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Ships. With Werewolves.

Since Teen Wolf starts back up tonight, I thought now would be a good time to put up this post about shippy-ness on this show. Honestly, I could pretty much pair anyone with anyone on Teen Wolf. I mean, give me a pairing and I could make a valid argument for that ship. And in general, yes, I am a multi-shipper and such, but this show, man…no wonder the fandom took off like a shot out the gate. The possibilities are endless and the chemistry abounds all over the fucking place.

So let’s go with the most obvious…for me at least.

Derek/Jackson….yeah, I ship that. In a weird bdsm kind of way, which honestly, with his need to control everything, might be good for Jackson. It was the way Jackson swallowed hard every time he tried to stare Derek down and the way he was all, “I don’t belong to you just cuz you turned me,” and Derek was pretty bent on showing Jackson just how very much he does belong to him and the power dynamics and the control and the...yeah, it’s just good for me. But more importantly, it would be good for Jackson. If anyone needs to feel like he belongs to something, it’s Jackson.

Derek/Scott...I see some serious relationship metaphors going on for Derek/Scott and though Scott does nothing for me, I still totally like the scenario where they were dating in s1 and then they broke up and s2 is all angst between them. It's all very ‘ex-boyfriend’. Everything is about Derek trying to get Scott back and Scott not wanting to go back but he can’t not come when Derek calls and omg, the fic almost writes itself.

Derek/Stiles...yes, I am in this fandom, I ship that. I totally blame Tyler for it. Here’s my theory: Derek is suppose to be all ‘grrr’ with Stiles and constantly like ‘FML, I can’t believe this kid is going to save us’. But there is always this underlying current of affection, amusement, a little tiny curving upwards of the corner of his mouth whenever Stiles is around...and I swear, its fucking Tyler Hoechlin not being able to be all alpha-growly whenever he does a scene with Dylan. I think all that affection that runs under everything between Derek and Stiles is just Tyler being amused as fuck by everything Dylan does. Which adds a total layer to the Derek/Stiles relationship that probably isn’t there on paper but is totally there on screen.

Danny/Stiles...the ship I think I love the most, though I am having a harder time coming up with fic ideas for it. First of all, Danny, okay. Just Danny. Draw a heart around it. But also, have you ever watched Danny in the background of every scene Stiles is in? Stiles and Scott, sitting at their desks, talking to each other about werewolf blahblahblah, and in the background is Danny with this stupid smirk on his face, staring at them. He seems to do most scenes as if he is listening in on Stiles’ conversations. It plays off as Danny always watching everything Stiles does and constantly having a grin on his face whenever Stiles is within range of him. Danny has a stupid crush on Stiles, okay? Which may again just be that no actor can keep a straight face around Dylan O’Brien, but still...I ship this so hard.

Stiles/Lydia...That scene at the end of season one at the dance, followed by Stiles staring down the Alpha for her? Yeah, that sold me right there. Idk if the show will go there this season, but I hope for poor Stiles' sake they don't drag this on for too long. I do love Jackson, but I think Stiles would be so damn good for Lydia and she deserves it.

Also - just because I love them - let’s see some Mrs. McCall/Sheriff Stilinski on the show at some point, please? Please? Just not before I finish my fic.

Speaking of fic and totally off-topic from ‘ships...I am writing this Teen Wolf fic. Mrs. McCall is a major presence throughout it. I’ve written 5,000 words of this story, during which I was calling her ‘Karen’. That is not her name. Her name is Melissa. Uh. Then, I’m watching The Walking Dead. This woman has this major scene and I think, “Is that Teen Wolf mom? No. Although...they both do film in Georgia.” So I look it up. It was her! She was in like four episodes - (one of the Governor’s people) - and her character’s name? Karen. I must have subconsciously realized it was her but then it came out as her Teen Wolf character being named Karen in my fic...idk, it amused me.

And now, t-minus a few hours to the third season premiere!
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