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My Weekend And Here, Have Some Pictures Of Misha...

The Internet has been randomly kicking me off for days. It's been doing it to my sister too, so it's def our connection. It does no good to call our cable company, they suck like a giant monkey butt. But if I disappear at all this week, you know where I've gone - The Real World! /gasp/

The Nephew came on Friday and we played Harry Potter Quidditch on the XBox and he won both games. I no longer let him win, he just keeps beating me, no matter what I do. He's four. I am ashamed.

Then we played a game I invented with my other nephew when he was like 8, that involves Muscle Men figures (does anyone remember these from like the early 90's) and dice. It's basically The Game of War, but we make our guys talk to each other. I managed to win a round at that. :)

Then we had dinner and got all done up for a night on the town, that consisted of going to The Jackson Coffee Company (the local downtown coffee shop) to hear my sister's high school bff's band play. But we got there and the thing was upstairs and there was no elevator and I can't go up the stairs anymore. That really sucked. Plus, a buttload of my extended family was there (well, the bff guy practically grew up at our house, he came to church with us every week and all our family get-togethers, so yeah, the family was there) and I hadn't seen most of them since my stupid ass doctors refused to do my knee surgery and then they see me and I can't get up the stairs to join them all. That really blew. You know what's a stupid question? "How are you doing with it?" /pat on shoulder/. Yeah, hi, my entire life plan was thrown out the window when the doctors changed their minds about the surgery, how do you think I'm doing?

Also, I totally boycott The Jackson Coffee Company. Which I'm sure will crush them since I've lived here my entire life and never once been inside the place before Friday night. I drink absolutely no coffee, ever, so yeah, that boycott will kill them.

So then we thought to take The Nephew to putt-putt golf. We have three in town but one of them is tiny and is one of those old fashioned ones that has the windmills and absolutely no stairs, so we figured I could handle it. But the whole park was shut down due to The Cancer Walk, which, okay, yay stopping cancer, I can't bitch about that. So then we thought to take him to the arcade. But the one at the mall had closed down and the only other one we knew about won't let in anyone under 18, even accompanied by an adult.

The Nephew said, "Oh, man, I'm not gonna get to do anything fun."

That totally blew. We took him home and made him popcorn and we all camped out in the living room and let him watch The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe for the first time ever. He's four now, his parents have a whole list of things he can watch this year that he couldn't last year.

The next day the sister's college bff came to town and brought her 2yr old identical twin girls (there is nothing cuter in the world then 2yr old identical twin girls - no, Misha, not even you) and The Nephew ran through the sprinkler with them. That was good. Then The Nephew went home and The Girls stayed the night. We played Play-Doh. The game was - I make something out of Play-Doh. Then I give it to Ruby and she smashes it and says, in her adorable 2yr old voice, "I squish all up" and her sister, Pearl, squeals in delight, at the top of her tiny little lungs, claps her hands, and demands we do it again.

That was pretty hysterical. Then we put them to bed and holy shit, was the house a mess.

On Sunday, we watched Buffy/Angel and then I beat my sister at a video game - Mean Bean Machine, baby. Yep, again. Whoot! Whoot!

Then yesterday, the Internets was all wonky, so I watched an entire disc of Kitchen Confidential, cuz Seth/Teddy 4evah!!

Friday kinda blew, except I got to see The Nephew and that made it worth it. Saturday was exhausting, but The Girls are a hoot. Sunday and Monday was nice and relaxing. Except, I stepped up my workout. It's almost four hours now (well, okay, it wouldn't take so long if I wasn't distracted watching my SYTYCD episodes) and I am exhausted while I'm doing it and after I do it - but yesterday I finally saw the evidence that it is doing something. My arms and my abs totally have muscles that flex. And are tight. Even my legs, you can see the muscles when I pull my legs tight, so, it's not a complete waste, even if I feel like it's all I do is workout.

Now, here, blue_fjords has been posting this poll (they voted Ben Affleck off the island first!! What?!) and she had this awesome pic of Misha and anyway, I thought, it's a Tuesday, let's share pics of Misha.


In Sum: Seth/Teddy 4evah! Jack/Steven 4evah! Seth/Jim 4evah except for when it's Seth/Jim/Teddy 4evah! Jim/Ramone 4evah! Anyone got any Kitchen Confidential fic I can read?
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