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Stories of My World.

Today is The Boy Cousin’s 13th birthday! He was born in the year 2000. I don’t even know what to do with the fact that my little man who I used to hang with every Friday night is a teenager now. But anyways, something the other day reminded me of this story of when he was about two or so and I was at his house with a bunch of people and we were all watching Jaws. He was in his room playing toys and idk if it was the Jaws music or the people screaming, but he comes toddling out into the living room, looks at the shark on the screen and then walks over to his mom and puts one very serious little hand on her knee and goes, “You scared?” He then proceeded to go around the room doing that to each person, “You scared?” and if you said, “Yes,” he would pat your knee and go, “Is okay.” Anyways, Happy Birthday, Bug!

In other news, C (my friend from therapy) and I were talking about one of our TV shows the other day while she was doing my ultrasound. It went something like this…

Me: How far have you gotten?
C: That whole scandal with the cop just happened.
Me: Oh yeah. That was good. But, have you gotten to the stuff with her brother?
C: Oh, he just got shot at the end of the last episode.
(simultaneously) Me: Omg, when he got shot! - C: I couldn’t believe that!
Just at the exact second that K came walking past our booth. He stops suddenly, turns his head, looks at us, opens his mouth, shuts his mouth, turns and walks away. I guess he decided he didn’t want to ask, after all.

In final news, my mother is really into this old show, The Unusuals. I picked it up for like $12 cuz Jeremy Renner, hello. But my mom was crazy for it back in the day and upon rewatching it as well. So she constantly calls me to talk about it even though I can’t actually remember much of the plot aside from Jeremy’s character owned a diner. Finally I say to her, “Mom, I don’t remember a lot of this stuff. You need to get on the internet about this show.” And she says to me, “What do the internet and TV have to do with each other?”

I explained that there are places on the internet where you can talk to other people who enjoyed the show too. And that since Jeremy Renner has recently risen in fame from The Avengers and The Bourne movie, that there are many people just discovering The Unusuals for the first time who are just as excited to talk about it right now as she is.

But yep - What do the internet and TV have to do with each other. /shakes head/
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