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So, yes, I have SO MANY THINGS TO SAY about the Iron Man movie. But I swore I would finish The Nephew's birthday fic before I let myself go off waving and flapping my hands like a crazed fangirl. I have to have this fic finished, beta'd, and arted by the 11th, so I'm trying to be responsible and not just sit here writing like a 3,000 word epic review of how everything is AWESOME. I'll be back for that hopefully tomorrow. I seriously think this fic only needs like 2,000 words more and I can bang that out tonight, right?

However, I just realized that today is May 5th, which is a day of significance. It is the day The BFF set up this LJ for me! It wasn't until the 13th that she showed it to me and helped me navigate through it all though. It was on the 13th that I made my first post, which is why I celebrate my actual LJ anniversary that day. But I know last year some of you wanted me to open my journal for any and all fandom-related questions in honor of my anniversary, so I thought I'd give that a go this time around. Like, ask me a question here and I'll put all the answers together into a post on the 13th!

Ask Me A (Fandom) Question: Anything related to fandom or LJ. Anything about my experince in fandom or on Livejournal. Anything about characters, otps, writing, fandoms I've been in, when I started, why I started, how I discovered it, challenge me to crossover two fandoms or make a summary for a rare pair, ask me about a fic I have posted, how LJ has influenced my life, why I have so many tags or icons, a fandom you wish I'd talk about more or less, ANYTHING even slightly semi-related to Fandom or Livejournal is fair game. HIT ME!

And since we are here and my birthday will be ten days after my LJ anniversary...Ask Me A (Real Life) Question: Anything about my life, barring my name and address, obvs. Come on, ask me about my family tree, past jobs, teenage years, literary influences, movie going experiences, hobbies, how I met my friends, family vacations, childhood pets, or just anything about my life you have ever wanted to know. HIT ME!

I'll post the answers to the fandom/LJ questions on my LJ anniversary, the 13th, and the real life questions on my birthday, the 23rd.
Tags: anniversaries - celebrate!, birthdays, fandom fun, fandom saved my life, friends 4evah, iron man slash-tastical, need your opinion/help - oh great flist, poll/meme thingy, real life, scratch my back & i'll scratch yours, the bff is my bestest best friend, the nephew, writing blahblahblahing

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