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Without A Gun I Look Like A Teacher's Assistant!

Last week The BFF and I were in the car and she had a milkshake and she goes, "This is too thick and hard to drink in the car," and I said, "So what you are saying is that it is hard and thick?" And she goes, "Yes. It is hard and thick and I am sucking it into my mouth." And then we both busted out laughing because we are that mature. What?

Anyways, sometimes on the weekend I catch reruns of Criminal Minds. I recently saw the one where in the past the two kids are held by this killer and they try to escape and only one of the boys makes it and leaves the other behind. And he has always carried that guilt with him about what happened to that other kid. Who knows this episode? Every time I catch it, I end up watching the whole thing just for the scene at the end between the two boys, who are all grown up now. It's a great little moment. Is it weird that I ship those two guys? Because I do. I ship the two guest stars of the week with each other. It's just a very compelling connection between them.

In other CM news, I was wondering if the storyline where Reid is on crutches took place because Matthew Gray-Gubler had a broken leg. So I went to look it up and apparently he like completely dislocated his kneecap on the dance floor. And the doctors told him that 40 years ago this kind of injury was met with amputation, because there was just no recovering from it, especially because the cartilage was completely shredded. And like none of his leg was attached to any other part of his leg? As it stood, they wanted him to go to Norway and have some experimental surgery. They weren’t sure he’d ever get full use of his leg back. The interview I read was from a year after the fact and he said even then he was limited to ‘walking’ as his only physical thing; still no running, dancing, etc, and how the Criminal Minds writers had to work around that for the season. Luckily, he has gotten full use back now.

In final news, a little while back I was watching ‘Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows’ and made this comment to The BFF… In the scene where Hedwig died, I was like, “I am so glad that they didn’t just have Hedwig’s death be meaningless, that they let her die saving Harry’s life. That it wasn’t just like, ‘Oh running through a sewer being chased by lizard men and then oh, oops, didn’t come up from the sewer? TOO BAD’.” Yeah, apparently I’m still holding a grudge about that one. /pets poor Finnick's head/

Which leads me to how I intend on finally putting up some Hunger Games fic, hopefully tomorrow, but certainly by this weekend.
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