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Fic: Brothers In Beddy-Bye Land - G, Pippin, Kirk, Action/Adventure, Drama, Gen

Yes, I made 'fic' tags for this, because it amuses me. So this is the story-for-cats that I wrote because Pippin likes to hear stories with all his favorite words in it. Anyway, fyi, to Pippin & Kirk, my sister is Mommy, I am Lady and Friend Winston is my mom's dog. Also, huggy-buddies are what we call the soft little plush toys that are the perfect size for Pippin to carry around in his mouth and they're his favorite. Enjoy the silly fun!

Title: Brothers In Beddy-Bye Land
Author: The Artful Dodger / dodger_sister
Fandom: Kitters
Category: Action/Adventure, Drama, Gen
Characters/Pairing: Pippin & Kirk with cameos by Roo-Roo Kitty-Cat, Lady, Mommy, Friend Winston & The Skunk.
Rating: G
Warnings: It’s a story written for a cat. Take that as you will.
Spoilers: For my life?
Summary: Mouseys and huggy-buddies are flooding the Land of Beddy-Bye, but Pippin can’t close the curtains until Mommy is home safe.
Word Count: 1,238 words.
Date Written: May, 2013.
Disclaimer: No, cuz I own all this! This is all mine. Please don’t use Pippin and Kirk in your stories without my permission. Thanks, guys!
Feedback: Bring it. dodger_sister /
Beta’d: Nope.
Author's Notes: So, this was a last minute Mother’s Day present for my sister, who I try to do something nice for every year. I am a firm believer that Mother’s Day is for all the people who have mothered you in your life and she has certainly done more than her fair share of taking care of me. Also, mostly, because Pippin loves to hear stories and has to knead everything in his excitement and this one has all his favorite words in it.
Dedication: For my sister. For Pippin. And for Kirk - I see you listening in the corner, boy!

Once upon a time there was a beautiful boy named Pippin and everybody loved him.

Pippin lived in the great Land of Beddy-Bye, where everything was warm and snuggy-snug and smelled very much like ‘home’. Everything was so wonderful in the Land of Beddy-Bye, where Pippin lived with his brother, the captain of the guards, James T. Kirk - (otherwise known simply as Kirk or Kirkie-Turkey-Pie, for those that knew him well enough). There was always good din-dins and treaties and snackies to eat in Beddy-Bye and Pippin’s mommy, the Queen of Beddy-Bye Land, was lovely and beautiful. In Beddy-Bye Land there were great poets who sang songs about the joy of Pippin, because as I said before, Pippin was a beautiful boy and everybody loved him.

However, as great as Beddy-Bye was, Pippin didn’t venture very far into the Outside because there were terrible creatures waiting to pounce on anyone who dared to step one little paw out the door. Squirrely-squirrels, possumy-possums, and bunny-boos abounded in the green grass outside and Pippin spent many hours guarding his castle and his land against their threat.

But most terrifying of all, lurking in the shadows of Outside Land, was the great evil stink-butt, The Skunk. He was a mean ol’ skunk and he left his smell in his wake everywhere he went.

One day, Pippin’s friend and fellow guardsmen, Roo-Roo Kitty-Cat, came rushing up to him.

“Pippin! Pippin!” he cried. “I have terrible news. The Land of Beddy-Bye is flooded with mouseys and huggy-buddies. They are pouring in from all over.”

Now Pippin liked a good mousey and a good huggy-buddy. They were fine to practice his terrible fierce skills of killing them and getting them so good and eating them all up, because of course, Pippin is so fierce, he is such a big lion. And he would kill them and then take them to his Mommy, you know, for a treatie for her for later, just in case she got hungry. But he didn’t like the idea of these mouseys and huggy-buddies swarming his land, especially because it made him wonder what they were running from, in the Land of Outside.

“Lock the doors, close the curtains! It’s time to come in! Outside time is over!” Pippin cried, preparing to batten down the hatches.

“But Brother!” Captain Kirk cried. “Mommy is Outside! She has gone to that place she calls Work and she hasn’t come home yet, though she should be soon because my tummy is rumbling already.”

“We can’t close up the Land of Beddy-Bye without Mommy,” Pippin said. “Brother, we have to go get her.”

“Out in the Outside?” Kirkie asked, only a little afraid.

“Yes,” Pippin told his brother. “In the Outside. For Mommy. We have to do it for Mommy.”

So Pippin and Kirkie left Roo-Roo Kitty-Cat in charge of Beddy-Bye Land and ventured into the great Outside.

No sooner had they set their paws out the door when a birdie came swooping down.

“It’s a birdie!” Kirkie cried. “Get it! Get that birdie! Get it good!” he shouted and jumped in the air at the birdie, leaping head over tail to reach it.

