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05 August 2010 @ 01:40 am
Important Srz Bznz Question...  
So, The Cousin was over again last night. At one point, she randomly turns to me and says -

TC: So, if you could do whatever you wanted in The Impala for 25 minutes OR kiss Dean, which would you choose?

ME: Um, can I kiss Dean IN The Impala?

TC: No.

TC's Sister: Kiss Dean, because that often leads to other fun stuff in The Impala.

TC: No, it won't.

ME: It might.

TC: No, you have to choose one or the other.

TC's Sister: That's not fair! How come? Dean likes to kiss in The Impala!

TC: Because it's my game and I make the rules. You get 25 minutes in The Impala or you get to kiss Dean. There is no combining them. It's just A or B.

TC's Sister: That's stupid.

ME: Anything I want? I can turn on the radio?

TC: Yes.

ME: Can I drive The Impala?

TC: Yes. Anything you want. 25 minutes.

TC's Sister: The car.

ME: Yeah, the car.

TC: Over kissing Dean?

ME & TC's Sister: Yes.

End of discussion. Until I got up this morning and said -

ME: Question. Just one kiss?

TC: Huh?

ME: With Dean. Just one kiss? Will there be tongue action? Do I get to make-out with him?

TC: Oh. Yes, tongue. Make-out? Sure, okay.

ME: For 25 minutes?

TC: No. You get the car for 25 minutes, anything you want. You get Dean for...5 minutes, making out is allowed.

ME: I have to think about that.

TC's Sister: Still the car.

ME: Yeah, still the car.

So, LJ Friends - what would YOU do?

(Look at my icon - what would you do? This is the most unfair question ever! I'm telling you - The Cousin is evil. What kind of a question is that? It's like she wants to make my head explode!)
afra_schatz: SPN Impalaafra_schatz on August 5th, 2010 07:49 am (UTC)
Dean. Not even have to think about it, as lovely as his car is. Definitely Dean.

(LOL to that whole conversation btw!)
dodger_sisterdodger_sister on August 6th, 2010 01:54 am (UTC)
The Cousin will be happy to see that she isn't the only one who would choose Dean (but dude, 25 minutes, do you know what I could do in that car for 25 minutes? - man, I can't believe her stupid rules, cuz 25 minutes in the car with Dean would be so much better!)

Last week, I asked her if she could be any type of character from SPN, would she be a hunter, a Winchester, an angel, a demon, a monster, a cop, an FBI agent...

Somehow she decided that it was her turn to ask a question and this is what she came up with. My question was far less evil - but I'm so psyched to see I've turned her into a dirty little fsngirl. Don't know how her parents would feel about that, but whatever. :)
Menel: SPN - Metallicarmenel on August 5th, 2010 11:04 am (UTC)
The car. Seriously.
dodger_sister: impalaest1967-giegiexdodger_sister on August 6th, 2010 01:56 am (UTC)
You and me, baby! We'll stand together on this! I knew you'd back me on this one. I mean, it's The Impala. And not just A Impala - The Impala. Right? /fist bump/
Menel: SPN - Love Being a Waitressmenel on August 7th, 2010 02:10 pm (UTC)
The clincher for me was the time limit. Five minutes with Dean versus twenty-five minutes in THE Impala?

Yeah, that made the decision a bit easier. :-)
dodger_sister: impalaest1967-giegiexdodger_sister on August 8th, 2010 05:39 am (UTC)
Word, sister.
Jojo: Dean - Sssssskinjojothecr on August 5th, 2010 07:44 pm (UTC)
Dean... The car is wonderful, indeed, but it's still 'just' a car. Dean is Dean. Freckles FTW! :D

Wonderful conversation, btw! ;)
dodger_sister: jamestkirk-purely_disteldodger_sister on August 6th, 2010 01:59 am (UTC)
Dude - but you have to stop making out after five minutes. No way that's physically possible. You're gonna stop at the five minute marker? See, I'll leave The Impala a satisfied woman, but you'll still be left wanting. Well, The Cousin will be happy to hear she isn't the only one who chooses Dean over the car (it really was a very hard choice, I did think about it all night - when I wasn't trying to figure out what the hell just happened in the movie Silent Hill we watched) *g*
Jojo: Dean - Sssssskinjojothecr on August 6th, 2010 11:30 am (UTC)
Believe me, for me, even five minutes would be too much. lol. Five mins with Dean, I want.

when I wasn't trying to figure out what the hell just happened in the movie Silent Hill we watched) *g*
LMAO, I've been trying to figure out that one for a few years now. So, good luck! :D

dodger_sister: impalaest1967-giegiexdodger_sister on August 8th, 2010 05:45 am (UTC)
Well, if she would lift the ban on the whole "you can only make-out thing", I'd have gone with Dean, I think. Cuz five minutes - I can so work with that, no problem.

Yeah, I got the end with the mom and the kid but then after I went to bed, I was all like, "Wait, what about the cop? Was she dead before they got to the ghosties, or did the ghosties actually burn her alive? And was the kid always a ghost or was she just a ghost after they crashed through the gate into Silent Hill?" and most importantly, "How is my secret agent boyfriend, 006 - er, I mean, Sean Bean - so sexy-pants all the time? Bathed in the golden sunlight, in his white t-shirt..." Um, wait, what we're we talking about?
(Look up the number)tringic on August 8th, 2010 12:19 pm (UTC)
I think a very important part was left out in this discussion... cause If I pick the impala, I can't have Dean in it, ok, but can I have Sam in it? and can I, for instance, then proceed to make out with him for 25 minutes?

see; ridiculous questions should always be answered with more questions ;)
dodger_sister: deancoffeesleepyboy-meg_tdjdodger_sister on August 11th, 2010 03:32 am (UTC)
OMG, I think you just found a loophole!! Good job, Harvey Birdman! Okay, tomorrow I shall call The Cousin and tell her that you have beaten her at her own game. I mean, there's that unspoken rule of you can't add or change the question a week after you ask it, so, I think you are in the clear. She forget to specify where Sam is in all this - yeah, I think you got it. So, that means I could totes make-out with John in The Impala!!! Oh, you are a genius! I<3U.
(Look up the number)tringic on August 11th, 2010 04:55 am (UTC)
*bows* loopholes and excuses are my speciality - at your service.
You can now proceed to make out with Sam/John/Gabe/Chuck/Cas/Crowley/etc to your liking, OR you can take the impala on set & take jared/jensen/misha/rob/richard/mark/ matt - anyone, or all together - instead! (see what I did there? nother loophole; impala is still impala)
dodger_sister: deancoffeesleepyboy-meg_tdjdodger_sister on August 12th, 2010 04:39 am (UTC)
Hmmm, but I still only get 25 minutes, so now the dilemna becomes what to do with just 25 minutes and all the options you have just opened up for me. :)

No, see, the second suggestion doesn't work, because SPN has like four Impalas and I want THE Impala - I don't want to have to say "I want the Impala Dean and Anna had sex in" or "I want the Impala Castiel was asleep in the back of" or "I want the Impala they were driving when the horrible accident happened at the end of Season One." - no, no, I just want THE Impala. Good try though, it is a loophole, just not one I would exploit myself. :) (who am I kidding, I so would.)
(Look up the number)tringic on August 12th, 2010 05:16 am (UTC)
you'll think of something... I'm sure you will :P

and lol, don't lie! of course you would! besides... there's only one impala that drives (I think) - the others.. well, there's a wrecked car? & two sit on trailers for green screen scenes? though I can't remember about the last two... Either way, you'd pick the one that drives, obviously.