in our various fandoms. Yes, thank you, we are nerds.

Then I got a call from my liver management nurse that my liver levels are going back down, after they started slowly climbing upwards last month. They are trying to wean me off my medicine, as long term use severely weakens the immune system, but after just stepping down the dosage one step, my levels starting going up, causing obvious upset about the prospect of being able to get me off the medicine at any point. But hopefully the fact that the levels have started to go back down means my body just needed time to adjust. Now the plan is to wait a few months and if it all looks good, we’ll taper down another step.

Then one of my fics got recced! I wasn’t going to say anything, because I didn’t want to be all braggey, but then I thought, “Hey, if my LJ isn’t the place to brag about good things happening to me, I don’t where is.” So, yeah, The Best Valentine’s Day Ever got recced at rec_hymenated, which for Dean/Cas fans, is the place to be! It’s like going to The Show, the Major Leagues, man. And the rec was really sweet and basically hit on all the things I loved while writing that fic.

Then my friend D came to town for his sister’s wedding and stopped by for a quick visit. He told me he was going to be in town, but he didn’t think there’d be time with all the wedding stuff for him to drop by. But they got up early enough and realized they had like two hours before they had to start getting ready - (he was walking her down the aisle!) - so he and his husband came on over. That was such a pleasant surprise and he got to meet ceitfianna, which was sweet because I like when people in my life all get to meet each other.

I also went to Target and got some new pajamas, which I was in sore need of, and a new white bra so I can finally wear my Goonies tshirt! And then I went back today and found they had a push-up bra, in the size I am wearing now, that’s in the exact same style as my all-time favorite bra, which I had to throw away recently - (I’d worn it so much that it had no structure left). Also, in the last two days, I managed to get like eight things on my to-do-list checked off!

To wrap up my post, I caught Alona Tal on Ferguson the other night and he was so smitten with her, it was adorable. But I had this weird moment of like, “Hey, I met her once! And now she’s on Craig Ferguson, who I basically want to marry, and brain can’t seem to wrap around this strange collision.” I am a big giant dork, so I got a little thrill out of it.

Sadly, my sister is having a bad day today with some insurance mix-ups, the garage door bumper falling off, her new vacuum breaking and her video game freezing up on her. I wonder if it’s like an opposite force thing working in our household? Hopefully her day will be better tomorrow!
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