The birdie flew off as quick as it had come.

“Whew,” Kirkie said. “That was a lot of work. I’m all tired out now. I think it’s time for night-nights.”

“Not yet,” Pippin told him. “Not until we find Mommy,” and he strode off down the road. Kirkie followed after him.

Pretty soon Pippin saw a face looking at him from behind a door to another kingdom. He did not recognize the kingdom, but the face was very familiar.

It was Friend Winston!

“Hello, Friend Winston,” Pippin hailed.

“Heeeeeello,” Winston called back. “What are you doing?”

“We are off to find Mommy,” Pippin said.

“Why, that’s silly,” Winston answered. “Mommy is right here,” and then he hollered back into his kingdom, “Moooooommy!”

“That’s not Mommy,” Pippin scoffed. “That’s Gran-Gran.”

“It’s Mommy,” Winston insisted.

“It’s Gran-Gran.”



“Enough!” Kirkie cried. “I am tired and it is time for din-din. Let’s keep going, Brother.”

“Take care,” Pippin told Friend Winston.

“Byyyyye-byyyyye,” Friend Winston called after them.

Not long after that, Pippin saw a pair of shoes and he thought to himself how mysterious those shoes were, not attached to anyone’s feet and all. He went to inspect them and Kirkie, being the captain of the guards where one of his main jobs was guarding people’s shoes, smelled them all over.

“I know who they belong to,” Kirkie informed his brother. “They belong to Lady!”

“But where is Lady?” Pippin asked and looked around, but he could not see her anywhere. “Lady! Lady!” he called out.

Then Lady came around the corner and into sight.

“Pippin-Dipper-Doo! Kirkie-Turkey-Pie! What are you doing in Outside?”

“We are looking for Mommy,” Pippin told her.

Just then, a great big squirrely-squirrel came running straight at Lady.

“I’ll save you!” Pippin cried and ran at the squirrel, his little butt twitching with anticipation. “Grrrrr, grrrr,” Pippin said.

Kirkie hunched down to protect Lady’s shoes.

“Grrrr, grrrr,” Pippin said again.

The squirrel ran off.

“Thank you, Pippin,” Lady told him and gave him many kissey-kisses.


“Now come home with me to Beddy-Bye and I’ll give you treaties and belly-rubs.”

“Not without Mommy,” Pippin told her. “Come Brother!” and he ran off down the street.

Kirkie followed after him, even though he thought treaties sounded delicious.

They were quite far away from Beddy-Bye Land now, or so it seemed to Pippin and Kirk, when suddenly they saw him, the ol’ stink-butt, The Skunk.

He approached them very slowly, tail raised in the air.

“Not today, Mr. Skunk!” Pippin cried. “You’ve invaded the territory of Beddy-Bye Land one too many times!”

“Yeah,” Kirkie hollered at him. “That land belongs to our Mommy!”

They both crouched down, butts in the air, ready to pounce - when suddenly a great beast came roaring at them.

“Look out, Brother!” Kirkie cried and they both jumped out of the way, just as the beast stopped right next to them.

And what do you think the great beast spit straight out of its mouth?


She came stumbling out, hands in the air and crying, “Pippin! Kirk! How did you get out here?”

Meeeeeep,” Pippin said, because that was his Mommy’s favorite word.

Mommy scooped Pippin up in her arms and held him tight in a great big huggy. Pippin was so happy that he purr-purr-purred. Then Mommy scooped Kirkie up too and held him tight in a huggy as well. Kirkie was so happy, he farted.

“My poor lost babies,” Mommy said.

“No, no, we are fierce warriors. We eat things all up like nomnomnom,” Kirkie told her.

Meeeeep,” Pippin said again.

“My good big beautiful boys,” Mommy said and then gave them a million and one hundred kissey-kisses.


“Let’s go home,” Mommy said then.

So Pippin and Kirk went home with their Mommy, where she gave them delicious din-dins and scratchy-scratched their bellies and then tucked them all into beddy-bye for night-nights.

“Night-night, Pippin,” said Mommy.

Meeeeep,” said Pippin.

“Night-night, Kirkie,” said Mommy.

Maaaw,” said Kirk.

“Night-night, Brother,” said Pippin.

“Night-night, Brother,” said Kirk.

Then Mommy gave them all kissey-kisses one last time.


Kirk and Pippin were very tired from their big day and very soon their eyes fell shut and they drifted the great Land of Beddy-Bye.

The End
Tags: brothers!, cats are squishy fun!, character - friend winston, character - kirk the cat, character - lady!, character - mommy!, character - pippin the cat, character - roo-roo kitty-cat, fandom - kitters, fic - action, fic - drama, fic - general, fiction - mine, mommy's day, rating - g, word count - 1001 to 3000, written - 2013

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