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That's My Favorite Guy!

So, a few weeks back The BFF and I found this great coney place we had never tried before. It was kind of funny though, because that week we had spent at least three hours on the phone talking to each other and then two more hours that afternoon when she came down and then two more hours at dinner and we never ran out of things to say. It’s pretty awesome actually. I swear, we spent most of that time talking about Jensen & Misha and their stupid faces and how they ruin everything! Fuck those guys and their beautiful awesomeness.

Which leads me to this story, where I spent all of therapy on Tuesday talking to C and then called her on Wednesday to tell her something else. And C went into work the next day and told K, “I was so excited to see a message from her on my phone. I haven’t gotten one in so long,” and K goes, dead-serious, “Wait…didn’t you girls just see each other on Tuesday?” and C yells at him, “We had more things to say, okay?!”

Anyways, my sister was out of town this weekend and The BFF and I spent Friday at our coney place and then catching up on Arrow - (OMG, “But I love him! He’s my man!” is the greatest Arrow moment EVER!) - and getting really silly up in here. Saturday we went to see Star Trek and then got subs and came back home to watch some Bob’s Burgers - (Kristen Schaal was perfectly cast as Louise, right?) - and then watch Thor again, mostly for Agent Coulson reasons. Today we spent the afternoon dinking around on our devices and watching some “You Live In What?” and then Deathly Hallows.

On the Star Trek front….AWESOME. It gave me everything I wanted from that movie. The action, the humor - (the best being all the Kirk/Spock/Uhura stuff) - the emotional moments which felt more poignant this time around but I mainly think it was just different kinds of emotional moments. It also turned the expected things on their heads and I really enjoyed that about it a lot. I was NOT expecting Pike’s death and Chris Pine’s acting in that fucking scene, man, I got major teary-eyed. I was expecting Kirk’s death - (figured they were going to turn that one around from the original) - but I also felt it lacked the emotional punch because even as he was dying, I knew Bones was going to use the blood to save him. I kind of felt like if they don’t plan on making any more movies, they should have left Kirk dead because idk, it felt like a cop-out. But I have been informed that You Can’t Kill James Kirk in a Star Trek movie. I also really liked how they turned the whole Khan thing on its head and for awhile there, actually made him seem like the good guy. Plus, Kirk in this movie can literally be paired with anyone; Kirk/Bones, Kirk/Spock, Kirk/Spock/Uhura, Kirk/Carol, Kirk/Bones/Carol, Kirk/John Harrison, Kirk/Entire Starfleet Academy, but that last one’s a given.

My final thoughts on Star Trek are this: I was never that into the original series, but I remember at a very young age really liking Scotty the best. I don’t know what my exact feelings were towards him and I certainly was too young to have words to put to that feeling, but it was mostly just, “That’s my favorite guy!!”. Now, as an adult, with all the words at my disposal, I still look at Scotty and say, “That’s my favorite guy!!”.
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