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Season Two.

I’ve finished season two of Teen Wolf!! So let’s talk about a few things...

* I can’t believe that Scott’s Mom knows now! I actually really liked how they handled that storyline. I mean, she is scared of Scott, of what he is, but she still loves him and then she sees he has a chance to help and she wants him to take it and then she has a chance to help and even though she is utterly terrified, she takes it. It was very believable in its portrayal of her. During that scene where Gerard - (btw, it took me several episodes to stop going, “Hi, Saul!” every time he came on screen) - and Jackson had her held hostage and she tells Scott, “Whatever they want, give it to them,” I was like, no, Scott, the appropriate thing to say to her - (maybe not right while Jackson had her by the throat) - is ‘What they want, Mom, is for me to hand over a bunch of innocent kids to be slaughtered.’ Because Boyd, Erica and Isaac, as much as Derek claims it was their choice, had no idea what they were getting into and Gerard, he’s going to kill them, these children. Scott’s mom is probably not onboard with that.

* Speaking of Derek and his pack - yeah, hi, Derek...Why are all your pack pups vulnerable, abused, neglected, little teens who look like they should be standing on a street corner somewhere? I mean, the comparison to ‘pimp’ is overwhelming. When Jackson tells Derek, “You gave me the bite. It doesn’t mean I belong to you,” and Derek says, “Actually that’s exactly what it means,” - (or something very similar to that) - I mean, holy shit, the level of possessiveness and ‘I made you, you do what I say’ mentality combined with the underage kids just screamed ‘pimp’ to me. I’m not complaining about it as a storyline because it’s a clichéd trope I can get behind, but it always makes me feel like quoting one of SVU’s favorite lines, “They’re underage, they can’t consent.” I mean, werewolves and hunters seem to have all these rules and you would think there would be one that says, ‘No turning anyone under the age of 18’. (side note: Of the pups, Isaac is my favorite. He‘s so woobie!)

* I also really liked the friendship that forged between Allison and Stiles in s2. The few times they got up to hijinks without Scott around was sweet and funny and they are pretty badass as a team. And it’s true amongst teenagers, you form bonds with the significant others of your friends, you become your own little group and to have a relationship outside of Scott, idk, I just liked it.

* Though, damn, could someone give Stiles some huggles. I mean, he just keeps getting beat down. God, I love his dad so much and I loved all the storylines between them, where his dad got fired, episode at the police station, the moment his dad thinks Stiles is missing; just all of it is so good. But here is this kid with all this stuff going on and nobody notices. Like his dad getting fired and Stiles doesn’t even tell Scott because they have so many life/death scenarios to deal with and Scott always has some big werewolf stuff happening and in the meantime, Stiles is slowly drowning in it - (great moment where Stiles is describing drowning to the counselor) - and I just wanted to scream at Scott for being so self-centered and selfish that he never stops to see what is going on with Stiles.

* And I really, REALLY liked the moment where Derek and his pack come to kill Jackson, and Scott’s peeps are keeping Jackson safe and then they are all staring each other down and Derek says that he is wrong, Scott doesn’t need an alpha or a pack, that Scott is already the alpha of his own pack. It’s so very true and was a nice nod to the core humans that center around Scott.

* And the counselor and the vet, someone explain that to me. The vet is awesome in so many ways - and totally hot - but I still don’t get what he is. He’s not an hunter, he’s not a supernatural being…what is he? A doctor for supernatural creatures? Did I miss an explanation besides that he promised Derek’s parents to keep him safe?

Also, compared to Derek's wolf form, Scott's looks so wee and pup like that sometimes it just makes me want to give him ear scritches, okay. And I fully own up to getting irate at the TV when the coach - (who I totally crush on, I don't even care) - was giving the Independence Day speech and he messed it up. He left out the, "We will not go quietly into the night, we will not give up without a fight, we're going to live on, we're going to survive," part. I mean, if you're going to do it, get it right, people!

Now I just have to wait around for season three to start like the rest of you punks.
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