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Media Meme!

Let's do a meme!

1. What was the last book you read? - Warm Bodies.
2. What was the last TV show you watched? - The Venture Bros.*
3. What was the last movie you watched? - 50/50.
4. What was the last album you listened to? - Switchfoot's 'The Beautiful Letdown'.
5. What was the last video game you played? - Bejeweled Blitz.
Bonus Round: What was the last fanfic you read? - More Than Friends, Less Than Lovers.

*Okay, that was true this afternoon when I typed this up, but LJ was all wonky then. Since then I've actually watched the SPN finale, so we can also talk about that, if you want.

1. I really enjoyed Warm Bodies! One would think that a book from the POV of a zombie - whose world starts off as literally ambling around an airport, moaning - would be a boring ass read, but the character of R makes you love him straight out the gate. I utterly adored all of the parts about the changes in the zombies and the kind of things it says about us as humans. It had very strong revolutionary feels to it. I also loved the fuck out of M! When I first read the description of his body type I thought that maybe Rob Corddry was a bad choice in the movie but upon reading his personality traits - (ie. a womanizing douchehole with a sarcastic sense of humor and loyalty and courage out the ass - yeah, you can see why I love him) - I knew it was the perfect choice. And *SPOILER* I am so glad they hinted at the end that M and Nora were going to be a thing, because that was pretty much my head-canon anyway.

2. I'd watched several episodes of The Venture Bros before, but not all of them and never in order, so I am streaming them now. Currently more than halfway through season one. My favorite episode so far, involving space ghosts, turned out to be written by Ben Edlund. I don’t know why I was surprised. Also, oddly found Prof. Impossible attractive despite that he is a major asshole, and lo and behold, he is voiced by Stephen Colbert. This explains so much. Also, there was an episode where they killed Race Bannon. Yes, that Race Bannon.

3. A really good movie, 50/50. I was worried it would be triggering on the medical front, but they kept the mix of serious/humor enough to keep my head out of it. The true story behind it is that the guy who wrote the movie actually had cancer and at the time he found out, he was working a job with Seth Rogen who was basically his BFF, so the character Seth plays is kind of just an exaggeration of how Seth Rogen actually handled the situation. Also highly impressed with how JGL played the slow downward spiral of his character's health. I recommend the commentary as well. It was insightful into the real dude's struggle with cancer, the writing/filming process, and the inner-workings of bro-friends.

4. I know 'The Beautiful Letdown' is an older album but I was looking for something else in my cd racks and I came across it and thought, 'Huh, I haven't listened to that in awhile.' You know what's weird? It seems like every time I rediscover an album, I get obsessed with a different song. I've never given the last track, 'Twenty-Four', much thought before but this time around I keep playing it over and over. Does that happen to anyone else when they rediscover an old album?

5. Just save yourself the desperate addiction and don't download Bejeweled Blitz. Because it's so awesome and you will end up playing it for like three hours a day until every time you close your eyes, you'll just see jewels behind your eyelids. It's crazy fun and crazy addictive and I currently hold a high score of 160,000ish, which is a hella lot of points to get in 60 seconds.

6. Uh, 'More Than Friends, Less Than Lovers' is the Doug Ross/John Carter fic I pointed out in my anniversary post. Yeah, it'll always hold a place in my heart for nostalgia purposes for sure, but I am glad I finally ventured out in the world to find more slash than just this. Weird thing though, there seemed to be a new chapter from when I last read it, so the way I always thought the series ended, is not the way it actually ended. I think I liked the original ending better.

In other news, here is a really awesome article by the lady who plays Meredith on The Office about the series coming to a close. A good read for any Office fan!
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