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Fic: A Life Of Plenty - The Hobbit, G, Thorin/Balin, Drabble, Fluff

For liptonrm, because she had a crap week last week, and because it is almost her birthday, and because it is all her fault! No, really. After viewing The Hobbit she declared that she totally saw Thorin/Balin. I laughed and made faces at her. On our way back from viewing #3, I distinctly remember cussing at her, because crap - now I can't un-see it! Dammit. And then I wrote this. And then forgot I had written it. And now I'm sharing it. Thorin/Balin fluff with 440 words.

Title: A Life Of Plenty
Author: The Artful Dodger / dodger_sister
Fandom: The Hobbit
Category: Drabble, Fluff
Characters/Pairing: Thorin/Balin
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Balin may be the closest thing Thorin has to a home now.
Word Count: 440 words.
Date Written: 01/20/13
Disclaimer: Many, many other people own the rights to The Hobbit and I am not one of them. I wrote this fic, for fun not profit.
Feedback: Bring it. dodger_sister /
Beta’d: Nope.
Author's Notes: After seeing The Hobbit movie, liptonrm wanted to know who, amongst the giant cast of male characters, was I shipping. I think I went Fili/Kili/Bilbo, but I wasn’t overly sold on any one pairing - (shocking us both!). She was pretty adamant that she saw Thorin/Balin and I laughed at her, until the end of the third viewing, when I cursed her…because now I can’t un-see it! And then I wrote this story.
Dedication: For liptonrm, because it’s all her fault! And she knows it!

Thorin pushed open the large oak door, the hinges creaking as it went. The room was dark, but he knew where the bed was, and all Thorin wanted at this moment was to sink into it. He stripped as quietly as possible, pulled the days of travel from his body with each article of clothing. He knew there was still grit and grim on his skin, but it would have to wait until the morning.

The bed was soft and inviting as he lay down and pulled the mess of blankets up over himself, let the warmth settle around and against him.

A sigh came from next to him, the bed shifted and then Thorin could see Balin staring up at him through the black of the room, his eyes only just visible in the darkness.

“You were gone a long time this trip,” Balin said softly and pushed in closer, brought one hand up to settle over Thorin’s heart.

“Work comes easier for one lone man than for a whole troop,” Thorin told him, voice rough and raw from days of silence, alone on the road.

“Well, it is good to have you home, at any rate,” Balin told him and let his fingers spread outwards, reaching for as much of Thorin as they could.

Thorin just snorted through his nose and turned his head away from the other dwarf. “This is no home. We have but one home and this will never be it.”

Balin sighed and pulled his hand back. “Why can you not ever just declare, ‘Why yes, it is good to see you too, Balin. How I missed you,’ like a normal dwarf might do upon returning from a long weary travel?” Balin asked in exasperation and rolled onto his back, eyes cast up at the ceiling above them.

Thorin turned to face Balin once more, pushed himself up onto one arm so he could gaze down at him. “I will never vary in my opinion on what is and is not home,” he said shortly. “But,” and his voice softened a measure and he lifted a hand, placed it over Balin’s own heart, mirroring what the other had done before, “I am glad to be back by your side, Balin. Though it may not be home, wherever we shall travel, I would like it that much more if you should always be by my side.”

Then Thorin leaned down and kissed Balin softly, moving their lips against one another in a soft slow slide.

“Mmmm, yes, I suppose I always shall be then,” Balin said, breath ghosting across Thorin’s cheek. “By your side, always.”

The End
Tags: character - balin son of fundin, character - thorin oakenshield, fandom - the hobbit, fic - drabble, fic - fluff/schmoop, fiction - mine, pair - thorin/balin, rating - g, word count - 01 to 500, written - 2013

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