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Weekend At The Movies.

C came over on Saturday and we cooked out, played a trivia game, sat around with our feet in the pool and chatted, then watched a movie. She brought her daughter along and we ended up talking about some issues she has been having that I actually was able to say, “I had those issues when I was your age and you would never guess it to know me now,” which I actually felt like I was able to help a little. We also talked a lot about young adult books and movies and C's two sons and all of their crazy drama. It was a really good day, actually.

I also watched a lot of movies this weekend. For one, we saw This is The End for a second time on Friday. Thing 1 was saying how bad he really wanted to see that movie and I was like, “What are you doing after work? You should come with us,” but being that it was a Friday night, he already had plans. Anyways, The BFF came this time and thank goodness because out of context, it would have probably gotten really annoying that my sister and I keep yelling, “Take Yo Panties Off!” and then cackling madly. Now she gets the joke!

Then C’s daughter is a huge Chris Hemsworth fan and so I roped them into watching Red Dawn. I swear, that scene between Robert and Daryl - (if you’ve seen the movie, you know the scene!) - it’s just so ridiculous that every time when they don’t kiss, I am always surprised. I mean, it seems so much like they are going to and even though my logical brain knows they won’t have two 14/15 year old boys kissing in this movie, the setup is such that I always do a double-take when they don’t actually kiss. Also, when Jeffrey Dean Morgan pulls off his mask and reveals himself for the first time, C yelled, “My man! Hey, that’s my man!” and I was like, “No, that’s my man!” Also, the big thing that happened in the safe house scene? Yeah, I wish I had a camera on C’s face when that happened. She freaked out! She actually knew the original movie pretty well, so half the time she would be like, “I know what’s about to happen!” and on things they had changed up, she was freaking out. Though she busted out laughing with the deer, because she knew what was coming next and she couldn’t hold it in.

Then I caught like an hour of Independence Day before bed. My sister was flipping the channel and I was on the phone with my dad and I started gesturing at the TV as she flipped past and she goes, “I see it! But we own it!” and kept flipping, and I yelled, “But it’s on the TV!” and then my dad said, “No daughter of mine flips past Independence Day!” Anyways, I came in right when Julius says, “All you need is Love. John Lennon. Smart man. Shot in the back, very sad,” and watched until right when Adam Baldwin realizes that the people above ground aren’t safe! So I got to see Adam’s best part where he shoots in the glass. His second best part is only in the special edition and comes when he is ushering everyone inside the compound…and he carries a small child! My ovaries love it, even if it only lasts like 3 seconds. His third best part is where he comforts Randy Quaid’s kid. But every time I watch that moment where the doctor is being held by the alien and Adam shoots in the glass and runs to the doctor’s side, I get the urge to write a friendship fic between Major Mitchell/Dr Okun, because if you watch that moment, if you look at Adam’s face and think about how cooped up they are out there at Area 51, you really have to imagine they had quite a friendship going on. Anyone else ever thought that?

And now I have spent all my time talking about those movies and didn’t even get to the documentary I watched, which honestly deserves a post of its own because the story behind it is so bizarre.
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