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Ficage In May, 2013.

I clearly set out with goals in mind for the month of May, because look at all those completed fics! No WIPs finished out last month, but two awesome birthday stories and a Mother’s Day fic for my sister, which is all good in my book. (Though it reminds me that I still haven’t shared The Nephew’s birthday fic with you all - will get on that this next month, I swear!)

Here is my approximate word count for the month.

May, 2013

Week ½: 1,050 words of Hobbit Kid-fic.
Week One: 2,200 words of Hobbit Kid-fic. Completed.
1,250 words of Kitty fic. Completed. (already posted!)
Week Two: 1,000 words of CW Threesome fic.
Week Three: 1,000 words of CW Threesome fic.
Week Four: 2,550 words of CW Threesome fic. Completed. (already posted!)

9,050 words written in May!

The Avengers: The Battle Of The Alien Ants - Something is attacking the city. The only hope the citizens have is The Avengers. But will they get there in time? - Written for The Nephew! This is the fic where I started to feel like my writing for kids was really coming together. I used some techniques I learned in my early education courses, especially with the repetition usage. I am just really happy with how this fic came out, how I managed to sneak in a few nods for the adult readers, and what a good reception it got in the Avengers fandom. Go Team Avengers!

Meeting Murdock - I ran into a van while on a walk, but I had no idea what would happen next! - My very first fanfic ever, republished for your enjoyment! In which I, Dodger, meet The A-Team. I was six or seven when I wrote this fic (with my mom acting as a transcriber) and it is just adorable to look at, especially now that The Nephew, roughly the same age, has started writing his own fic. Plus, it’s The A-Team - what’s not to love about The A-Team?

So endeth May. June began the trial run of one writing-related activity everyday and also much Teen Wolf-ing on my part.
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