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Ficage In January, 2013.

I swore, this year I was going to post these things at the beginning of the month! Um, anyways. I have decided to try and see how many of my WIPs I can actually get finished this year, as well as writing two major fic ideas I have; one for Teen Wolf and one for Dean/Cas. With the D/C PWP I finished in January, I have checked off one WIP so far! I’m sure I’ll have a few other things here and there, as already this year I wrote two little ficlets in two new fandoms - (that is if The Hobbit counts as a new fandom, which I think it does!).

Here is my approximate word count for the month.

January, 2013
Week One: 1,200 words of Dean/Cas PWP fic.
Week Two: 550 words of Chicago Fire fic. Completed.
750 words of Dean/Cas PWP fic.
Week Three: 1,700 words of Dean/Cas PWP fic.
Week Four: 450 words of Thorin/Balin fic. Completed.
1,550 words of Dean/Cas PWP fic. Completed.
Week Five: 1,000 words of Teen Wolf AU fic.

7,200 words written in January!

If Dreams There Be
Cas sleeps now and Dean is struck by what that means. - My favorite thing to do with Castiel is to turn him human, but this time I really thought about that from the Winchester’s perspective and it was very refreshing. Family means more than anything to these two guys and Cas is family now. This was a short little fic that flowed out of me easily and ended up getting some nice attention, which just made me happy.

Inside, Outside, Of My Head
Magneto is at it again and Xavier must stop him, but as always that pesky helmet is in the way. - The first fanfic I ever wrote for The Nephew! Inspired by his suggestion - (his first fanfic prompt ever!) - that Jean could make Magneto’s helmet fly off and then Xavier could pop inside his head and control him. It was a very smart play on The Nephew’s part to come up with that. It was a bit of a challenge to write an action scene at a child’s level, but now I have come to love writing a good kid-fic!

Dean figures Gabriel knows all kinds of truths and since it’s his birthday, he’s going to get Gabriel to tell him some. Gabriel has other plans. - I wrote Dean/Gabriel! I am still stunned by this but, oh yes, it had to be Gabriel. Dean’s utter geekdom in this fic and all the pop culture references were an absolute delight. And I still maintain that Gabriel is a liar, because it’s all real, my darlings. All Real.

This month I have worked on some more WIPs, by going back to two fics that have been abandoned since last summer; a Leverage Apartment AU and my Johanna/Annie fic, which I hope to have finished this week. I’ve also decided to write some shorter Teen Wolf fics, to give myself a little variety before going full-tilt on my AU idea.
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