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Call To Arms!

Or, Call To Betas! I need two. I wrote 3,500 words last week and completed two stories. Not fics from my WIP list, but still...completed stories! And now I need a quick typo/tense check on them, if anyone has a minute to look over one or the other.

The first one is a 1,300 word Avengers gen fic and the second is a M/F/M piece of porn - (my icon being an indicator of a threesome, not the fandom it is in, just fyi.) I don’t want to say more here, since they are gifts for someone, but if you have the time to beta, it would be greatly appreciated. <3

Idk where the M/F/M piece came from, it is so far outside my comfort zone for a few reasons, but I really like it. And this basically is the last hurdle I had to cross. I have now written M/M, M/F, F/F, M/M/M threesome, multiple male orgy and now a M/F/M threesome fic. I suppose all that leaves is a femslash orgy? Anyways, I feel all accomplished.

In other news, Buddy had lost his Baby Bert doll. It was missing for almost a week. Everyday when I wake up, he is under the covers with me and then when I get up, he moves to his pillow and I give him his baby. Only not this week because I couldn’t find his baby. After a few days he got frustrated that I wasn’t giving it to him, so he started shoving his nose under the pillow, looking all over for Bert, or reaching out his paw and patting the pillow next to him like "Mommy, Bert goes here, put him here, here, Mommy." It was pretty sad. We stripped the bed and everything and still couldn’t find Bert and finally last night my sister went ahead and pulled the bed out and behold! Bert! So today when Buddy got on his pillow, I gave him his baby and he laid his arm across Bert and then tucked his little head on top of him, until all that you could see of Bert was the little tufts of his black hair sticking out from under Buddy’s head. It was too cute!

In final news, sometimes I hate being a woman. The cramps haven’t been too bad this time around, but my lower back hurts so much. I had the heating pad on for like three hours last night and within five minutes of turning it off, my back started hurting again. Boo Awesome Time of Month.

That is all.
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