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Wherein I Talk About Shows Involving Law Enforcement.

Southland has been cancelled. Boo. I am super sad-face, you guys. What's up TNT? Why do you keep cancelling all my beloved shows? Southland is honestly the best cop show I have ever seen in my life and I love all of the characters, even when I am mad at them for something, and I am just going to miss it a hella lot. For some reason, in my head, I group Mad Men, Justified & Southland all together - probably because they are all cable shows that started up around the same time and that everyone in my household watches. And of those three, if one had to get cancelled, it probably should be Mad Men. I say this only three episodes into this season of Mad Men, but as much I love it (and I do) I feel like the characters are at such a stand still. Aside from Joan and Peggy, which character has grown as a person since season one? None that I can tell. They are all just doing the same crap behavior they've been since the start and if a character doesn't have an arc, then I kind of lose interest after awhile. (I think a lot of this is my frustration with Don right now, but still...) My point is, Mad Men keeps going and somehow Southland gets the ax.

On the Southland front, I love Dewey, I don't even care. We held off on watching this season until Justified and Being Human were finished, so we are currently four episodes away from the end and it occurs to me...that Dewey knows Cooper is gay. He just told Cooper to go home and 'tend to his cactus or write a musical or whatever you do'. And that's Dewey thinking he is being nice and supportive, when he is just stereotyping that all gay men like musicals. Right? I mean, it's the kind of idiotic thing Dewey would say. The levels of their relationship that have been revealed this season have been very interesting and enlightening. Don't throw things at my head but I kind of 'ship them.

Anyways, every time my sister asks me what I want to watch tonight, I say 'Southland'. Now that I know this is the end, I will probably get Leverage-syndrome and try to space it out and slow down so that it will never be over! Dammit.

In other TV news, holy shit NCIS:LA! What the hell was that? Is that how you are going to end the season? Holy crap. Deeks, omg, Sam! And Quinn! And Kensi! /clutches everyone to my chest/

I'm not gonna lie, I ship the hell out of Kensi/Deeks. Which is unusual for me. I find that I don't get that interested in the tension of 'will they, won't they' when it's the kind of relationship that most likely will at some point. So I find it odd that NCIS:LA has two major probably-going-canon ships that I adore; Kensi/Deeks & Eric/Nell. Kensi/Deeks is the canon romance I am most invested in than any other out there. And see the thing is, with shows like this, you know they are going to go there eventually and I find that tends to lessen my need for it, that craving of wantwantwant. But not with these two for some reason. I know logically that if they get together, they can't be partners anymore and that going canon with it may ruin it for the viewer (half the fun is the tension) but I still want it like woah and damn but they have been laying on the UST lately and it is So Good For Me.

But I still can't believe the season ended like that.
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