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Tornado Season Is Definitely Upon Us.

I went to check my email and my homepage had a big headline about the tornado in Oklahoma. I've spent nearly an hour watching that coverage. That shit just twists my stomach all up in knots, you know. I hate tornados. I mean, yeah, who doesn't, but I'm like utterly terrified of them at the same time that I am also oddly fascinated, idk. I think that latter part is my farmer-father's influence. I mean, I handle it all well when we are getting a storm here just because I am used to it - in Michigan, the weather makes you its bitch, in that you never know what it will do tomorrow. But we don’t get tornados very often, and certainly not like they do on the flatlands, though we have had a couple small ones here, when I was a kid, and I remember them distinctly. They couldn't have been more than an EF-1, if that even, and let me tell you, that was plenty enough for me. I keep saying someday I’ll share those stories, but not today.

This actually might be triggery and to spare those of you that don’t want specific details, I’ll go ahead and cut.

The tornado was classified as an EF-4, with winds up to 200 mph - (so at the highest end of an EF-4 you can get before it is upgraded to an EF-5) - and according to the damage-indicator-scale, leveling an elementary school is a damage of 10 - (10 out of 12, I believe). The dude at The Weather Channel who is at the site is literally shaking. They keep cutting back to him and his voice is cracking and you can see him actually shaking right now. Apparently they still have kids missing at one of the schools and have now dubbed it a 'recovery effort' instead of a 'search and rescue mission' - (meaning they are now just looking for bodies). Also, there are people whose job it is to go around to all the overturned cars they find and spray paint different marks on them showing whether the vehicles are empty or if there is a body inside that needs to be cleared out. And looters are rummaging through the remains of the medical clinic, one assumes looking for the good drugs, which is just…why.

Yeah, this shit is upsetting me. I was going to post fic tonight but idk, it feels weird now. Tomorrow then, I promise. My thoughts are with the people of Oklahoma tonight.
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