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20 April 2013 @ 05:12 pm
That Answer Is Incorrect.  
I feel like I've posted a lot this week, but I had to get this one off my chest. It's been bugging me since yesterday.

When a medical professional asks me a medical-orientated question…I answer them. They are a professional and we are suppose to be partners in my health care.

The correct answer to details about my health history is not..."Oh, you poor thing."

It is especially not the correct answer when you are suppose to be a professional. I expect that kind of bullshit from little old ladies - which is why I tend not to answer those kinds of questions when asked by little old ladies or well, anyone I don't know enough to be able to gauge what their reaction will be.

But as a medical professional, if you ask me a question that pertains to my treatment, I will answer you. I'm not going to be all, "That's personal," to someone whom I am entrusting my body and health with.

But the answer is never, under any circumstances, "Oh, you poor thing."

I even gave her just the quick, 90 second summary of when the arthritis kicked in, which answered her question, yes the damage now is from years of living with the disease, and yes those years have encompassed most of my life.

But, just...no, lady. This is the same girl who does my massage sometimes that I think she doesn't do it aggressive enough. And before that, I had been working with The Kid, a nice young guy who is very funny and silly and likes to talk about movies and TV with me, but she came over and kicked him out so that she could take over. Maybe this is why I have never been that comfortable with her, because I could sense that would be her reaction to things like this. Whereas, The Kid would probably be like, "Dude, that bites ass," and my actual PT would just have the professional restraint not to make any comment on it, other than to ask other medically relevant questions.

Anyways, that happened and I was 'grrr' for a bit, but hopefully typing it out will help me let it go. On the upside, I’ve gotten a lot of movement back in my shoulder that I was losing and my PT and I had a good talk about what things I am still having trouble with and decided to focus on rotation movement for awhile. I just miss the days when therapy didn’t feel quite so much like going to the doctor.
dodger_sister: angrydodger_sister on April 22nd, 2013 11:56 pm (UTC)
Really?! Oh, you poor thing! No, honestly, that's just sad.

I couldn't believe it. This girl knows very little about my life in the scheme of things - she certainly does not know enough to be offering me pity that I don't want!

Especially that she kicked out 'your guy'. Didn't she know you're feeling better with him? Or did she know and simply didn't care?

I think I was suppose to be 'honored' or something that she took over. In the ladder of who has more training and such, it goes Therapist, Therapist Assistant and then Aide - which means this girl was one step above The Kid and I think I was suppose to be like, "Oh good, I get to work with a professional today!" Except I don't think she does any better of a job than any of the aides do anyway.