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Three TV Thoughts.

We finally finished Southland. It is over forever now. While I thought the season was actually quite compelling and excellent, if the way it was going in the last three episodes was how they intended season six to be, I am glad they canceled it before we got there. Because that was just…the stuff with Cooper was fucking harsh. The stuff with Ben felt completely out-of-character. The stuff with Sammy was just stupid and man, I wish Sammy would find another line of work because he never really came back from Nate's death. The only thing I was really happy with was Lydia's end. Which I was really, really fucking happy with. I love Russ so much and was heartbroken when Tom Everett Scott left the show and how they had him exit out, so to see Lydia reconnect with him was wonderful. To see her reaching out to someone else - (and god, I love her partner too!) - is just such a good way for us to leave her. I always get torn between shipping Lydia/Russ and just plain wanting them to be 'family'. I think I would be happy with them living the rest of their lives just the way we last saw them - together. Bringing Russ back for the end would maybe make up for the clusterfuck with Ben, but it can't make up for doing Cooper like that. Sorry, Southland, but thanks for easing the blow of your passing by kicking me in the nuts on the way out the door.

Now for Teen Wolf. I am so meh over the whole alpha-pack storyline. I also laughed at their very obvious 'handwave' over the existence of Jackson. I wish they had known at the end of last season that Colton wasn't coming back so they could have just killed Jackson off. It would have given Lydia such a great emotional arc to work with. But I do still love Isaac to smishy pieces and was happy to see him used a little more in this. Though what the hell with Erica & Boyd? Come back to us, babies! I really enjoyed Mrs. McCall's proactive approach to the world of Werewolves. In fact, her storyline was probably my favorite thing that they did in the ep. My second favorite thing was the emotional evolution of Mr. Argent. And okay, I really like that he was also kind of looking out for Lydia because damn that girl needs an adult in her life. But, also, maybe a little…I SHIP THAT. That's probably my own personal issue, but you know...I ship that. Also, where in the motherfuck is Danny?! Please tell me they will find a use for him now that Jackson is gone! Come on, Danny needs a new best friend...enter Stiles! My favorite scenes were simply Sheriff Stilinski trying to get Stiles away from the computer and Derek's entrance, which I maybe rewound and watched like five times in a row, cuz hot damn. And to think, Derek annoyed the piss out of me in the first season and now I'm all, "Gimme, gimme."

And the new show I am watching...The Fosters. Multiple A+s. Even my sister is excited. I have emotional feelings about kids in foster care and I dislike when media gets it wrong, but I felt like this show did a very good job. My sis read an article written by a foster family who all gave it a thumbs up on accuracy. Their only complaint was how simple it seemed to be to place the kids, aka what about all the red-tape? But I suppose stacks of paperwork doesn't make for compelling drama. Things they got right include; the way the kid felt so 'outside' in a chaotic household of people who 'belonged' there, the way she had her guard up because you never know what the placement will be like, the way she felt like she wasn't being heard (which is a typical teenage complaint anyways), the way they portrayed some homes as being good families who are really trying hard and some homes as less than stellar placements where the kids have to watch their own backs, and the kind of messed up relationship foster kids can have with their birth parents and the mixed feelings that come with that. It was a compelling family, with good solid story-lines to play off of and was not the sappy '7th Heaven' shiny thing I was worried it would be, without also being too over-the-top on the 'foster care is bad' that makes for good drama but is lazy writing. I recommend, if you want a family drama for the summer, that you check it out.

Off to edit porn now.
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